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    Machka9: Is that sign really there near where the bridge was or did you transpose it there somehow?

    Rosemarie from Georgia

    No, that's a common internet meme I borrowed. :)

    M in Oz

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    30 Days of Gratitude

    1. Smell - freshly cut grass on our lawn.
    2. Technology - the amazing advancements in medical technology.
    3. Colour - blue. Beautiful blue sky peaking through the clouds.
    4. Food - soup. That's what I've been eating just recently because there's less chewing. We always keep a few cans of soup on hand for situations like these.

    Machka in Oz
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    10 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Exercise

    1. Waiting to Feel Like Exercising
    2. Overdoing It
    3. Setting Unrealistic Goals
    4. Making Excuses
    5. Thinking It Will Be Easy
    6. Waiting for the Perfect Time to Exercise
    7. Being Afraid to Fail
    8. Sabotaging Yourself
    9. Going It Alone
    10. Trying to Be Perfect

    M in Oz

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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Machka fortunately the second nose surgery (Mohs by a gifted female surgeon) was far less painful than the first (grumpy old man dermatologist). Hope you get the less painful option!

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD

    My specialist appears to be really well qualified, very efficient, a good communicator and nice too. I wish I could find a GP like that! I'm not sure if she does Mohs, but I'll ask.

    M in Oz

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    Mary-that is rather shocking-especially given that Surprise is predominantly a retirement area! I was looking to possibly relocate there until my children moved to Chandler and I decided I didn’t want the cross-valley trek.

    Katla-hope you can get transport to DH set up.

    Rosemarie-jealous of you making it back to the gym! Don't know when I will be allowed. May just do home stuff and not join anywhere here since I am tentatively planning my move next year.

    Barbie-glad you have a safe walking space. I was out when dark hit last night. I prefer walking in light, but my neighborhood is safe and many people have lights on in yard. I won't take any of new walking paths in the evenings.

    Vicki-congrats on Joint Commission exit! We have a monitoring from state office and one from state auditor going on right now. Tedious at best.

    Rebecca-good luck with surgery. I know several people who have found great relief from getting their gall bladder removed.

    Heather-cruise sounds delightful (as your cruises always do!)

    Alone time-I do treasure mine. My husband was an incessant talker and didn't want to do anything alone. Of course, there are times when I do miss that (or I should say him!), but we are where we are. I find that after people are here for a couple of hours I am ready to scoot them out the door!

    Brother is physically coming along but his mental confusion is getting worse. They have him off of all pain medications (just Tylenol). Still hoping he will be approved for in-patient rehab-but he may walk too far. While he can go a distance he is still very unsteady. They have not worked with him on getting up five steps like he needs to maneuver to get into their trailer. Also, a week or so there will give us a chance to figure out next steps for his mind issue.

    Don't have a lot to do for work today (have my part-time hours in but will do a couple of things). Going to hospital to sit with brother so SIL can get some errands done. Will go up around lunch time. Going to son's house Sunday for bday dinner (I turn 68 tomorrow). Will celebrate the actual day with a nice walk and will take brother's favorite pizza to hospital and watch Ohio State game with him.

    Sorry for those I missed-when you get behind it is hard to mention all but I do so enjoy reading all of the updates.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio

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    auntiebk wrote: »

    Alone time, like Rebecca when her Chief goes to the gym, or Barbie’s peaceful quiet walks in the morning dark, is something I relish. Alas, Joe is a homebody so I rarely get to enjoy the house to myself. When he does go, its my window to do those things whose noise sets his nerves on edge, like laundry and [shudder] vacuuming. I really hate to squander that precious time on chores :angry:

    Lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD Extraordinaire:
    Unsolicited suggestion: I truly hate that you use your alone time to vacuum and laundry because Joe finds those chores irritating. I'm sorry, but perhaps Joe could agree to take the dogs for a walk, go to the grocery store, or don a pair of headphones and pitch in to help with the vacuuming and laundry. This arrangement of you using your precious alone time to do chores that set Joe's nerves on edge just raises my hackles; at this point, my hackles are practically levitating, lol. Bluntly said. Sorry if it's offensive. I do love you.

    Karen in Virginia

    I don't know what it is, but the noise of the wash machine and vacuum seems to bother my husband too.

    He'll do his own laundry and usually goes out to the garden while it's on. When I do mine in the evening, it is down the hall, with the door mostly closed, and the TV to drown a lot of it out.

    When I came home after my biopsies on Wednesday and wanted to sleep, he was so concerned because he had started his laundry and didn't want the noise to bother me. It doesn't. I find the noise of the wash machine relaxing and fell asleep within minutes. But he finds the noise irritating.

    And there's something about the vacuum cleaner ... I'm not sure what it is exactly. He will rarely do it and doesn't like me to do it either ... gets quite upset when I do it, like almost to the point of crying. Pre-accident it just seemed to annoy/irritate him. Post accident, it's worse, it really upsets him.

    Usually I'll pick a day, and will vacuum the back of the house and then I'll tell him to do the front of the house. Occasionally, I'll send him out to the garden, and will do the whole thing myself.

    Perhaps it is Zuigerphobia. He does startle easily and shows signs of Hyperacusis.

    M in Oz
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    My cranky kitty woke me up this morning at 3, then 4, then 5:30. I could hear Corey fussing at her (in whispers) before he left, so she obviously was waking him up too. She is now sacked out on my lap, giving me the stink eye when I start typing again. Not sure what bug she's got up her little kitty butt... :smiley:

    She might be feeling the storm on its way. It should hit just about the time I have my 1pm appt at the VA to get my covid shot. That will get me caught up with those... my last Hep B injection will be in March, and that should have me caught up in terms of everything the VA can vaccinate me against. I got the Shingrix and booster a couple years back, and my flu shot a few weeks ago. It's getting to where every time I pop my head up at the VA, somebody puts a needle in my arm....

    Heather - loving the pics from your cruise - hope the weather is treating you well...

    Rori - that picture looks so relaxed and beautiful.

    Vicky - Happy Anniversary!

    Ginny - Happy Birthday a day early!

    Machka - Your garden is so beautiful and serene...

    Rosemarie - So glad you're enjoying going back to the gym - that's more than half the battle.

    Katie - I missed your birthday - hope it was a good one...

    Barbara - Anything I have to say about vacuuming would suck (Ha! Pun intended!) so I'll hold my tongue.

    Karen - My stars LillyBelle has grown! Such a lovely child.

    Machka - thank you for that image. I needed a way to put a structure around my gratitudes:

    1. Smell - I am grateful for the smell of baking bread in my own kitchen.
    2. Technology - While I have my doubts about it sometimes overall, the internet fills my life corners in ways I could never have predicted, like y'all's friendship and support, and I'm grateful.
    3. Color - I am grateful for all the jewel colors, the ruby reds, sapphire blues, emerald greens, the saturated, satisfying colors.
    4. Food - I am grateful for the foods that feed my soul as well as my stomach--the comfort foods of home and Mama - beans, cornbread, southern and TexMex cooking.


    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    (((Mary))) Glad you are speaking up to see the woman is stopped from doing something like this again. So sorry for what happened to you.
    For so many reasons cell phones should be put away before entering a bathroom. (For legal and hygienic reasons alone). She is using her husband's position to be a bully so sad.