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Female body types



  • 05HeatherLouise05
    05HeatherLouise05 Posts: 178 Member
    When i started MFP my goal was to just be Normal/Curvy, but after seeing all the inspirational people on here, doing the 30DS and Ripped in 30 or just their own workouts, i think i'd like to be Athletic/muscular.
  • xMonroeMisfit
    xMonroeMisfit Posts: 411 Member
    Curvy. My breasts won't allow me to be normal by any means but I envy the girls who are normal. No problems with buying shirts that fit the stomach and boobs
  • SoBodyMazing
    SoBodyMazing Posts: 159
  • jjean905
    jjean905 Posts: 175
    my goal is normal!!
  • mmarlow61
    mmarlow61 Posts: 112 Member
    Curvy but very pear shaped
  • fuzz_pawz
    fuzz_pawz Posts: 106
    Starting @ "Chubby" and working toward "normal"...but I'd take athletic too :P
  • BeautifulKristen
    Those pictures are kind of wrong.. I am morbily obese and I don't look that fat! lol (the bmi says that I am. But whatever. I wanna be athletic that will take me forever! I am thinking :-(

    Stupid BMI thing. I look Obese not morbidly lol. Unless these pictures are soo worng!
  • BeautyFromPain
    BeautyFromPain Posts: 4,952 Member
    i would prefer athletic but as my body shape is hourglass and that is not changing anytime soon.
  • sarglava
    sarglava Posts: 206 Member
    Uh, I think "fat" looks pretty good. I think that's what I have in my mind as a goal. Sad to hear that's what "fat" is supposed to look like though. :/ And who came up with this anyways. That "normal" looks nearly the same as the "skinny" which really should be called MALNOURISHED. Anybody?
  • kelsey054
    kelsey054 Posts: 110 Member


    I would like to be this!! (:
  • AlayshaJ
    AlayshaJ Posts: 703 Member
    I would like to be inbetween muscular and athletic.
  • AmandaCandycorn
    Mine would be what this posting classifies as "fat".
    In my opinion, that woman is not fat - she is voluptuous, curvy, and bootylicious in the best possible way - plus, she's healthy looking. Definitely my goal.
  • rachaela06
    rachaela06 Posts: 167
    Athletic, but with a little more curvy in my hips, God gave them to me for a reason:)
  • wingednotes
    wingednotes Posts: 279
    oh shoot. THAT"S chubby?
    that's thinner than I've ever come close to being.
  • spectralmoon
    spectralmoon Posts: 1,230 Member
    Somewhere closer to normal than curvy, but I'll go with either of them.
  • Anomalia
    Anomalia Posts: 506 Member
    uh normal? I guess.
  • sarglava
    sarglava Posts: 206 Member
    I'm getting the feeling we all have body issues.
  • AzhureSnow
    AzhureSnow Posts: 289 Member
    I'm partial to either "normal" or "curvy". I'm definitely a dead-on for "fat" right now.
  • Vi0l33t
    Vi0l33t Posts: 117 Member
    why is "normal" a girl whose ribs are starting to show? and why does it jump straight to morbidly obese? stuff like this just makes me feel there is no hope.
  • Sunshine_and_Puppies
    I have my moms hourglass frame so I'll always be a bit curvy, but I'd like to be kinda muscular as well... I don't particularly like "athletic" body types because they're too damn bony. Right now I'm a mix of curvy/muscular/athletic because I have a tiny waist, wide hips, ridiculously muscular thighs, and no boobs. With diet, exercise..... and a boob job I'll get there tho.