One Year Later, 100+ loss (pics)



  • Undomesticated
    Undomesticated Posts: 14 Member
    Inspiring, You are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.
  • Mandysc
    Mandysc Posts: 33 Member
    Wow I love your story, great job and keep it up it gives me a lot of motivation to keep on track!!
  • kbizzle13
    kbizzle13 Posts: 3 Member
    Wow! Congrats to you!!! :)
  • thewang
    thewang Posts: 71 Member
  • JustMaxine55
    JustMaxine55 Posts: 29 Member
    Awesome! You look like a completely different person!!
  • Allison714
    Allison714 Posts: 77 Member
    Reading your story gave me goosebumps....congrats to you on all you've done, and all you're continuing to do!!
  • You are a beautiful woman and such an inspiration
  • eprybs
    eprybs Posts: 36 Member
    You are BEAUTIFUL. I'm sorry for your struggle, keep up the good work! You deserve it.
  • herstrawberri
    herstrawberri Posts: 347 Member
    Your story is SO inspiring! You have done an amazing job and should be SO proud of yourself! You LOOK AMAZING!!!
  • Superlats
    Superlats Posts: 5
    Congratulations and please keep up the great work! Your health, your life, your happiness are all very much worth it!
  • susiebear29
    susiebear29 Posts: 266
    WOW!!!! so happy for you you've obviously worked so hard to get to where you are you look absolutely fantastic and so much happier, well done for not giving up when you faced adversity!!! :smile:
  • You look wonderful!
    ANNAvsANNA Posts: 58 Member
    Thank you so much for posting this. You've come so far and look fantastic!
  • michellevine1
    michellevine1 Posts: 185 Member
    I rarely ever reply to these types of posts, but I just wanted to say that you're wonderful. <3 I love your story and I admire your strength. You did a fantastic job, and you look amazing!

    Love and Alohas,
    Ihilani Kapuniai

    I couldnt have said that better myself........
  • Renee2GetFit
    Renee2GetFit Posts: 162 Member
    Your story really just touched me. I am so proud of what you've done - great job and keep it up!! :)
  • 3ofmine
    3ofmine Posts: 136 Member
    You are amazing! You are strong, smart, determined and awesome!! Congratulations....I know you said you have a good bit more to lose but you can SO DO IT..YOU GOT THIS . You made it over halfway there...WHO NEEDS SURGERY OR A DOCTOR. All you need is to stay focused.

    Angel :)
  • DominiqueSmall
    DominiqueSmall Posts: 495 Member
  • ncwall
    ncwall Posts: 64 Member
    First off, please thank heather for showing you mfp. Second Thank you for sharing the story and being truly wonderful. I hope to follow the rest of your story and see the rest of the amazing transformation of the amazing person that you are on the insde be shining on the outside for the rest of the world to see

    thank you for being a great becon of light and inspiration to the rest of us
  • Wow! :) Way to go, girl! Your face just lights up a room, I bet. I can just feel the confidence pouring through my computer screen! You have done so wonderfully, amid the life-struggles and trials! I'm in awe!
  • lh1626
    lh1626 Posts: 241 Member
    You are a wonderful and amazing inspiration! Congrats!
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