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    From the beautiful sunrise of a seriously chilly Arkansas morning:

    One reason I don't particularly appreciate driving in weather like this is because people get stupid when driving in weather this urky. My Alaskan husband is perfectly fine with it. That would be because it's well below freezing this morning. Every one of my joints knows it, too. It's supposed to drop another 14 to 15 degrees today, and then dust us with a little snow this evening. As the WTForecast app says, "Suck it up, cupcake." and "It's so cold you can see people fart."

    I know you folks in the upper reaches of North America are at least slightly used to this in winter, but those of us in the more southern climes are always shocked when things on our bodies threaten to freeze and fall off. I'm already over the whole "frozen crunchy nose hairs" thing when I go outside and breathe in. This is when I envy Barbie her balaclava.

    And... I'll stop cranking about the weather. Was musing on Machka's link about creating, and got boring, so I put it in a spoiler:
    I want to get a little further on my quilt this morning after I get Corey his second cup of coffee.

    I talked to my best friend again yesterday, and she was marveling at being on the phone for four hours with one of her consulting clients that morning to fix their screw-ups (she's a bookkeeper and a tax preparer). I could tell she actually enjoyed the time she spent with them trying to untangle the mess. Realized after the phone call that her only creative outlet is working, and she says she's spending as little time doing that as she can.

    I've encouraged her to develop a hobby, but I think she may need to get further into her "retirement," before she will be able to let work completely go. She's still got 80+ tax clients, and no real intent to stop doing that work, though she says she wants to.

    Machka posted something about "creating," above, and that's what got me thinking about it. I always have many projects in progress, making with clay or quilting or painting or crocheting or building or designing or SOMEthing. Always. I have always had several things going on, even when I was working 60-hour weeks. I'm not sure I know how not to!

    She and I have been friends for about 40 years now, and one of the first things I ever gave her was a piece I embroidered on friendship. It's genuinely part of who I am. Creating seems to be part of many of us, and it makes me wonder if the weight loss and health drive we have is a way to create or re-create ourselves, driven out of that same need.

    Just musing this morning,
    Hope it's a lovely Saturday, past, present or future,
    Lisa in aR

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    Today is Yellow Ducky Day. I don’t have a picture, but a camper left us a yellow ducky toy so my DH attached it to one of thy pylons that marks where the Gator is parked! I also sent celebrate a child day to both my grandsons.


    RVRita in Roswell, NM
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    (((Margaret and Annie)))

    Carol in GA
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    Annie and Margaret, (((big hugs)))).
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    Good morning ladies!

    Annie - sending big hugs to you today. Sounds like you have a lot of helpers and it will be fine. <3

    Tina - congrats on arrival of the new great nephew! Great clean out the fridge meal. Enjoy being in that sunshine for us. Cutting the grass sounds neat right now.

    It's a balmy 24F degrees here. Breezy east wind. Hens don't seem to mind, I'll take hot water out for them in a little bit. Already got an egg. The slush around the coop is solid ice so pulled on my "cleats" and I'm walking pretty, lol.

    Have a had a fire in the woodstove since about 4, makes the living room nice and cozy and the air handler pulls it throughout the house.

    I've been catching up on Vera re-runs, might have to go through Midsomer Murders again.

    I am pooped. Up way too early. Going to try to get a nap in. A few snow flakes are appearing.

    Stay warm and safe, ladies.

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State
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    I had my first bath in a few months today. My grab bar worked perfectly for me. The bath is huge and deep and has no side handle. It is even difficult climbing in, let alone out! Plus I have to use Oilatum bath oil for my itchy shins, so it's like an ice rink. I've found I can wedge my heel in the drainage hole, which helps to manoeuvre myself up, and the bar helps me up. I also have a suction bar on the side, but don't put too much weight on it.
    I told John I still might have to shout for him, but all was well.

    Spoke to G this afternoon, who seems to be improving with the heavy duty drugs. She is not happy about taking them, but is resigned. Yesterday and today, she felt she had to get out of the flat. Small outings. :)

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Edie tomorrow.

    My veal stew was heavenly. I cooked it in white wine and finished it with crême fraiche. We had brussels sprouts with it. A few strands of tagliatelle.

