15 pounds to lose challenge November 1 - January 31, 2023



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    Hello, I hope you all are doing well!

    11/1 195.8
    11/8 192.6 (3.2 lb loss for this challenge)

    @IAmTheGlue great job with your success this week! Sounds like you have a successful plan in place to keep achieving success. Be patient with the process. Remember we are not after a destination or certain number. Certainly celebrate the many choices that brought you this far. Well done!
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    CHALLENGE: lose 7-10 pounds by January 31st (13 weeks)
    Highest weight (7/10/2020): 330
    Anniversary weight (7/10/2021): 243 (lost 87 pounds in year one)
    2nd Anniversary weight (7/10/2022): 226 (lost 18 pounds in year two)
    November 1st starting weight: 226.6 (7-day average)
    January 31st goal weight: 220
    ultimate goal weight: 215 (would like to stay in range 210-220)

    Nov 01 : 226.6 (Weigh-in day: Tuesday)
    Nov 08 : 229.0 : ↑ 2.4

    Awesome success you have had so far! Just find what works for you and celebrate you and your choices that gave you success these past two years!
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    Hi My name is Sherri 60 year old and live in BC

    I'm back. I really need to get back on track. I didn't lose anything the last challenge as I wasn't tracking my food and eating way too many carbs. I find my body doesn't like digesting carbs(especially bread) and just holds on to it. I gain almost everytime I eat bread. Going to have to come up with a solution for bread as it is any easy and quick food to grab when I'm hungry or in a hurry.

    Start of new contest
    1) Track food at least 5 days a week - did 4 days
    2) Drink more water, 5 glasses a day - average 3 a day
    3) Get out for a walk 4 days a week if can't get out exercise at home. Yoga, Weights or Strength training - only got out 3 times going ton have to work on this. We have Snow and it's hard yo get out so will have to make up a home exercise plan
    4) Lose 5lbs a month

    Nov.1 191.2
    Nov.8 190

    Hi Sherri,
    Welcome aboard!
    You can do this and we are here to cheer you on!
    I hope you find a fitness plan that works during snowy weather.
    I would encourage you to google nutrients craving chart. I think bread craving signifies a nutrient deficiency. Maybe you can find other foods in that nutrient category that work better for you.
    I encourage you to focus on adequate protein and fiber intake daily and your water intake. Those two categories I mentioned will keep you feeling full.
    Best wishes to reaching your goals 😊
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    taxgirl1 wrote: »
    SW: 234.7
    CW: 232.5
    GW: 219.9

    Nov. 3--234.7
    Nov. 10--232.5 (-2.2)

    I know a lot of this weight is water weight, but it feels good to see a drop on the scale. This week is the first time in a long time that I feel more in control of my eating. My NSV is that I kept my stress eating down to 1 evening this week.

    Congrats on your success 🙌🏻