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    kevrit wrote: »

    Wooly caterpillar I found and played with. Trying to enjoy life!!


    I always thought those wooly caterpillars were one of the ones that would sting you- never picked them up with my hands.
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    Good morning ladies <3

    It's a frosty 33 degrees here right now. Big wind and rain coming tonight and tomorrow so I need to get things picked up and put away. I noticed one of the gutters on the shop is kind of coming loose - needs to be replaced and rain splatters by the door and seeps in a little. I think I've found a solution in the meantime. Crossing fingers we don't lose power.

    Hard to believe temps were in the 80's here a couple weeks ago. Weatherman is projecting low 20's and possible snow middle of next week. Rosie has plenty of sweaters and DH's insulated sweatshirts I kept will come in handy.

    I asked my 90 year old neighbor about his thermostat settings. He said 73f during the day, 67f at night. I'm aiming for 62f at night 66f daytime. I'm cautious what the electric bill will be without the woodstove going. :#

    That's the latest. Make it a fabulous day!

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

    We got our first rain on Tuesday and some yesterday then it got COLD-
    I woke up freezing at 7AM- Alexa said it was 37 at that time. Not sure how cold it got down to during the night.
    I do know that our heater has been set down to 62(so basically off) and it kicked in for the first time this fall.
    I joked with my former hubby when we chatted yesterday- need to put either another blanket or another cat on me. Cats came all by themselves so after putting my fleece pj pants on and getting back in bed with the two blankets and three cats- I was nice and warm. Didn't want to get up.
    Our bedroom is extra cold because we keep the window open either all the way or now, partially all year long because that is the opening to the catio. We will put up a clear shower curtain attached to the frame of the walkway of the catio soon that stops all the rain and most of the wind from coming in but also all the fresh air .

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    Happy anniversary Vicki!

    I've been in a slump lately. My goal today is to get through without cookies and do my dumbbells tonight.

    It's a beautiful day again today. Warm and sunny. So horseback riding should go well.

    I made a pork loin last week- I put it over onions and carrots and some broth and left it on a low simmer on the stovetop. It came out very moist and less fatty than the chuck I use for pot roast. Excellent! So I had leftovers just now.

    I'm enjoying Lisbon and Maui. Lucky ladies!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk/jog to eye appointment-35.27min, 9elev, 4.76ap, 4.76ap, 126ahr, 156mhr, 2.79mi= 288c
    Strava app = 342c
    Walk/jog from eye appointment to home- 37.31min, 25elev, 4.43ap, 131ahr, 166mhr, 2.79mi= 286c
    Strava app = 342c
    Walk w/all kids- 1hr 7min 3sec, 26elev, 2.70ap, 102ahr, 118mhr, 3.08mi= 365c
    Strava app = 377c
    Walk/jog w/yogi- 41.52min, 25elev, 4.30ap, 120ahr, 145mhr, 3mi= 310c
    Strava app = 368c
    Zwift home bike trainer- strava stats- 13.42min, 138elev, 22.4amph, 147aw, 40gear, last.80mi 50gear, 118ahr, 149mhr, 5.12mi= 107c
    Strava app = 115c
    Zwift stats- 13.44min, 138elev, 146aw, 51arpm, 22.41amph, 5.13mi=115c

    Total miles walked/jogged 11.66 miles
    Steps as of 2:06pm 26286

    Total cal 1356
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    Pip- cute new little camper.. are ya'll goinf to be able to fit in there? Im sure you will make it work ,you always do..
    Miles getting more daring and walking like 3-4 steps to me without holding on.. but he was cranky today poor little guy..,went and took care of Homie and then came home and took a nap..
    1 more day and then the weekend..
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    Well Mary Karma is a you know what and I sure hope they get there's how dare they try and blame that on you and then play it up on race and privilege.. I call Bu----it..
    Hope the FBI gets it all straightened out and you get justice.. to bad Madea wasn't on patrol...
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    Pip- cute new little camper.. are ya'll goinf to be able to fit in there? Im sure you will make it work ,you always do..
    Miles getting more daring and walking like 3-4 steps to me without holding on.. but he was cranky today poor little guy..,went and took care of Homie and then came home and took a nap..
    1 more day and then the weekend..

