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    Vicki - Hope the test thing shows some helpful answers. Hugs. Must be stressful. I get a fast heart rate in the night sometimes, if I am stressed, or had too much alcohol. I hate it, and it has helped me cut back on my drinking. But it's not nearly as high as yours. Reading a comforting book helps my stress in the early hours.
    Stay safe in the snow!

    My acrylic painting is still limping on. So far, I don't like it, but I have much more to do. :#

    I then decided to try a quick watercolour, because John was still painting. I was very taken with the first daffodils he bought yesterday, so I had a little sketch of those. I wasn't sure for most of the painting, and was about to give up, but, once I painted the flowers in, I was happier with it. I feel it shows the grey of winter, bursting into spring. :p

    Homemade pizza tonight with green salad. Friday night is wine night. Red wine.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Love it
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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Allie - Nightmare before christmas is rated PG and from what I read about it I would be having nightmares - I do. not. do. scary movies.

    chicken Kim in N. California

    Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas? That's Athena's favorite Halloween movie, she knows all the songs and quotes the movie dialogue as the movie plays!😂
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    1948CWB wrote: »
    Tina: Sounds like you had a fun night at the event. :)

    Annie: Hugs as you continue to go through a very difficult situation. :'(

    Rebecca: Sorry the management company is not quick to respond to the leaking dishwasher that's ruining the floor. Whenever our renter has a problem we jump on fixing it right away.

    Barbie: Glad you enjoy the snow. Sounds like you have great clothing for the weather.

    Brother-in-Law is still in the hospital and cannot go back to his memory care facility until they get his oxygen levels get to a point where he doesn't need to use a breathing machine. The memory care facility says they cannot take him if he has to be on oxygen.

    Carol in GA

    And to pour salt on the wound, the new management company sent us a specifically printed with our names pamphlet on how to manage the winter with house upgrades. Things you would send to a home OWNER not a renter. Just shows how clueless they are.🙄
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    Good afternoon, ladies.
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    We texted the family, offering to have Edie over on Saturday afternoon while Bea is at Theatre School. Apparently, Edie has a swimming competition then. But she is coming over after football on Sunday morning. :D<3
    We will have lunch together and do something creative. I would like to show her some old family photos, but only if she's interested. She loved the ones of her dad when he was a baby. I think it might interest her to see pictures of her great grandparents.

    Carol - Living close is a bonus, and the kids are still young. We see Bea every Tuesday because we pick her up from school. She is only 7. This won't last for ever. We are very aware that they are growing up fast and things will change. I hope they will still want to see us, but it is unpredictable. We are trying to make the most of each moment, but we often have to offer and make the first move, or they assume we are busy. We miss them terribly when we don't see them.

    It has warmed up a little here. 6 °C in the day. I am still grateful to have heat! :D

    I bought Scotch Eggs from the butcher for lunch tomorrow and some diced veal for a stew for tomorrow evening.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Today’s gratitude: one good arm ;)
    Chicken Kim in N. Calif we are birds of a feather. Neither do I do scary movies. Have nightmares enough without ‘em.

    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    January: Move more: dailyish PT, play with dogs, more steps than yesterday.
    Fuel better: less sugar, CI<CO, dailyish vitamins. more AF days than not.
    Live NOW: dailyish time with Joe, dogs, readings, Hebrew, meditation.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections

    Add me to those who hate scary movies- always have.
    In high school, as a "reward" for being good/no cutting classes, ect, we got to sit in the gym and watch a movie- they picked "Tales of the Crypt". That was our reward. I freaked out so bad during it, my cousin had to walk me out of the gym. I was shaking so bad. I had nightmares for months. Still can't stand to even see the cover of that dvd. Dh thinks it is funny. He is all about scary/gory movies and shows. One of his favorites is Walking Dead. I will not be in the same room as him if he is watching it. If he is watching it in his room, I will close his door and turn up the tv in the bedroom(if I am in there) to drowned out the sounds from that. I don't want to see or hear any of it. He has it on loud so need to have mine louder, which I don't like, just do block it.
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    walked the wetlands- a bit chilly but again, no wind. More people were out today. I guess getting their walk before the next storm hits. Was high tide. No beach at all this time.
    Went shopping with dh before walking- got some steps in that way. At almost 11,000 so far.
    Got some great deals- got two packages of chicken leg/thighs $2 a pack. Have them cooling in the pressure cooker now- food for the stray cat for the next few days-will freeze part of it too. Inside cats will get a little.
    No plans for the weekend. Plan on going to church Sunday- missed the last two weeks sick and the week before was Christmas and I was at mom's..
    No class Monday- will go walk someplace either alone or with a friend.

