Reassurance and Motivation

I’m 5’7”, 272 pounds, and in my early 20s. I know I need to lose weight, and have spent this week coming to terms with my size and making diet and exercise plans. I purchased a food scale, got an eating journal, and got a gym membership.

Touring the gym and signing up was intimidating, and I went for the first time today to assess where I was (I know I’m out of shape, but how out of shape?). I was embarrassed walking through the gym in my clingy athletic clothes around all the fit and in shape people. I was even more embarrassed when I felt myself jiggle around while on the treadmill and get out of breath pretty quickly.

Normal walking is fine, even a brisk walk, but when I started adding any incline I realized how heavy and out of shape I really am. I was panting like crazy and didn’t have much stamina.

I went back to the locker room and was looking at myself in the mirror. I started thinking that with how much weight I’ve gained, especially in my midsection, I would never be able to lose it.

Coming out of obesity denial and seeing how big and out of shape I am is really discouraging me. I know it was just a bad first day, and it’ll get better as I get fitter and more comfortable, but I’m really in need of some motivation and reassurance as I truly embark my weight loss journey.


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    @88olds you always inspire me.
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    Just walk and you’ll be good, you don’t need anything fancy or inclines. If you walked for an hour at pace you mentioned that’s great. No one is as concerned with you at the gym as you are of yourself, remember that.

    And if it’s easier just walk in neighborhoods or some place you feel better about. It’s all the same.

    As mentioned, ultimately calorie intake will be a big factor to the journey. I personally have had success with fasting and setting reminders for myself couple times a day to remember what I’m shooting for + portion control - portion control - portion control! I eat what I want but in appropriate amounts…
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    I HATE working out, I hate the gym, I’m forever in awe of how people both men and women alike strut around in their slim fitting clothes. My husband is a meat head so he fills me in on what they’re thinking about (spoiler alert) it’s themselves… lol and then I realize everyone stares in the mirror, everyone has earbuds in, no one cares about anyone on the treadmill just walking… so I take a deep breath, walk at 2.5 with an incline of 3, throw my hoodie over the stats and watch Netflix on my phone. Before I know it my feet are sore and I can leave.

    I know if I just do 3 things for 3 weeks it will get easier and I will have developed a habit.
    -avoid eating more than 25g of “added sugar”
    -eat a minimum of 25g of fiber
    -do 20-40 mins of cardio every day

    I’m doing that for 3 weeks and seeing where I land.
    I’m 5’7/263 💪🏽
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    Do you know the history of those “fit” people in the gym? Possibly some of them have been on the journey you are just starting? They won’t all have always looked like they do now. I would put money on many of them not being happy with their shape despite how good they may look to you and me 🤷‍♀️
    You took that first step and walked into that gym. That takes some inner strength so you walk tall and walk proud and keep on going. You are an amazing and unique human being and you can do this.
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    As a relatively medium to small sized person who goes to the gym, I can tell you that we are NOT staring at people of various sizes having any thought other than “look at us all go! we are making it happen!”
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    I to joint the gym it can be scary at first. But keep at it. I have over 100lb to loose also.
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    I would encourage you to track some things apart from weight.
    Measurements, how well clothes fit, how quickly you can walk a mile, that kind of thing. Doesn't really matter what, but not weight related. That way you can still your progress even when the weight doesn't shift the way you want to.

    Find some interesting audio books or podcasts to combat the boredom and to help keep your mind off how hard work it is.

    Is there a local beauty spot, lovely trail walk, cool mountain to hike up near you? Could you set a goal for a few months time to go do it? Sunshine, friends and a picnic make it feel much less like work. Always benefits me to be working towards a positive goal like that, it's more tangible to me then. I want to do the fun things.

    Keep at it, it won't be long until you start to feel and see the benefits.
    Please be reassured you are capable of more than you believe.