    Yeah I think so, we will make it work
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    Dropped my car off then went to WalMart. Now waiting to get it back. Got Vince to go to WalMart. Good thing I didn’t have to get much. He hates to shop.

    Rori – peaceful pic!

    Vicki – happy anniversary

    Couldn’t go for a walk after dinner. Did I happen to mention how much I hate it getting dark so early??

    Lanette – when we were in VA, this was not on the highway, Vince stopped at a 5 Guys. He had a small hamburger, fries, and a soda. The bill? $17. Talk about prices going up! It’s a good thing I bring my own food

    Got car back. Afterwards stopped at Belk on the way home. I got Jess 3 handtowels for her bathroom for free for Christmas.

    Mary – (((HUG)))

    Michele NC
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    Barbara, thanks for the birthday wishes. I was in a funk so kind of kept it on the down low.

    Beth, thanks for asking about my mom. She is doing well physically and has her good and bad days mentally. Overall, she is ok.

    Mary, thanks for the explanation. That is some crazy stuff! I’m so sorry it happened to you.

    I am doing much better. Have actually gotten over 10,000 steps yesterday and today. I’ve also followed my boundaries for 3 days straight.
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    :) Sunrise here is 8 AM this week so my walk that starts at 5:45 AM is all in the dark. Our roads are flat and well paved and we see no more than three vehicles the whole time, so it's a safe walk. Next week the sunrise will go back to 7 AM and gradually get later until it's back at 8 AM by the end of December when it will gradually get later. I love the aloneness and the peace of walking in the dark. I also love all the daylight in the summer. The changing of the seasons pleases me.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA where it is not nearly as dark as Canada
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    Heather: Love your Watercolor painting!

    Rebecca: Good luck with gall bladder surgery. Having a manicure is addictive! I love having my nails painted.

    Evelyn: Great your weight is a little lower and your enjoying veggies!

    Ginny: Good luck adjusting to the time change.

    Machka9: Is that sign really there near where the bridge was or did you transpose it there somehow?

    Lisa: Wow! a 30 year loan paid off in 5 years! Good going!

    Lanette: I do not know about vibration plates. I did get on the elliptical for the first time in awhile and boy was I out of shape. Usually I stop the elliptical because I am bored. Today It took everything to go half a mile and I kept lowering the tension. Well I will go back tomorrow and start again!

    Annie: Hope your Mom enjoys her birthday.

    Dr. KatieBug: Now I am wondering what was in the FedEx package.

    Mom2Cubs: Good luck with weight loss journey.

    Kim: Hope you continue to feel better. 48 hamburgers is a little overwhelming!

    Vicki: Glad Halloween went well.

    RVRita: Glad you enjoyed ET!

    1948CWB: Pretty Fall Picture

    Mary: Happy Birthday! Good you can get the medical care you need now!

    Minicooper: November is a big month in you family! Enjoy!

    Michele: Good about getting the new roof!

    Snowflake: Great Halloween Picture

    Debbie: Sounds very wet. I went to a Georgia football game a few years ago and got soaked. It was a warm rain, but my cell phone never worked again.

    Katla: I am praying that you are able to see your DH soon.

    Back to the gym for me and it feels good. Feel as if there is enough space for social distancing. Reading a book for book club and then hope to read a quick romance....with a book store or hotel or cafe or historic house or maybe near a beach!

    Rosemarie from Georgia
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    Vickil57 wrote: »
    Rebecca--Glad you have a date for your surgery. Sounds like you have things under control until then.
    Heather--Beautiful picture.
    Katla--One day a week is a start and pray your DD or something else can be arranged for other days.
    Joint Commission is done and we passed, so glad that is out of the way. So back to cleaning things up from the computer down time.
    Sounds like we are to get some rain and snow starting tonight for the next several days. Today is our 38th anniversary. DH sent me some beautiful flowers at work and we are planning on going out for supper this evening. Not sure where the years went.
    Blessings, Vicki GRAND ISLAND, NE <3

    Happy Anniversary!