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    Morning dear friends
    Ugh took a late nap and then didn't get to sleep until 12:30 am and then up at 6 and didnt sleep great.
    Neither did Miles he is already on his second nap ..
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    fanncy0626 wrote: »
    🎉🥳🎂 I'm finally 65!🎂🥳🎉
    I can't believe that I'm happy about that 😃 I think that it's because I'm on Medicare now! This last year I spent almost $10,000 on medical expenses because of cheap insurance. I was physically assaulted by a lady in the bathroom because I asked her not to talk on her phone...I have my first Dr appointment today and will now be able to get PT😃

    💕 Mary from Arizona/Minnesota

    Happy Birthday Mary! <3

    Sorry to hear about your assault and resulting injuries :# . And the resulting out of pocket expenses :s

    Hope the PT gets you fixed right up. :)

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    Mary- Happiest of Birthdays and I hope you filed charges. And will get reimbursed for all the hospital bills and dr bills.the nerve of some people..
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    Thank you @barbiecat I keep saying I need to reset but for some reason I just can't stick to it. Lots of changes in our lives lately. I need to stop making excuses. My goal is to TRACK TRACK TRACK. Start with my workouts again.

    My montra moving forward will be: Excuses don't burn calories!
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    I am feeling much better. I actually changed the sheets on the beds today and experienced no pain doing so. I’m doing my back exercises. They are really quite fun. Mainly stretches.

    Mary, are you saying the assault in the bathroom is what caused the $10,000 in medical bills? Goodness gracious! I need more details. That is awful.

    I don’t know if it’s the meds or my better efforts at following my eating boundaries, but I was back in Onederland this morning. I know I am way too invested in the number on the scale, but it is what it is.

    Dave and I are getting our Covid booster today.

    Oh, and Fedex attempted to redeliver the mysterious package to us today. Bless their hearts. Dave happened to be outside when they drove up, so he refused it. We had a similar thing happen a couple of years ago with a Christmas card that was addressed to our number and street, but a town in Florida. I finally took that one into the post office personally and got it taken care of.

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    I talked with DH on our phones. He is doing okay. I hope to see him in person when he is ready. Meanwhile, telephones are effective for staying in touch with each other.
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    Good afternoon ladies!
    Thank you Barbie for the new thread!

    On the good side, my mother's 90th birthday is coming up, and she agreed to having some family over for cake. I was afraid she would refuse then feel sorry for herself. I bought some fancy paper napkins and plates and cups, and some decorations. I plan on buying a lot of flowers, too. And I bought pretzels and grapes and ginger ale. I think it will be very nice. I'm thinking of finding a Sinatra playlist and just playing it from my phone.

    On the diet side, I'm in a slump. I ate way too much Halloween candy and I went out to lunch and overindulged at least twice. My pants are tight. I have got to take control of myself!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Worked, picked up donations for the Corner Table, took Jerry to Dollar General, then took him home and went to Aldi. Newcomer bowling tonight.

    Heather – glad to hear the swell calmed down a bit but do hope Johnny gets better fast

    Mary – happy birthday. Sorry to hear about your “encounter”. Sure the MD will help. What happened that you need PT?

    Mtumale – I really like your mantra. Please, tho, tell us another name (easier to write/remember) that you’d like to be called.

    Think I’ll go for a walk

    Michele NC
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    edited November 2022
    I am looking forward for visiting DH in the near future, and I also have a long time friend heading my way on Friday, around 11 am. I haven’t seen her in person for many years and this is a happy surprise.
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    Katla – hope you and your friend have a great visit. I know you will

    Right as I finished my walk, it started to rain. Well...at least it waited until I was almost home.

    Remember I told you about the treasurer problems Newcomers was having and how Vince was helping the present treasurer. Well, he was going to volunteer to be the treasurer again. To be honest, I really didn’t want him to get involved again. Anyway, he contacted the present president and said that he would run. It seems that the present treasurer is running along with another new member. He doesn’t want to run against the present treasurer so he withdrew. Phew! Is all I can say. Not that I’m upset that he didn’t do it. I know that one of the things he’d want is to have a few men on the board. Men bring a different perspective to things. Also, he would like the meetings at one location, not everyone’s homes. See, previously (when I did it), we almost always met at the conference room at the library. Well, since covid they’ve been meeting at board member’s homes. He didn’t want to travel all over. Also, he didn’t want to run against the present treasurer. He didn’t want hurt feelings. I must admit, I’m glad that he’s not getting involved again. He said that he would tell them that he probably won’t be at all the general or board meetings, but I don’t think this would be a problem since lots of others don’t make every meeting.

    Now to have dinner then bowling.

    Michele NC
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    It was a good day, all in all... Corey drove me up for the infusion, and it was all done and dusted by 10:15. We stopped at a restaurant we hadn't been to since before the pandemic began for a late breakfast for me, early lunch for him. Afterward, he dropped me at the salon, got my hair trimmed, while he went to the tire place and got my front tires rebalanced so it will stop vibrating at 70 mph.

    Got home and I still had some energy, as did he - he doodled around getting some things in the carport cleaned up, ready to move a log rack in to hold firewood for the winter. We've got a fair amount of wood dried from last winter and will move that over the weekend, most likely, and then move the more recent falls into the woodshed to dry.

    While he was doing that, I pruned the muscadine vines back to the stocks to get them moved elsewhere. Originally planted them in front of the carport because I had this romantic vision of lovely green vines providing a kind of shaded arbor. That worked like a charm... and then they tried to take over the entire carport, including the air conditioner, and Corey's truck if it sat there for too long. :smiley:

    So, with help from Corey, yanked those suckers out and moved them out to one of the back fences, and we'll see if they survive the move. If they do, they'll provide cover for an ugly fence, and if they don't, I'm OK with that too. I tend to the ruthless where plants are concerned. :p

    Now I need to find some perennial summer color to replace them. About a third of the bed is chrysanthemums (fall blooms), and a third is an ivy that started out as a houseplant and felt neglected, so I moved it outside, and it's thrived and grown like mad. Moving the muscadine gave me a little blank slate to fill. Fun!

    Nice to have some energy... I'm going to drive to town to pick up a couple Powerball tickets (who can resist $1.2 billion?) and pizza. There will be plenty left over for him for lunch for a couple days, so it's worth being a little spendy.

    Later, y'all,
    Love from Lisa,
    Who had a lovely day out...

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    Well new 600 count sheets bought, with nice thick elastic all way round the fitted sheet! They are washed and on the bed.👍🏻 And I will trim my toenails before bed tonight, lol! My toe nails are so small that when I trim my baby toe, there's not even anything to paint, (if ever I did ho get them painted)! Now my fingernails I am proud of and hopefully next week or so, I want to go get them painted. I have never gone to a salon for my fingernails!
    My sandwich was heavenly, tonight is some chili.
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    Lisa, yay you sound like you are feeling better. I would say your energy kicked in like the Ever ready bunny.💖
    I am so callous regarding plants. Live or die, but if you look wilty, out you go. I tend to kill plants with kindness, ie over watering or over pruning.