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    Then, when I was in my early 30s, I got into yoga and the last "pose" they did with us was one where we laid down on our mats, the lights were dimmed, and we were told (in a slow and soothing voice) to tense up our toes, and then relax our toes, then tense up our feet, and relax our feet, then tense up our calves, and relax our calves. I'm not sure what came after that because I'd always fall asleep!!

    I still do those tricks, even as recently as last night. :)

    I was feeling restless, finally got myself into a comfortable position and was randomly going through tensing and relaxing arms, feet, etc. ... what felt like minutes later, I got up to use the toilet and discovered an hour had passed. Guess I fell asleep!! :)

    M in Oz

    I need to try that!!
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    MFP Weekly Check-in January 22, 2024

    Evie in BC -Down .4 of a pound this week. So very happy that the scale is starting to creep downward!

    Sue in WA State - Missed water exercise again this week due to haircut and weather. Walked 6 min one day and 5 min another. Did strength and balance 6 out of 7 days. Did not eat after dinner 5 of 7 days. Current weight 226.5.

    Kylia in Ohio - So I am status quo this week. Not enough good food. Not enough exercise. I am happy that I didn't gain. Have a great week!

    Rita in Roswell, NM - Down a pound this week. With eye surgery Wednesday, I hope to do the same next week!

    Debbie in Napa Valley, CA - 152.8 so up .6 over the past two weeks. Did well tracking but still not back to 5 days of walking or Zumba. Will work on that, depending on how I am feeling- asthma is still kicking my butt. Still on two breathing treatments a day plus using regular inhaler a few times a day.

    Lanette SW WA State – weight staying in goal range. Walking doing fine, carrying mostly 5# and averaging over 10,000 steps per day. Eating 80-90% fresh/home cooked food, very little highly processed or sugar. Daily goal 90 gm protein. NSV- Old jeans and sweats fit again. No longer too tight in the waist, even though when I fit in them before, I was 5# lighter. :o Replacing fat with muscle I'm guessing. ;)
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    Afternoon ladies
    Well Siri is home and Alfie is protecting me and Siri is exploring.. I showed her were everything is..and am letting her explore.
    Barbie- if only it were thst easy..its not the noise that bothers him ,its whats on the telly..
    Anything of the sort,animals cartoon or otherwise sets him off.any noise outside sets him off.. only time he is quiet is when he is under the covers sleeping..
    One good thing about having the kitty. Is she wont take anything,and will put him in his place lol.
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    Rita-Congrats on 6 months sober! That’s a great achievement!

    Annie-Such a difficult position. He is an adult, however. You can only do so much.

    Rebecca-You look quite toasty warm in that shawl.

    It's been raining a lot the past few days. It started on Saturday and rained about .3 inch, then .25 yesterday and today, it's already over 4 inches and still coming. Our streets are flooded. Many people cannot get to work because our drainage can't handle it. It's a fast-flowing creek in the street in front of our house and rivers in other areas. I don't mind it so much unless I have to get out in it. Thankfully, I don't. And now the wind is coming up. That's what bothers me.

    Spending so much time inside means I find things to cook. Today, I made a 90-second keto bread. I'm not on a Keto diet, but I avoid white carbs so keto recipes often suit me. However, this one has nearly 500 calories for the size of an English muffin! It is the best version of keto bread I've found though (tastes the best with peanut butter). I'll eat half at a time for a snack. In the meantime, I'll experiment with trying to lower that calorie count!

    I'm sure I missed things to comment on. I've been avoiding the computer lately and when I read, I am terrible about note-taking.

    Tina in Rainy CA

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    Almost forgot to mention, I saw this article where on Jan 30 in honor of nat'l croissant day, if you spend $1 at BK, you can get a croissanwich for one cent. Check your local BK.

