Any women 5'3 or 5'4 with before and after pics?



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    Everyone looks fantastic. Bump!
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    This is such an inspiration!
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    hi i am 5'4 and currently 182 lbs. my initial starting weight was when i was in labor with my son at 298lbs i started MFP on may 23rd at 240 lbs. today i am 182, my goal weight is to be 145 or whenever i look in the mirror and am happy with what i see.

    about 3 weeks after having my son

    when i started mfp

    3 weeks ago

    You look unbelievable!! Thanks for the inspiration!
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    i'm 5"4.... 115 pounds now. was previously 128 pounds. however my fat percentage is still at 20%. Hoping to get it down to 18. Thinking of an ideal weight of between 105 - 110 pounds i guess.
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    such an inspirational thread, everyone has done AMAZING. I have such a long way to go, but can't wait to have my own success story!
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    2010...ABOUT 211 POUNDS


    2011...154 POUNDS




    Way to Go!! You are doing fantastic! Your weight loss is AWESOME!!

    2010...208-211 POUNDS


    2011-154 POUNDS

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    I'm 5' 3.75 and I started at 131 lbs and am trying to get back down to 116 lbs. I have lost 7 pounds so far, but feel my best when I am at 116ish... I gained weight three years ago when I found out my L-4 was broken in my back. Apparently it was an old injury I got in 1993, but this was the first it acted up. Once I found out I had a broken back, I stopped working out because I didn't want to hurt myself any more... Not working out has hurt me even more. It is nice to get back down half way... I still have about 10 pounds to lose.
    My hubby took a before pic, but he can't find it... Once I find a good before pic, I will take one for now and post them.
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    Anyone else have a challenging time losing arm fat??? Any tips would be much appreciated!! : )
  • This is a really interesting thread - I think it shows how there is no one "ideal" weight, but that it varies depending on your frame, your % lean muscle etc.

    I'm 5ft 3" and got down to 127lbs the last time I dieted and was a UK size 8/10 - I looked and felt great, and don't think going any lighter would have suited me, TBH (I once got down to 117lbs and got asked if I had cancer, as I looked "haggard"!) My sister, who is the same height as me, is much narrower through her shoulders and rib cage and she can look the same as me and wear same clothes but be a good 10lbs lighter - her "haggard" weight is around 106lbs.

    I also think you have to find a weight which is sustainable for you personally - I could get back down to 120lbs, I'm sure, if I worked really hard at it, but I don't think I have the time or motivation to do that anymore, or to live with the thought that working out hard six days a week was a non negotiable routine for life to maintain it.

    For me, I'd like to take 25lbs off and see how that sits with me and my lifestyle - I might never be wearing that slinky black & white size 8 dress in my wardrobe again (sob), but if I can look in the mirror and see a me I like, maybe that's the best goal
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    It's so good to see these photos and hear all of your stories! I now know that I can do this. Somewhere deep inside I've always known, I guess. Just made a lot of excuses. I can't wait to be able to post my befores and afters. Also happy to know that many of you believe it's really all about counting those calories and portion control because I had 5 pieces of coco puffs this morning and I have been feeling guilty for it all morning! I think I've done really well so far though. I guess all those times watching tv with a box a cheese it's really added up. Up until this week I always told myself I didn't eat that much but now I see I may have only eaten once or twice a day, but when I did, I ate very large portions and always of the wrong stuff. I'm actually starting to enjoy a salad for a snack and be satisfied! Keep up the great work all you sexies!
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    These pics make me teary eyed because it just reinforces that IT IS POSSIBLE with hard work and determination. It seems so far away for me. But I do promise myself that I WILL reach my goal!

    I am 5'2 3/4 and looking to get to 125. I have not been that weight in a long time so I have NO idea what I would look like but I am so excited to see! :)

    Congrats to u all! You are all my inspiration!
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    I'm 5'3" and started at 197 and am now 141, have reached goal, but have made a new goal and will just see how far I get on the food and exercise I'm doing currently, I'm not going to up the exercise or cut the food anymore than what I'm already doing, as I figure my body will figure out where its meant to be soon

    [img] loss/sep85kgtojan65-1kgjpg.jpg[/img]

    you look fantastic! :)
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    I'm 5'2" but figured close enough to reply lol I started at 187 (left pic) and am currently 145 (right pic) Originally my goal was 150 but once there I decided I wasn't quite satisfied. My healthy BMI weight is 128 to 136 (that ranges depending on different sites) but I am aiming for 130-135. I'm naturally "curvy" so I think smaller then 130 may be too small but just like I did when I hit 150, I will decide when I get there. I am a size 10 now though from an 18. I think if I got to a size 8 that I'd be totally satisfied because I've never been smaller then where I am now!

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    Before @ 116lbs

    after @120lbs. i learnt my lesson, THROW OUT THAT SCALE!
  • 5'3'
    Before @ 116lbs

    after @120lbs. i learnt my lesson, THROW OUT THAT SCALE!
    Holy scha-moly do you look more fit! You look faboo!
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    I am 5'4" My goal was 130, however I have built alot of muscle mass and am trying to go by measurement. I went fron 200lb size 16 to a 140lb size 6. The last time I weight 140 I was a size 12 and I didn't work out. at all! Size 6 I must have been a teenager. So to me that says that weight is relative. I will dig up some before and after pics.
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    amazing pictures, they so such a transformation...loving the dark hair too!!
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    Before @ 116lbs

    after @120lbs. i learnt my lesson, THROW OUT THAT SCALE!

    WOAH. that is all :) lol.