lose 5 Pounds A Month November 2011 Challenge



  • Count me in!
    Nov 1 ---->208
    Nov 8 ---->
    Nov 15 -->
    Nov 22 -->
    Nov 29 --> Goal: 203
  • elffkin
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    Let's do it--:smile:
  • Darlene4prayers
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    I'm ready
  • shellimus
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    I'm in! Let's do this!

    Count me in!
    Nov 1 ---->166.4
    Nov 8 ---->
    Nov 15 -->
    Nov 22 -->
    Nov 30 --> Goal:160
  • jbpretty
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    I will totally do this. Thanks for the invite!
  • i'm in too:)
  • mhburton1987
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    I'm in too!
  • nicheven
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    I'm new to the site, going to start with this challenge as I lost 5lbs in October before i found MFP.

    Nov 1----> 247.6
    Nov 8---->
    Nov 15-->
    Nov 22-->
    Nov 29-->
  • annemckee
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    My challenge to myself is to get back to the gym this weekend. As it's the only practical source of exercise for me at the moment I really need to make the time to get there. There was a time a few years ago when I was going 4 or 5 times a week but alas that fell by the wayside. So, fellow MFPers, I am posting this in the hope that public accountability will spur me on.
  • busymomof6
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    Nov 1st: 246
    Nov 8th:
    Nov 15th:
    Nov 22nd:
    Nov 30th:

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  • BrunetteWife
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    Quick update on my Strep and Bronchitis.. I have meds and no longer contagious. So I've been cleared to go back to work/gym/etc. Not feeling 100%, but I'm slowly getting there.
  • caiconCristi
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    I'm back to 138.5. I was that a week ago but the Halloween weekend put me back up to 142. After eating healthy and exercising for the past 4 days most of the weight came off. I'm sure a lot of it was water weight but I'm happy to have this challenge to focus on eating well and having enough of a deficit to lose a pound a week. I have a Thanksgiving dinner next week for my son's hockey team. Then, I'll be in Boston after that and then Thanksgiving dinner the next week. Yikes. One day at a time---but I think I need to take advantage of days that I don't have much going on and exercise more and eat healthy stuff.
    Good luck to everyone!!! Love hearing about people's progress.
  • I am totally in on this! lets do it! :)
  • Crystal_R84
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    So game! Count me in! AH it's my birthday month and Thanksgiving this is a challenge for sure~!
  • lexie516
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  • lexie516
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    NOV 1: 317
    DEC 1ST GOAL 309
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    People have begun bringing in their leftover Halloween candy into work. Big bowls worth are everywhere I turn.

    How rude & cruel of them! Don't they know some of us are trying to lose weight!?!?!...:wink:
  • Well this is day 3 of the Nov. lose 5 pound challenge and so far I am doing ok. Have stuck with my excercise regimen and have done really well with my diet. Just home from work now and I am so sleepy, really wanting to skip the exercise tonight but I know I have to do it! Will resume my 30DS tonight as I had to put it on hold the last couple of days due to an injured toe (which ended up only being bruised badly and not broken). So it will be treadmill and Jillian for me tonight! Good luck to all who are participating :-)
  • I survived the Halloween weekend without eating one piece of candy! I'm so proud of myself...mini Snickers are my downfall.

    Happy Wednesday, All!!
    WTG GIRL!!!
  • Weigh in this morning-- 175 lbs. Not sure what day of the week i want to weigh in. I think i will start doing it on Thursdays. I hate the Monday/tues. weigh-in when u were not your best all weekend. I'm sure some of you can understand lol.
    Question how often do we weigh in for a monthly challenge? Just at the end of the month or wat?
    If anyone wants a friend i'm new here and need some so feel free to add me.
    I find that a good day to weigh in is Friday....after a good week of working out and before a possible "bad" weekend ;)