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  • Chagama
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    When I was a kid, I always thought that the lyrics "secret agent man" was "secret asian man". I always imagined some really handsome asian man in a suit doing spy stuff. I was a strange child.
    That's what I thought it was, too. Couldn't understand how he kept it a secret that he was Asian.
  • violetness
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    OMG these are TOOOO funny. I always thought lingerie was pronounced linger-ee, until i told my mother I would meet her in the linger-ee dept one day and I think she peed her pants right there in JC Penney!
  • cydonian
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    "Paradigms"... I had heard the word before but never saw it spelled, so when I came across it as a restaurant name, I went "Huh? Para-dig-ums?"

  • JaimeBrown5
    My boyfriend didn't know until just recently when I added it to my ipod that "Stir it up" by Bob Marley was not actually "Still the one" - he still sings it like that.

    My brother and I had an argument FOREVER about whether 4-Non Blondes (What's up) was a girl band or guys. He SWORE that song was being sung by a guy. He still does no matter how many times I make him watch the video.
  • ErrataCorrige
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    When I was about 8 years old, I pointed out to my sister that "over there is the bar where the ladies tkae their clothes off." She asked me, "How do you know?" and I said, "The sign says ' no covers'."

    My Dad almost drove the car off the road he was laughing so hard.
  • Jessica0982
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    You know the song "Little Miss Kidney Bones" errrr I mean, "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" by SpinDoctors. LOL. Yup, for at least 10 years I swore that was the song. I sang it that way and everything.
  • WandaVonDunajew
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    Take me down to the" very last city" where the grass is green and the girls are pretty....

    ...Aren't those the lyrics?

    My question, too!!!!!!

    bahaaaa well the song IS called 'paradise city" :bigsmile:
  • Switty_Kitty
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    When I was little, my father would always say "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!" For the longest time, I always wondered who in the hell Marion was. (Jesus. Marion. Joseph.)
  • NewVonnie
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    When I was young and it was cold out and the weather man would talk about the " windshield factor" I never understood what the car had to do with anything. :blushing:
  • Chastityx
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    When I was learning the alphabet, I thought lmnop was one letter pronounced "elementa-pee".

    my son asked me, so minnow is a fish and a letter of the alphabet?
  • Pinkmaddycat
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    When i was a kid i was never allowed to go 'trickle treating' i was easily past 13 before i ever knew it was 'trick or treating' as i had never been how was i supposed to know what it was all about, to me its still trickle treating and if you say it fast enough noone would ever know the difference :-)
  • wdwghettogirl
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    When my yougner daughter was really little she couldt pronounce certain words and it was embarassing when she wanted somethign peanut butter..
    She always said penis butter instead...

    A friend of mine told me that her mom pronounces Reeses Pieces as "Reeses Penises". I about died! lol
  • melissa_leah
    Take me down to the" very last city" where the grass is green and the girls are pretty....

    ...Aren't those the lyrics?

    Paradise City

    No freaking way.

    LOL the song is even CALLED Paradise City!
  • NKF92879
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    I used to sing...
    "Thistle ma, he played one..."
    "I'm dreaming of a wild Christmas..."

    Then there's the commercial from the late '90's...
    Husband: "Pour some shook up Ramen!"
    Wife: "Shook up Ramen?"
    Husband: :Yeah. Soup."
  • FearAnLoathing
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    Growing up in southern cali i always thought in the cal worthington commercials they were singing p ussy cow not go see cal
  • mnishi
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    "in the garden of eden" actually --> "an a godda davida"
  • BeckyJill7
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    Tea Bagging....
    When I was a pre-teen, tea-bagging was a caffeine rush derived by sucking on tea-bags, and then jumping around with a slight high. Fast forward 30 years.

    I saw some tea-bags dumped in the trash, and my son, aged 15, had a sleep-over with several of his friends. My wife had dumped those tea-bags, but I didn't know that. I jokingly said "I see you guys were tea-bagging - eh?"

    They all looked at me wide-eyed, embarrassed. I continued...
    "Oh come on! I used to do that with my friends years ago" - and so the conversation went.
    I left it at a that, and it was not until later that night at a party that somebody advised me of my mistake.


    Oh man- this is awesome!! LOL!!!
  • shana_phoenix83
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    I thought Keyless Entry (you know, those clickers for your cars?) were called Key of the Century. Yeah, I was an adult. I asked my dad where his key of the century was.
  • IttyKnittyBitty
    These are cracking me up!

    A couple months ago, my hubby (24!) and I were grocery shopping and we walked by the meat counter.
    Hubby: "Have you ever had one of those philly burgers?"
    Me: "No, but I bet they are good."
    Hubby: "I just think I would feel really weird eating one.... "
    Me (stopped dead in my tracks knowing where this was going): "Why?"
    Hubby: "I don't know... it isn't ever day I eat horse meat."

    He was DEAD serious. And I was completely insensitive and almost DIED laughing.
  • polarsjewel
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    I have two....that song "Hang On Sloopy" by the McCoys? When I was little, I'd always sit in the backseat and belt out what I thought it was: "HANG ON STUPID, STUPID HANG ON!!!"

    I always thought it sounded like "Hang on, Snoopy". lol

    I always thought it was Snoopy too. D'OH!