How long were you with your SO before you got engaged?



  • Gizziemoto
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    Just under 2 months. Been married 24 years in August.
  • Jugie12
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    Our 6 year anniversary is this Sunday and we're not even talking marriage!! Right now, it's about getting better jobs and being financially stable so we can do whatever we want. As a matter of fact, it looks like we won't even be able to celebrate this year, with everything that's going on. But you know what? We're together and I'm excited to see where life takes us.
  • Finigan84
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    My husband and I were together for 9 years before we got engaged. By that time our daughter was 2 and we had been living together for roughly 4 years. We got married on the 10th anniversary of the first time he told me he loved me. We have been married for 2 1/2 years now.
  • tmg121180
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    My husband and I got engaged 3 weeks after we got together but, he had also been persistent in getting me to go out with him for 9 months before I said yes. We got married a little over a year after getting engaged. But, I think our situation is a little different than yours. Just be patient. It will happen when he's ready for it to happen :smile:
  • brewface811
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    We were together just over 2 years when we got engaged. We got married exactly 3 years and two days after our first date :love:

    Edit: I just wanted to add that my husband bought his (now our) house with his ex-fiance and it was a HUGE nightmare for him when they broke up. He had to buy her out and I guess it was a really big mess and he really got screwed financially. I know YOU are sure this is the guy, but be very careful about the legal ramifications of buying a home together before you proceed. I know people get divorced all the time who own homes together, but depending on the state you’re in, the law generally doesn’t protect those who are just cohabitating, so just make sure you're protected in the investment!

    I agree with you! We've already talked about that and it is actually one of his mom's rental properties we will be buying and I told him without a doubt I will not move in unless my name is on the mortgage too because if something happens I want rights in the situation. Where I live (and it may be this way every where too) if he purchases the house and we get married after it is still considered "his" because it was an asset prior to our marriage. Do not want to fall in that trap! Thanks for the advice though it is much appreciated!
  • WilliamsPeggy
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    Dated for 2 years, then engaged for 11 months. Just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. :smile:
  • 3 mnts meet in september married in december and have been married for 8yrs so far :happy:
  • jeawashko
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    we were dating 2 years, 4 months when he proposed. i was 26, he was 31. we were engaged for exactly a year, we are about to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary next month!
  • shamr0ck
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    Hmmm... about a year, i guess? Probably more like 16 months, but we had a rocky start. Been married 18 years now. :D
  • lnkd
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    I got with my husband when I was 17 and he was 22, we have been together for 12.5 years and married for 2.5. We were engaged within 3 months of getting together but could not afford the wedding until much later.
  • glowbuggy
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    9 years dating. 1 year engagement. Got married ON our 10 year anny. This Aug will be 19 years together and 9 years married
  • umm i think it was about 4 years in we have been together now for 7 and a half years, i moved in with him last august (was a long distance relationship until recently only spent a max of 2 weeks together twice a year) forgot to meantion we arent married yet lol have dropped hints but he isnt quite ready yet and i dont mind waiting
  • ConnieM20
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    Been married 30 years now, he proposed 4 nights after our first date. We were married eight months later. I still get roses on the anniversary of our first date.

    Everyone is different, if you are ready why don't you pop the question?

    aww <3
  • bluegirl10
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    We were together 16 months before we got engaged.... Been together for 5 years now and married for 3! :)
  • TamaraGraceS
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    Our families knew each other for 22 years and we were like best friends for 6 plus years and well one night he said lets stop this dating thing I think you know I love you and I know you love me lets get married and then we did! Marriage is hard but a good marriage is harder.
    CDMAGS Posts: 150 Member
    3 years and at the same level that you guys are. but that's not my choice! i hate that men have all the power in this ;)

    It is leap year! That mean's its fair game for you to ask him!

    We were together 3 years and 3 months.
  • I was never engaged to my husband! we just decided one day after 12 years what the heck we will get married and we did!!
    Although we had already been living together and had out 2 girls, what actually spurred me on was the sudden death of my young cousin, I realised at that moment life was far too short and we would never hang around with anything again!

    He was 26, had a good job, a girl friend and his whole life ahead of him and it was snatched away in an instant when he had an accident at work, that is my story but everyone is different and you do what feels right at the time for the both of you x x
    CDMAGS Posts: 150 Member
    Marriage is hard but a good marriage is harder.

    Best thing I have heard in a while!
  • Marillian
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    4 years to the exact day we met. My husband proposed to me on our 4 year dating anniversary, at the same place and near the same time that we first met one another. He did it in front of a group of people that were there the day we met, too! I kept begging him that I wanted to leave early (we were at a picnic in a park and it was dreadfully hot and humid with lots of bugs), but he kept stalling. Now I know why!
  • vettle
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    7 years - we were young and there was no rush. Been married 2 years now.