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    Hello, I believe this is you that I received a mailed check donation??? If it was, I got it today, thanks sooooo much!!!!!!! I’m now up to $315!!!!!
    By the way, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your handwriting, mind sucks BIG time

    Pip - well l did mail you a check, but my handwriting is AWFUL!!! :D

    Way to go on the fundraising! Maybe you'll outdo last year <3:p

    Lanette B)

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    Just got a call from my consultant. I am going into hospital on Friday (possibly for a week). 😱

    Intentions for March:
    🔹Maintain weight < 140 (I have managed to stay at the lower end off the 140s)
    🔹Continue with Solid Habit development

    Intentions for today:
    📍Solid habits
    📍general chores
    📍Grocery shopping
    📍Prep for hospital

    Virtual (((hugs))) and 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 for all those those who need them.

    🙋‍♀️ Miele failte to the newbies.

    ☘️ Terri

    Terri - wishing you all the best at the hospital. Crossing fingers you'll get fixed up and can enjoy the rest of spring being as active as you want to be. Will you be on "light duty" (such as no lifting over 10 lbs or similar) for a while?


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    Mary-I haven't used Frankincense for cognitive function but have mixed with cerave to rub on my arthritic feet. It is supposed to help inflammation. It does provide some relief (I change off what I use so my body doesn't get overly used to one thing.

    Machka-nice little adventure you had.

    Heather-glad you could make it home safely-dizziness is scary. I have had it since Covid but it does seem to be improving.

    Terri-good luck with your procedure. I believe it is some sort of female procedure (since you mention your gynecologist appointments). Happy, successful healing. You will do better since you are I good shape.

    Barbara-I know the driving comment was in reference to the challenge, but I frequently change my routes to keep my mind fresh. Children are our legacy. Many children in every community just need someone who believes in them.

    Debbie-Destiny looks confident and strong. Prayers.

    Rosemarie-I agree with Lanette-I think my husband know. And I still have conversations with him. It helps me to hear what I am thinking (I only do that when alone!)

    Long, busy day. Pinwheel planting went well. Multiple meetings. On phone with and issue with multiple people til nearly 8. Ready for bed now. Start tomorrow with 8 am meeting then maybe get some actual work done!

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio

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    Good evening ladies!

    Well I ate 1508 calories today. I made sure to eat my diet food, but then on impulse I kept going. But I did exercise it off, for a deficit of 48. Yay for that part!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Just got a call from my consultant. I am going into hospital on Friday (possibly for a week). 😱 Terri

    Will be thinking of you, Terri. A week is a little scary, reach out to us when you can. I will keep you in my thoughts.

    Machka -
    It reminded me of one of my favorite funny men's quotes:

    Bless your heart, that was an attack of the bad week if there ever was... I'm glad things seemed to have improved since then.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Grandmallie: I am sorry Carmine is suffering so and have a difficult adolescence. Teenage depression and gender issues are not my area of expertise.

    But I was wondering if Carmine is seeing a child psychiatrist as well as a counsellor?

    You said the pediatrician ordered the Celexa. Wouldn't a child psychiatrist be the one to order this medication?

    I was also wondering if Carmine has a good relationship with the counsellor. Would Carmine prefer to see someone else?

    Just thoughts,

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    Tracy is hell bent on sending him anywhere but Portland.Right now he cant handle the academics he has.and thats only 1/2 the time.. he picked Carpentry as what he wanted now he hates Carpentry.Tracy has reached out to the school and Carmine can stay after for extra help on Tuesday's, but doesn't.
    He wouldn't do any better at Portland,its just a different change is all
    Rosemarie- they have no mental health coverage so Tracy is paying out of pocket every other week 100.00 for counseling ..she works part time ,and Kyles pay basically keeps them going
    So..i just hope and pray everyday that he pulls through this.

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    Tracy is hell bent on sending him anywhere but Portland.Right now he cant handle the academics he has.and thats only 1/2 the time.. he picked Carpentry as what he wanted now he hates Carpentry.Tracy has reached out to the school and Carmine can stay after for extra help on Tuesday's, but doesn't.
    He wouldn't do any better at Portland,its just a different change is all
    Rosemarie- they have no mental health coverage so Tracy is paying out of pocket every other week 100.00 for counseling ..she works part time ,and Kyles pay basically keeps them going
    So..i just hope and pray everyday that he pulls through this.

