Big Boobie Women



  • fteale
    fteale Posts: 5,311 Member
    Mine have got a lot smaller. I have gone from a 32G to a 28F, which may not sound much, but is actually an enormous difference in how they look. Obviously I have got smaller overall too, but I would say they are about half the size now they were this time last year.
  • shefury
    shefury Posts: 56 Member
    I guess you can gauge it on if you have had big boobs throughout your life...small or big. Mine are always there and even when I was my slimmest, they made clothes hang badly...unless of course I went for the cleavage look LOL....which I am not always comfortable with... a little cleavage goes a really long way for biggies, rather than smallies who can wear pretty low stuff.

    What am I getting at? Oh yeah see the first sentence LOL.
  • my boobs are big, but they were BIGGER... I saw them in the mirror today and I loved them! well almost =)

    I was a 40DD, I'm a 38D now, hoping to go to at least a 36C.
  • BlaireV
    BlaireV Posts: 137
    Girls, you should be grateful! I went from a D cup to a B cup after losing 26 lbs (5'6.5'', 170 to 144 lbs). I still have 24 lbs to go. By the time I reach my goal weight, they'll be gone :( x
  • Breast reduction here, just this last spring. At 5'6" and 134 pounds, I was a 34F and had lots of back issues. Now I'm a 34C and THRILLED! Whoever actually PAYS to get them bigger is nuts. Wish I had done it years ago. No matter how much weight I lose, it made no difference. Surgeon said it was all breast tissue and not fat. Genetics is it, so you will just have to wait and see.
  • krista010105
    krista010105 Posts: 149 Member
    i have lost about 40 lbs and went from a 38c to a 34DD. people say they go away but ive had 4 kids and before i had kids i was a large A cup and mine keep getting bigger and bigger then i started loosing weight and the went from a tight fitting c to a DD.
  • BADGIRLstl
    BADGIRLstl Posts: 473 Member
    Thanks all for your responses...I'm still praying that these boobs don't stick around.
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