    Michele NC
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    John came back with shopping, but hadn't tried out the photo booth. I was shocked, and showed it, so he was upset. He's still sulking. To me, that was the whole point of him going! Plus I mentioned some generic copy of Rennies that Tesco does, and asked him to look out for them. He came back with Rennies. We have loads of them.
    Sometimes we get our wires crossed so badly, I can hardly believe it. It shakes me every time.
    My guess is, he was nervous about the photo booth, and didn't want to do it, so pretended he had forgotten about it.

    So I guess I will have to do my own photo exploring. That'll teach me for sending him out as my scout. There's an online thing I can try first, but it's best if he takes my photo. If that doesn't work, I will brave the booth.


    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Our post office does passport photos. Does yours?

    M in Oz
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    Machka - This session’s textbook is out of date too. We are taking Augmentative and Alternate Communication and most of it is technology based so it changes rapidly.
    A couple of the books were fairly current, such as Childhood Development, but some of that was also from theorists in the 1800’s.

    Lanette - I think that adoption will be an option down the road. They have a unique situation, and the doctors even her family doctor, not just the fertility clinic making money off them, feels that now that they know the reason for the miscarriages that they can be successful the next time. There is another plan being discussed with the fertility as well, but I’m not at liberty to say what that is.
    Adoption is very difficult here and can take years, they may be too old to start that journey now.
    The “lay there and rest” is what I do a lot.

    I “slept” terribly last night. I knew that Kaitlyn and Raquel were out on the roads so worried about them until I knew they were both home safe. Got that text at 130am. I couldn’t get back to sleep so read for an hour, went to the washroom, then must have fallen asleep because I woke just before the alarm went off at 8.

    Annie - maybe your Dad’s dementia is causing some of the reckless behaviour.
    He may, in his head, think he’s still capable of anything. It’s hard to say since we aren’t there yet, we may be just as difficult.

    Lisa - Kaitlyn texted me this morning to tell me not to panic if I looked at the find this morning. Raquel received a message that her matching had been refunded because she is not allowed to donate to her own fund. So she is going to put it all back under her husband’s name. Weird rules, but I guess some people start them for themselves.
    So it’s currently lower than it will be again shortly.

    I am quite impressed with my grades too, I was not a very good student. I’ve learned through this course though that it had more to do with the environment, teachers and ways of being taught more than my own “stupidity”. Even though I never thought I was stupid, some teachers had a way of making me feel that way.

    Such a good thing Corey came home. I don’t mind snow, but ice is a different matter altogether.

    A mural on the side of the fridge could be fun

    Heather - I think those bags are a wonderful idea.
    Sorry Johnny disappointed. I’m sure he feels bad and that is making him sulk. I do that if I know I did something Wrong

    I had a lot to do today to get prepared for my practicum. I left the house at 11am and returned at 1pm. When I returned I noticed the front door had opened while I was gone. DH was sleeping so didn’t notice. I’ve been trying to get the house warmed up so he doesn’t notice how cold it was when he does wake up. I don’t know if I want to admit to that one!

    One of the things I had to do was go to the RCMP to get a criminal record check completed. She started the check while I was completing the paperwork. All of a sudden she says, “that seems sketchy”, I said on mine? I’m a panicked voice. She apologized and told me she was talking to her coworker in the back and apologized. We both laughed about it, she said she needs to be mindful of what she’s saying.

    Tina - that’s a lot of rain!

    Michele - I think banks are a lot more particular these days. A deposit slip in front of a teller is much different than a cheque.

    Vicki - that’s how I feel too, I have to do what I can live with so I don’t have regrets that I didn’t try.
    I’m so sorry for your staff member. Hopefully everything works out well.

