What brand of jeans do you love?



  • hellonheels88
    hellonheels88 Posts: 262 Member
    American Eagle for sure! They are inexpensive and very cute and they wear in very nicely!
  • jodycoady
    jodycoady Posts: 598 Member
    I LOVE Silver Jeans. They fit me the best out of everything I've tried... however, they are pricey $70-90. But the way they make me feel/look is worth it :)

    Me too, I ONLY have Silver brand and I buy them online. NEVER retail...very sexy in the butt area, and so many kinds to choose from.
  • cryt11
    cryt11 Posts: 51 Member
    i LOVE Miss Me jeans!
  • alorick
    alorick Posts: 194
    Ann Taylor loft jeans are great, and you can get them at 40% off a lot of times. My favorites are Joe's Jeans. Really pricey, but totally worth it. They last forever and never do that weird stretching out thing.
  • IrishHarpy1
    IrishHarpy1 Posts: 399 Member
    Jeans... my favorite topic. :bigsmile:

    Since we can wear them all the time in the office, and I'm pretty much at my goal weight, I've given myself the OK to splurge a bit and check out some of the pricier brands to add to the Levi's that I "rediscovered" in the past year. The current rotation has a couple of pairs of Lucky Brand, a pair of True Religion, and -- OMG -- a pair of 7 for All Mankind. Those are by far the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned, and can't wait to buy more.

    And before anyone thinks that I've spend the total GNP of a small third world country on jeans, I get mine from the local outlet malls. Still a little spendy, but I happily paid $90 for my True Religions instead of the $280 retail!
  • monih10
    monih10 Posts: 578 Member
    My faves are Miss Me....they are a bit pricey (around $100.00), but well worth the money you would pay for them!! =]
  • infamousmk
    infamousmk Posts: 6,033 Member
    I am in love with Target's Denizen brand jeans. I get the mid-rise and they're perfect.
  • ErinBeth7
    ErinBeth7 Posts: 1,625 Member
    I love Silver Jeans, but they are expensive, usually around $80. I pay that much for the fit and they last forever.
  • TopazCarey
    I actually really like Aeropostale jeans. I find they fit me really nicely.
    But I would also suggest going to a second hand store. I've found some great (sometimes name brand) items for really cheap. I actually prefer shopping second hand these days.
  • LifeOnMars_
    LifeOnMars_ Posts: 755 Member
    AE or Silver.
  • Vcabaniss
    Vcabaniss Posts: 6 Member
    Just picked up somemore old navy Jeans yesterday. Never had an issue with those or levi
  • WhittRak
    WhittRak Posts: 572 Member
    J.Jill baby. Soft, durable, and cumfy!!
  • Stephanie2167
    I wear Old Navy's Diva jeans. They are so comfy. When I get to my goal I'll be purchasing a new pair of 7 for all mankind.
  • mellynat
    mellynat Posts: 345 Member
    ELLE from kohls. there around $30-40. I got mine on sale for $16. .
  • skinnymeinaz
    skinnymeinaz Posts: 384 Member
    I like my old navy jeans but I use to love wearing my ex"s 501 button up Levi's
    I used to wear those brands but found that the more expensive brands are worth it. makes my butt look awesome! luckys arent too expensive as you can find them at tjmaxx sometimes. but i love my miss me's and bke and my goal pair are gonna be rock and religion but they cost a small fortune

    Can I have your cast offs when they don't fit? Inspire me Anna :)
  • lhuber1105
    lhuber1105 Posts: 72 Member
    I bought Old Navy skinny mini flares and they fit completely different from there regular (sweetheart , dive, flirts, etc). Love them!
  • susanjackson66
    susanjackson66 Posts: 696 Member
    Hydraulics and Silvers from Maurices. Luckily my daughter works there part time, so I get her great discount::happy:
  • jnance82
    jnance82 Posts: 149
    I LOVE Levi's Curve ID jeans. They have a quiz online that you take to determine which fit works best for you depending on your trouble areas. The fits are Demi, Bold, and Supreme curve. I'm a surpreme curve because I have a problem with the waist of my jeans being too big because I have to accomadate my ahem..rear end. LOL
  • strunkm4
    strunkm4 Posts: 266
    7 for all mankind....TOTALLY worth the price.

    Otherwise, I wear Lucky and AE :)
  • lilyflor
    lilyflor Posts: 123 Member
    I hate to spend a lot of money on jeans, but I like gap jeans, they are very comfy and look great, but at $70 a pair I was looking for alternatives since I most likely will go down in size soon so it's not worth the money. I found that jeans in places like forever 21 and charlotte russe are really nice, the good thing about charlotte russe jeans is that they come on lengths which for a short girl as my self is a most! I think they do go up to size 15