    Napa Valley,Ca
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    Add me to the list of those who dislike scary/horror movies! I will watch a good mystery and even a slightly psychological thriller, but prefer fluffier! lol No way would I let my grandkids watch anything by Tim Burton! Their parents might, but they get Disney Channel at my house!
    Also add me to the list of those who are shopping out of the pantry and freezer. Took all of the bananas out of the freezer the other day, there were 21 of them! Now I have a freezer full of banana bread.... I also had five more bananas that weren't looking too happy on the counter so I googled recipes and found a Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie. I'm pretty sure I've made them before, I remember the taste/texture. They are pretty good and even little bit healthy. The recipe calls for peanut butter and I use a natural one so that's a plus. Also oatmeal and whole wheat flour. No eggs or oil, but some honey. I didn't have any honey so I did substitute corn syrup. Really should put the recipe into this site and see what the damage is.
    On going to the gym: I find if I pay for it, I'll do something, no pay, no go. I have a Y that is fairly close and I can pretty much always get the cardio machine that I want. I don't go at peak times, I'm usually not there til 9 am. That is first thing for me! lol I always wipe down the machines when I'm done, I don't get as sweaty as some, but it's a courtesy thing. There are folks who wipe down before and after, just in case the person before didn't bother.
    We didn't get the snow that had the whole city in a panic yesterday, we got a bit, just enough to make it slippery and I live on a hill..... Fortunately I didn't have to go anywhere today, so I didn't. This gives the road crews more of a chance to get the salt/sand down before I have to go out tomorrow. It is cold tho! Not like what's happening in most of Canada, but cold for this neck of the woods. Going out every hour or so to that the hummingbird feeder. One more thaw, then it'll come in for the night. I have fresh nectar to put in it for tomorrow morning. Poor little things, they are all puffed up.

    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to any new gals!

    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    Oh, Annie and Margaret. You are both dealing with some very heavy issues. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    Take care.

    Willamette Valley, OR
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    Michele, in 2016 my 2009 Honda CRV had an airbag recall in February and the fix would not be available until the summer. They gave us the option of driving a rental at their expense until it could be fixed. I opted to trade it in instead.

    Rosemarie, my sister and my daughter drive Rav4s. They love them. My new 2024 CRV looks very similar, and I adore it. My husband drives a Tacoma. I kind of wanted a Highlander when I traded back in September, but I didn’t want to pay the difference and Our Toyota dealership service center is awful compared to the Honda one. When I bought my very first CRV, I test drove the Rav4. Back then it still had the spare tire on the outside. Otherwise I would probably be driving one today.

    We thought we were going to need a new garage door, but the serviceman was able to repair our old one. He said that maybe that will hold us for another year or so, before our 30 year old motor gives up the ghost. The handle of one of our garden tools got stuck in it; when Dave went to lower it, the jam made the end roller jump the track. We were very, very lucky that it did not fall far enough to hit my new car. It also shorted out one of the sensors so they had to be replaced. We would have just gone ahead and sprung for a whole new door if we hadn’t just shelled out a bunch of money for tree work and a new deck and wheelchair ramp.

    In my skimming, I think I missed a post from a newbie from Georgia. Welcome! I live northeast of Atlanta.

    I have been reading the Cameron Strike books by Robert Galbraith, pseudonym of JK Rowling. Anybody else read those?

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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Allie - Nightmare before christmas is rated PG and from what I read about it I would be having nightmares - I do. not. do. scary movies.

    chicken Kim in N. California

    Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas? That's Athena's favorite Halloween movie, she knows all the songs and quotes the movie dialogue as the movie plays!😂

    I watched a portion of it a number of years ago, and couldn't watch the whole thing.

    Just not my cup of tea.

    M in Oz