October Shredders!!!!!!!!



  • alexisdc
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    I am too freaking about the pics, lol. But I feel like it will give me a good look at the progress I make. I am still debating to join in. I am a first time MFP'er :)
  • Meghan0116
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    @ alexisdc
    Don't debate, do it! This really seems like a great group of people to start this with. Imagine us in 30 days and how we will feel.

    I didn't make it past 2 days last time. Not because I couldn't do it but because she annoyed me and I went on to a different video. lol BUT, I remember thinking holy moly, how can I do a month of this. lol
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    I'd love to join if you have room for one more :) Do I add myself to the spread sheet?? Where do I post pics not familiar with this?
  • daniellesb1
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    The 30ds is Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. You do 10 days of each level and cuss at her through the process. lol
    amen to the cussing :P

    I did 1 Day and had to stop because got SUPER sick with 10 days on antibiotic.... But I am DETERMINED to see it through this time.

    Those 28 mins were more torture for me because she sounded silly sometimes. And I was like - lady, do you realize I can just MUTE you with this remote control in my hand ?!? LOL

    Let's see if I can put up with it now..... Maybe I will just pass out from the sheer effort and ringing in my ears....
  • Ooh I'd love to join please :) I tried this a couple of months ago but got halfway through and hurt my wrist! Second time lucky I hope :)
  • catrojas
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    I'm in, just gotta go get the DVD. PLEASE JILLIAN TAKE MY THIGHS!!!!
  • thistleandfi
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    @alexisdc - oh i hope you decide to join in! i think we have a great support group shaping up here :)

    @meghan - lawds, i made it 5 or 6 days my first time and then i went on vacation and i got sick... so i stalled. i also remember how much my hamstrings & quads freaking hurt after the first day & was in no hurry to potentially repeat that again anytime soon. but i suppose now's the time yes? ;)

    @daniellesb1 - i feel you. i have to consciously block her out sometimes. and that music, omgggg. i tried putting on my own mix with JM on mute but didn't have the routine down enough to keep in-sync. hopefully there will be NO passing out for any of us lol.

    i just skimmed level 2 today to see how different it was. UM, yeah. K. :huh: hoping the 10 days at L1 really prepares you physically.
  • The 30ds is Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. You do 10 days of each level and cuss at her through the process. lol

    oh I'm good at cussing at the TV ! you should hear me rant at the wii trainer, has my family in stitches!
    I thought I'd best get some sort of daily workout going or starting this 30 DS is gonna kill me ... it's gonna anyway tho isnt it? LOL
  • Hi, can i join please!!!! i have been waiting for my dvd for ages now and it arrived today. I'll post my measurements tomorrow if its ok with you. Thanks
  • mhainlen52
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    OOOoooohhhh....me, me, me!!! Pick me!
  • catbrand
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    Count me in!! I've had the DVD for a couple of weeks and need to get started with it. Only trouble is starting on a saturday which is a busy work day for me so I will be exhausted lol, but never mind, it will be good to have the support! I've ordered some weights, I hope they're here on time, if not I've got some wrist weights I can hold instead.

    Good luck everyone!!
  • partonsara
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    Meghan thanks for adding me to the spreadsheet! I might have missed it somewhere but SM is starting measurements....but of what, there is only one cell?
  • Is it too late to get in? Photobucket is a great idea as my phone will not allow to post pics to this site.

    Looking forward to getting started
  • Oh poop. I don't have this video. Hopefully I can find it Friday so I can start Saturday! If I can't, then I'll just have to try next time!
  • Hey, this sounds amazing!! im totally new to all this infact this is my first post (only taken me over a month to pluck up the courage) , i am in Scotland and have just ordered 30DVD i hope it arrives in time - eeeeeeeekkk. I have added my name to spreadsheet, but am unsure how to upload the pics - what is a photobucket? - oh my life!!!! - Good luck to Everyone :smile: xx
  • 30DS and 6weeks abs arrive today!!! I'm trying to convenince my husband to start it with me. Be nice to me Jillian!!!
  • OMG... the 30 Day Shred ... it's arrived!!! no backing out now LOL am really impressed with Amazon UK as I only ordered it a couple of days ago :D
  • Meghan0116
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    I am so excited about all the people who have joined!!!! I will do a FAQ in the next post if that might help.
  • Meghan0116
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    1. When are we starting?
    Saturday. October 1st

    2. How long?
    Until October 30th

    3. What exactly are we doing?
    Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred

    4. What if I don't get the dvd in time?
    Start with us when you can, we will be a support system regardless.

    5. What about before and after pictures?
    It is your choice to take before/after pictures but it is a really good way to gauge body changes when the scale doesn't reflect much. Please upload to www.photobucket.com. Message me for the login information.

    6. Measurements?
    You can add your weekly weigh in and measurements to the spreadsheet posted on the first page of this thread. Measure bust, hips, waist, upper arms, thighs, calves (if you want), and neck. You can enter them all in the same cell on the spreadsheet.

    7. Are you sure I can do this?
    I am positive you can do this!!!
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    I can't wait to start!! I may miss a few Saturdays (LSU Football tailgating :)) but will try to make it up.