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    Morning ladies
    Over with my little buddy who is already napping..
    But he did sleep through the night.first time..yipee its probably a fluke but hey at least its something.
    Grandma must have the touch lol.
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    Morning, afternoon and evening, all,

    Mary - Happy belated birthday, and I'm so sorry you were hurt! I had to go back and find the information, totally missed that post. Hope your medical woes are over and you're doing better.

    Rebecca - Good to see you feeling better too, my friend. So grateful for the days that are good, they make the tough ones bearable.

    Heather - Love the watercolor - it reminds me of the colors and shapes of the finish on your bowl.

    Lanette - I know, right? I see women turn in stores to watch him, and it fascinates me that he doesn't notice. 14 years together now, and my breath still catches when I see him. Admittedly, not every minute, otherwise I'd hyperventilate and fall over! :wink: When he comes home, kisses me, and asks me how I'm doing, I say "Better now," and I mean it.

    And, speaking of gratitudes:
    Machka - thank you for that image. I needed a way to put a structure around my gratitudes:

    1. Smell - I am grateful for the smell of baking bread in my own kitchen.
    2. Technology - While I have my doubts about it sometimes overall, the internet fills my life corners in ways I could never have predicted, like y'all's friendship and support, and I'm grateful.
    3. Color - I am grateful for all the jewel colors, the ruby reds, sapphire blues, emerald greens, the saturated, satisfying colors.


    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR

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    I asked my 90 year old neighbor about his thermostat settings. He said 73f during the day, 67f at night. I'm aiming for 62f at night 66f daytime. I'm cautious what the electric bill will be without the woodstove going. :#

    That's the latest. Make it a fabulous day!

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

    In the autumn, winter, and spring, we keep ours at 18C at most during the day (that's 64.4F) and at most at 16C at night (60.8F). Any warmer and I go into a series of very uncomfortable hot flashes. Even so, I run a cooling fan periodically when it's at 18C because I can find that too warm. But if I kept it at 16C, my husband would be too cool.

    We're getting close to the point where I'll turn it off entirely at night. If the night drops to 12C / 53.6F or so, that's OK, we don't need heat.

    Interestingly, I don't mind heat when I'm outside.

    M in Oz
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    (((Mary))) Yes it helps to have medical insurance greatly reduced. I went through that for about a year and a half too. So sorry about your abuse with the women in the bathroom. I like you get upset when others only think of themselves and hurt those around them by their lack of consideration. I have spoken up at times too but fortunately encounters only stayed in words.
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    edited November 2022
    I am looking forward to seeing a long time friend from our teaching days. My friend is staying with her son, and we plan to get together on November 11. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all will turn out very well. <3
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    Good morning!

    Mary ... so very sorry to hear about your assault!

    Katla ... once a week is better than no visits at all. Are you using the assisted living facility bus? Their schedules are most definitely stingy.

    Machka ... skin cancers are no joke. Glad you're taking care of yours ...

    Kay ... I've been thinking of you too. Stress manifests itself in so many ways. How's your mom doing?

    Rebecca ... glad that you too are finally getting answers to your digestive woes (gallbladder) and scheduling surgery.

    Barbara ... I love seeing older photos ... your parents were a handsome couple! My favorite photo of my parents is one from over 50 years ago ... they were probably 40 in the picture but that is how I'll always remember them in my mind.

    Lanette ... you are a hoot!

    Met my October goal of being lighter by November. Lost 3 pounds. Nows here to them staying off! November goals will be the same ... end the month lighter than it began.

    November Gratitude
    Smell: onions (with or without peppers, celery, etc.) sautéing in butter on the stove top
    Technology: all of it, but especially the advancements in captioning capabilities. I have a real time transcription app on my phone for when people are talking to me with masks on. My cell phone is now able to access the federally provided captioning services and provide me a realtime transcript. And my landline is captioned as well.
    Color: I'm with Machka ... blue skies always brighten my day

    Lots going on with my Mom, but that's for another time. Have a great day.
    Beth near Buffalo

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    Awe, slept so good on our new sheets! Woke up at 6:30 am, quite early for me. Lee kept coaxing me to go to the gym with him. I kind of like the separation time.
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    Worked. Didn’t have to take Jerry home today. Went for my routine blood work. I think the MD said that all medicare pays for is the cholesterol. Which, to me, is stupid. A blood test would show the beginnings of certain problems like kidney. Oh well, this is the government

    Rebecca – I very seldom go to a salon to get my nails done. I think the last time I went was for Denise’s wedding 4 years ago. Sorry...I just can’t justify the expense of getting my nails painted by someone else. I usually go without any nailpolish. It chips, anyway. Am I cheap or what? My feeling about plants? If God means for it to live...it’ll live. I usually “kill them by looking at them” . Athena gets cuter every day. Are those M&M’s on her boots?

    Barbara – yup, you read right. We didn’t have very many outside Halloween decorations. Just the landscape lights and the speakers for the videos. The “fence” isn’t up, I suspect it won’t get up. Who knows when they’ll get to the roof? The guy did say that it should be by the end of the year. Yea for the sheriff’s department!

    Katla – if the bus works out, you can see dh much more than if you were dependent on your daughter taking you see him. I’m very surprised that the bus only goes by his place one day/week. Maybe on another day it gets near his place and you can just walk the short distance.

    Lanette – BK being an interesting place to work is an understatement. I was talking to the store manager today. She talked about how labor was down. What this means is that “are we making profit every (I forget the time) hour (or whatever) to justify the salaries. To me, this is stupid. Certain things need to be done, especially in the morning. Jerry needs to be sure the bathrooms are clean before the customers come in. The ice needs to be filled. Things like that. Also, I told her that I try to get there early so that I get my work done and be out of the way for when they have the lunch rush (behind where I do the prep is where they store the buns, napkins, bags, cups, etc). To me, corporate should be saying at the end of the day “did we make enough profit to justify the salaries”. At certain times of the day it’s busier than at others. My heart really goes out to the store manager, she’s between a rock and a hard place. She had the assistant manager tell me not to do the cheese and pickles. I told her that I’d do the cheese since I do it while the lettuce is sitting in ice water and that I’m sure they don’t want to pay me to do nothing. Really, them doing the pickles is probably saving 15 minutes at most. Today the store manager told me to tell one of the managers (her or the asst. manager) how far I’ve gotten in the prep by 9:30. It’ll probably be on the onions. I really think the store manager is trying whatever to make it so that I’m there less time (about 3 hours). We thought we’d have to pay for a new roof (probably about $30,000). But the insurance adjuster and the roofing guy came here, declared we had hail damage, so the insurance is paying all but our deductible. You might want to look into this.

    Rita – I seem to remember something about if a wooly catepillar has a thick coat, it’s going to be a cold winter. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Need to take my car to the Hyundai place this afternoon. Need to get the state inspection, an oil change, and not sure if I need new ones or if they can grind down the rotors. Vince will probably bring me home. Normally I’d just stay there while they worked on my car, but this will be a multi-hour job. I already told Vince that we should stop at WalMart on the way home. He wanted me to stop after I picked up my car. Since I don’t know how long that’ll be, I think we need to do it

    Michele NC