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December Running Challenge

Stoshew71Stoshew71 Member Posts: 6,592 Member Member Posts: 6,592 Member
Hi everyone. This is a continuation from the November Running Challenge.

Anyone can join in. New & Old. Here the details from last month that applies here again.

Anybody want to join me for a running challenge? Set a goal here and mark it every day here. OPTIONAL: You can post your progress by creating a ticker at (If creating ones seems difficult, then don't let that stop you. Just type in your daily miles here.)

You can run, walk, or do treadmill. Just be consistent. I am setting a goal for 140 miles. Don't let that worry you. Some can do 25, 50; whatever you like. We can help motivate each other. What do you say? if you are new to running, set a low goal.

You can set your goal now but wait until Monday December 1, 2014 to log your runs.

Info on tickers since I know there will be questions. Sign up for an account and create your ticker.
Then you need to update it after you do a run and post it here. Here is what you will need to do.

After setting up your ticker, you will need to make note of the weblink they give you so you can return. An example would be: <<<< the last part will be a part of the image link (explained below) that will be supplied to you after you initially create your link.

When you return to TickerFactory with the weblink, go to your settings page. Make sure you type your pin in that you set when you created your ticker account.
Then where it says "Your current cumlative value, there is an add button. Just add what you just did and the cumlative value automatically changes. Then hit next.

Now after you added your new miles (or km's) to your ticker you need to post it here.

After you hit next, it will give you a bunch of codes suggesting on how to display your ticker.
Use the one at the bottom where it says Direct Image URL:

It will look something like:

To display that correctly in your post, make sure you place the img tags around that link. So it will look, (removing the spaces in the img tags):

[ img ] [ /img ]

^^^^^^^ Don't forget to remove the spaces between the brackets. ^^^^^^^^^^

So it will look like this after you post:

Some key things to pay attention to when posting your ticker.

1: Use the link that ends in .png
2. Remember the [ img] and [ /img] tags go in between the link
3. remove the spaces in the img tags before posting
4. YES, there is a / in the second /img tag

Also, don't forget to join our group.

There you find lots of good info, and it's a place where everyone can talk to each other for further motivation. It's also a place to find help when there is a problem with this thread.

Good luck! And happy running (or walking or treadmilling, ect). If you have any trouble or have questions, please feel free to PM me.


P.S. This is the First anniversary for my monthly running challenges. First one was in December of 2013:


  • Stoshew71Stoshew71 Member Posts: 6,592 Member Member Posts: 6,592 Member
    I have my very first marathon in 2 weeks on December 13th (The Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, AL). So I am reducing miles big time this month to continue my taper and allow for recovery.
  • SonicDeathMonkey80SonicDeathMonkey80 Member Posts: 4,489 Member Member Posts: 4,489 Member
    Gonna shoot for two-fitty. Running a "for fun" un-tapered marathon next week and have lots of holiday time off to get the running accomplished.
  • runningforicecreamrunningforicecream Member Posts: 89 Member Posts: 89
    Aiming for 160 miles. Not sure if I will make it but I believe in aiming high and at this point, the goal is realistic.
  • ddmom0811ddmom0811 Member, Premium Posts: 1,869 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1,869 Member
    I hit my goal of 50 the last two months (the first two months I ever did the challenge). Not sure if I can increase it yet. Okay, what the heck I will go for a little more -- 55.
    edited November 2014
  • HonuNuiHonuNui Member Posts: 1,458 Member Member Posts: 1,458 Member
    I'm in for 80 for December (and thanks Stoshew for continuing to sponsor these challenges!)
  • RunnerElizabethRunnerElizabeth Member Posts: 1,124 Member Member Posts: 1,124 Member
    Last December i only managed 83. I know the 200s are out of my reach until spring. Ideally I'd like to shoot for 30 a week, but December ends up somewhat difficult. So I'll go for 100 and readjust if necessary.
  • MelisRunningMelisRunning Member Posts: 881 Member Member Posts: 881 Member
    Can I jump in for 150 miles (give or take)?
  • WhatMeRunningWhatMeRunning Member, Premium Posts: 2,543 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,543 Member
    I'm in again! Loving this.

    I just looked at my training plan and I should be able to hit 75!

    Hmm...looks like I just over wrote my November ticker with my new goals, wiping out November.

    Oh well. November is over anyway!

  • DisneyAddictRWDisneyAddictRW Member Posts: 803 Member Member Posts: 803 Member
    Waiting to start running on December 5th once cleared from my dr from having a brain tumor removed November 20th. Aiming for 35 miles for the month.

  • jtarmomjtarmom Member Posts: 228 Member Member Posts: 228 Member
    I'm in again! 35 miles for me this month.

    edited November 2014
  • gabbo34gabbo34 Member Posts: 289 Member Member Posts: 289 Member
    Waiting to start running on December 5th once cleared from my dr from having a brain tumor removed November 20th. Aiming for 35 miles for the month.


    Wow!!! Here is to speedy and complete recovery!
  • ShortMrsNShortMrsN Member Posts: 177 Member Member Posts: 177 Member
    I'm in for 100km, but not sure if I'll make it. School holidays start soon so no kid free mornings for a while! And I'm going to rest my calf for a week to see if I can get rid if this strained/pulled feeling.
  • MamaP47MamaP47 Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    I'm gonna aim for 100 miles again. Didn't make it last month, but I started the challenge late ;)
  • gabbo34gabbo34 Member Posts: 289 Member Member Posts: 289 Member
    Even though i was able to get over my goal this month, I'm going to go with 75 again in December. I have a couple of work trips up north that are going to mess with my running schedule....
  • shanabershanaber Member Posts: 6,004 Member Member Posts: 6,004 Member
    I'm going for 100 again - I have a half the Sunday after Christmas to wrap up the year so I will be preparing for that.
  • bkbendabkbenda Member Posts: 265 Member Member Posts: 265 Member
    December Goal – 90 miles and continue to increase pace.

  • RunningmischkaRunningmischka Member Posts: 386 Member Member Posts: 386 Member
    December goal = 90 miles. I might got over, but with growing belly and all the holiday traveling I'd rather be on the safe side B)
  • Laughter_GirlLaughter_Girl Member Posts: 2,253 Member Member Posts: 2,253 Member
    December Goal = 40 miles.
  • stmadoesboystmadoesboy Member Posts: 52 Member Member Posts: 52 Member
    Have got through my 65 mile target in each of the last 2 months - time to up it. Will go for 80 miles this month (even though it's dark, wet, cold and festivity ridden). Good luck all.!
  • donnambf1donnambf1 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    New here but love this idea. Great motivation. I'm getting over an injury so starting low for Dec. 80 miles.

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