    Is Carmine's real father out of the picture? Sometimes when kids live with the other parent, things go smoother.

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    kevrit wrote: »
    I am doing this Happiness calendar for March. Feel free to copy or simply use it if you’d like!

    March, 2023 Action for happiness.org
    1. Set an intention to live with awareness and kindness. I intend to live with more awareness and kindness every day.
    2. Notice three things you find beautiful in the outside world.

    Sky, sand and ocean

    3. Start today by appreciating your body and that you are alive.

    Yesterday's 54 km bicycle ride and 5 km walk on the beach ...

    4. Notice how you speak to yourself and choose to use kind words.


    5. Bring to mind people you care about and send love to them.


    6. Have a ‘no plans’ day and notice how that feels.

    The only plans we had yesterday was a stroll through a neighbouring arty town to look at the shops.

    7. Take three calm breaths at regular intervals during your day.

    I do box breathing at some point just about every day.

    8. Eat mindfully. Appreciate the taste, texture and smell of your food.

    9. Take a full breath in and out before you reply to others.
    Many times.

    10. Get outside and notice how the weather feels on your face.

    Afternoon walk ...


    11. Stay fully present while drinking your cup of tea or coffee.

    Not so much today. But usually. :)

    12. Listen deeply to someone and really hear what they are saying.

    Haven't talked to anyone other than husband today.

    13. Pause to watch the sky or clouds for a few minutes today.

    Love watching the sky. :) Our house is especially well located for that, and at certain times of year, we get fantastic sunsets!


    14. Find ways to enjoy any chores or tasks that you do.

    Laundry! I don't mind doing laundry. :)

    15. Stop. Breathe. Notice. Repeat regularly.

    That's about all I can do today. I haven't done anything which requires effort.

    I looked up the vaccine I had yesterday. Boostrix: diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis (whooping cough). I am set for 10 years!

    But headache, tiredness, body aches, sore joints and nausea are common side effects ... which I am experiencing.

    My doctor also informed me that the antibiotic "cocktail" I've been prescribed will make me feel ill and give me a horrible taste in my mouth. But it is only for 5 days and should do the trick.

    16. Get really absorbed with an interesting or creative activity.

    I've been colouring these days because I'm not allowed to do much more. Fortunately, I enjoy colouring. :)

    I've also been putting away laundry and rearranging a closet.

    17. Look around and spot three thing you find unusual or pleasant.

    The place is slightly neater and cleaner than usual. That's both unusual and pleasant. February was major house-cleaning month, then we went on holidays so the place is still clean.

    I'm at home, surrounded by things I like.

    There are photos I have taken recently showing on my second computer screen.

    18. Have a 'no plans' day and notice how that feels or If you find yourself rushing, make an effort to slow down.

    Today, I casually worked my way through part of the garden, catching up on some of the weeding.
    And we went for a short 10 km bicycle ride.
    And I've been colouring. :)

    19. Cultivate a feeling of loving-kindness towards others today.

    20. Focus on what makes you and others happy today.

    Walking - 3.57 km
    Cycling - 10.27 km

    21. Listen to a piece of music without doing anything else.

    I have music on all day. Most times I'm doing things, sometimes I'm not.

    More cycling today ...

    22. Notice something that is going well, even if today feels difficult.

    I was warmly welcomed back!!

    And immediately swamped with work! It's going to be a challenge but it's nice to have a certain degree of freedom - autonomy!

    23. Tune into your feelings, without judging or trying to change them.

    So many feelings.

    I've just started this new job so there is excitement and nerves going on.

    And it is the 5th anniversary of my husband's accident. I cried a while last night.

    24. Appreciate your hands and all the things they enable you to do.

    Especially typing!
    But I am appreciating getting my left hand back now that it is healed from the bite. I'm mixed-handed or cross-dominant, so I use my left hand a lot and miss it when it's out of action.

    25. Focus your attention on the good things you take for granted.

    Being able to move, climb, carry, walk, shovel, squat (to pull weeds) and of course ride my bicycle!
    Granted, I am a little bit stiff from doing some of that yesterday for the first time in a while, but I can still do those things. :)

    26. Choose too spend less times looking at screens today.

    No worries! I'm heading out to the garden shortly!