    Easy tv tonight. I've recorded some travel shows, so nothing too demanding. I have some good films recorded, but I haven't got the concentration to do them justice tonight.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    After work made a cake for this lady. We’ll probably go see her Mon or Tues after ceramics. I’d forgotten how hard it is to ice

    Update on pedometer: nope, it isn’t the battery. The time is displaying just fine. I chatted with the company and they say it is a fault of the pedometer and they’re sending me a replacement

    I think this antibiotic is working. My gum is still sore and inflamed, but not as much as it had been’

    I prefer movies that are humorous (like Groundhog Day) or that I can relate to, like Animal House.

    Evelyn – Like you, I don’t get sweaty on cardio machines. My heartrate is up, but I’m just not a person who sweats a lot. If I’m sweating, the ambient air is probably warm

    Speaking of heartrate: pip, I meant to mention, your RHR is wonderful. Last time I checked, mine was in the high 50’s. Not sure if it’s still there

    Katie = sure wish I was given the option of a rental vehicle. Alas, I get to park in the driveway!

    Gyms can be expensive. I believe a family membership to the Y is in the area of $500. I switched to the other gym which was something like $300. However, now that I’m on Silver and Fit (not Silver Sneakers), it’s $50 in either place so I went back to the Y since they have a pool

    Tracey – congrats on the great score . Knew you’d do it!

    Lisa – “so cold you can see people fart” Girl, you just crack me up! Thanks

    I usually have something going on, too. Usually crochet (or some other craft) and ceramics at least

    Annie – (((HUG))))

    Tina – congratulations!

    The other day my neighbor asked me about cutting this tree limb. I honestly thought he was talking about the tree at the back of his property. Well, I put something in Jess’ room and heard this saw so I looked out her window wondering which tree he was referring to. It seems that one tree on the side of our house split the other day in the strong wind. I had no idea. Of course, he could clean up his property. Now I’m wondering just how strong that tree is.

    My new bedspread came so I put it on the bed. I was just getting tired of the old one.

    Michele NC
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    Barbara - WTForecast is free on my Droid phone - ad-supported at the bottom of the screen. Glad the damage was minor (not minor in pain, obviously). Poor baby!
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    Took Alfi to see Tom and Elena ,brought her Birthday present..
    I feel horrible for them the house is 63 yrs old and because we have had so much rain the water is seeping up through the foundation they are wet vacing around the clock to keep up,he got rid of the sump pump because it was to close to the oil tank.
    They were both happy to see Alfie..but boy has he aged.. between him bending all week wet vacing and his feet from working on them for 35 + yrs
    Hmmm wondering is this is all karma..
    Though I shouldn't be mean and say such things.
    Smiley Miles had his boots on the right feet lol
    He went home and was watching Toy Story.. they have taking nightmare before christmas out of his repertoire.
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    Hmjack- thats my grandson Miles though everyone here calls him Smiles..
    Welcome.. my furry nephew is a westie ..he is such a good boy..Alfie is my little maltese mix who is a barky boy..tonight he is tired tonight lol
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    Caught up with everyone. Having a busy time of it.

    Gyms: I used to go to the gym, but I honestly feel that going and coming home is such a waste of precious time. I can work out at home any time I want to.

    Life goes on regardless. We are travelling to Sligo on the West Coast of Ireland for the memorial service for DH’s cousin on Friday morning. It’s a 3 hour journey, and the service is at 1pm. We will probably book into a B&B on Friday night as it would be a long day if we drove back home afterwards.

    I have Creative Writing on Monday morning and Monday painters after lunch. Tuesday morning is Craft.

    We are going to visit DED after lunch tomorrow.

    Heather: Glad you got your wee jobs sorted.
    Allie: 🥰 Smiles and his boots.
    Loving all the family pics.

    Glad that we don’t have those sub-zero temperatures here, as a rule. You need those boilers working, gals.

    🤗 🤗 🤗 and 🙏 🙏 🙏 to Margaret and Annie and anybody else that needs solace.
    Miele failte to our new ladies.

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    Barbara – it looks like it was part of the trunk of the tree that was weak. I have a feeling that Vince will want to have it removed (so will I for that matter). I must say, that I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’m continuing my exercise, as much as I can, even tho I’m working. I’ve had to modify it a bit, but I’m still doing something.

    The plan for tomorrow is to do a Jari Love Ripped to the Core DVD, then probably take my walk, then go to WalMart. I peeled the potatoes for tomorrow and cut the ends off the green beans, took the apple crisp out of the freezer. I've never frozen it, but when Lynette called last time to say they couldn't make it, I just froze the one I had rather than making another. I think I need to make a meatloaf for us. I needed chicken or turkey sausage which I’ll get tomorrow

    Michele NC