    I’m posting now so it’s not a novel later this evening.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family for 1st 3mi, rest just me n yogi- 1hr 55min 55sec, 26elev, 3.10ap, 89ahr, 114mhr, 6.04mi= 573c
    Strava app = 740c
    Walk home to store then gym- 13.57min, 3.49ap, .81mi= 76c
    Strava app= 99c
    Treadmill jog- 44.35min, 1.5mi@ 5.1sp, 1.5mi@ 5.5sp, .5mi@ 5.1sp, .5mi@ 7.0 & 8.0sp, 147ahr, 191mhr, 11.09ap, 4mi= 431c
    Walk gym to home- 10.11min, 3.30ap, .56mi= 50c
    Strava app= 69c

    Total cal 1130
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    Well im going to attempt to sleep tonight,Alfie barking and he is acared to go out in the living room lol
    Wish me luck
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    Today’s gratitude: tea.
    Didn’t get everything done and dusted ;) before pet sitter arrived but house looks way better than it ever has, so I am content. Even took time out for PT and line dancing. Skimming, as I’m pooped!
    Thanks Kay and Tracey.
    Barbie how angelic they look sleeping off a bout of deviltry!
    Machka snow peas fresh of the vine? Yum! You and Rowan sound much like Joe and me, except I do all our laundry, he takes care of all the outside and the cars, we each cook for ourselves and nobody cleans ;}
    Debbie exploding hard boiled eggs? Yikes!
    Tracey Brava for replacing the thermostat! Well done!
    Rosemarie [brr] Hope the HVAC folk have a quick, easy, inexpensive fix for that frigid downstairs.
    Kylia “…Ladies, YOU are worth every step of YOUR journey! Peace of mind, weight, health, rest... each step worthy. “ Loved this. Thanks!
    Lanette “Art Belll” ah that brings back memories. Really enjoyed him long ago, but towards the end things got too dark for my taste. Old jeans fit? Bravissima!!!
    Annie congrats for getting back up on the bike!
    Lisa Yikes! So glad Corey was able to inch his way home safe! That peek-a-boo princess pic, is priceless! :love:
    Heather think your insight about Johnnie’s nervous reluctance is spot on.
    Barbie, I liked “…Jake thinks about the prize and I think about all the steps to get there.. .” insightful and sounds like a good team. Imho, never too old to dream . . . ;)
    Rita fingers X’d for successful surgery Wednesday with quick, easy, complete recovery.
    Allie, Siri is a beauty. ((hugs))
    Tina 4 inches of rain? Glad you can stay home, those roads are dangerous. Spiced nuts are better for us that cookies. Well done!
    Michele saw this episode and thought of your adventures at BK.
    Vicki praying for your staff member, that her recovery is quick and complete and no loss of foot.
    Tracey I’m curious about your practicum. Can you share any details?
    1/21: Move: ZERO sets PT , Steps: 3581 plus an hour’s cooking with dead battery ;{
    Fuel: sugar in vs mfp=-5 CI<CO net=172 vits=1
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, ptT, ptS, packed up bottle drop, laundry, vimeo church and FT annual meeting while purging Mama’s sympathy card collection. [color=red Wt:134.7 [/color]
    Time to snooze then shower, pack and leave for Mohs.
    Later, lighter, lovelies!
    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD x8zcp1ya37k1.gif
    January: Move more: dailyish PT, play with dogs, more steps than yesterday.
    Fuel better: less sugar, CI<CO, dailyish vitamins. more AF days than not.
    Live NOW: dailyish time with Joe, dogs, readings, Hebrew, meditation.
    Open heart and mind before mouth.
    2024: Strengthen: body, mind, heart-connections.
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    Barbara – thanks for the link. But I couldn’t view it all since you need a provider number. But I do watch the show “the food that built america”

    Vicki – will keep your staff member in my prayers that she doesn’t lose her foot

    Tina – great NSV. Nuts are better than cookies by a long shot

    Had ceramics tonight. Took my shower for tonight. Now to get to bed.

    Michele NC
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    Here I am tonight. Yesterday I was tired and more hungry.I allowed myself to sleep in this morning. Today I struggled to get 1200 calories in. I wasn't hungry.
    I taught piano this afternoon after cleaning the upstairs portion of our split level. My husband has had a bad cold since last Wednesday. So far thankfully I am symptom free. My son in another state came down with Covid last weekend.
    A friend's suggested I should do a cleanse in the spring. Anyone know anything about how to do a cleanse?

    Hope in Utah