    27. Appreciate nature around you wherever you are.

    Absolutely! So much to appreciate. :)

    28. Notice when you are tired and take a break as soon as possible.

    So tired.
    No breaks for a little while.
    Maybe on the weekend.

    29. Choose a different route today and see what you notice.

    Took a different route home yesterday. Noticed that it took way longer than normal.

    Took a different route back to work from Radiology today by getting on the wrong bus. Noticed I was late back to work after lunch.

    30. Mentally scan your body and notice what you are feeling.

    I feel exhausted and frustrated and frazzled and completely disorganised.

    32. Discover the joy in the simple things of life.

    Machka in Oz
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    Big hugs Machka. <3 All the big legal stuff you are dealing with and your worries about the future must be taking it out of both of you. Plus the stress of starting a new, more responsible job.

    I'm in the process of recovering from yesterday. Feeling better, but I'm not myself. I have taken a very rare day off exercising. I'm ready now for the Zoom session starting soon. I've updated my laptop, because I normally do it with my friends on my tablet, because there are only four of us. This will be a bigger group, I'm guessing.
    My friend G got home and spent most of the next 15 hours asleep. She is exhausted from her intensive therapy, including EMDR. (Which i actually think is great).We need to be very kind to ourselves. No one is superhuman. If we don't listen to ourselves, our bodies will tell us, again and again, until it truly breaks. <3 Our culture and upbringing tells us that we need to keep going. But we are not designed for endless stress. We need rest and recuperation.

    OK. Now to find my Zoom room! :p

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Healing thoughts and prayers for all suffering physically and/or mentally!

    Drive to Detroit was pleasant. There is no change in DH's eye, so that is good. Drive home was not as pleasant. Rain/snow and high winds for first hour , then rain and high winds for next hour and a half, then just high winds the last hour. Cereal for dinner- oh well. Then the alarm was triggered at work, so left for that. SIL was already there. Apparently the police called her, while the alarm company called us. I would have been totally confused if we had gotten there 3 minutes later! Really not sure how that all went down. The alarm company is usually the only one that calls, and they call us. Why don't the police call her at 2 am! Who knows........

    Got my heart monitor results in. It did catch a tachycardia event from what I understand from the report. Funny thing is that shortly after I got the report, they moved my electrical heart doctor appointment up by a week. I now go next Wednesday instead of the 12th. Wait and see......

    Meeting furnace folks tomorrow. We have a faulty part on ours which is causing it to leak in the utility room. That part is no longer available. Supposedly our unit, Lennox, has a lifetime warranty. We have been informed that if we can't get the part to fix this one which is at least 20 years old, then we can purchase a new unit for half price. That was a bit of good news. We need a new water softener, but I reckon that may wait a little longer. I just have to keep rejuvenating it manually.

    Happy Birthdays to late March ladies!
    Thank you for the tips on getting up and down. Still doing well in those areas, but nice to keep doing well!

    I so want to play hookie again today, but know that I can't. I think I will try to coax this day quietly so that it doesn't bite back. ;)

    Kylia in Ohio
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    Irish Terri, Holding you in my heart as you prepare to enter hospital.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Machka thinking of you.

    Debbie, prayers for Destiny.


    Kylia, nice your appointment is moved up and you'll get information sooner. Your drive didn't sound like much fun. Glad you made it safely.

    Katla, I love my library card!! I use it for ebooks but also go to the library often just to browse.

    I went tent camping this weekend and woke up to snow and put my head back in the sleeping bag and slept. I enjoyed being out but sure felt good to come home to my warm house and comfy bed.

    Betsy in NW WA

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    Zoom went well. I enjoyed seeing all the other folks on it, though clearly a couple of them had difficult lives, looking after adult children or others with mental health problems. The level of the presentation was very basic, about how to increase your health and happiness, the kind of thing we talk about all the time. I think a few people got some good ideas out if it.
    I have to fill in a survey tomorrow as a follow up. My takeaway is to make another effort to drink less alcohol. It might help my sleep as well.

    Painting this afternoon. I'm going to sit at the table for DH'S benefit. Don't know how much I will get done, but I have an idea for a picture.

    My take on health is, once you have dealt with the very basics (which not everyone finds easy), two very important things to consider are codependency and boundaries. There are loads of good books on those subjects. I am still learning all the time. :)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx