20 pounds by Easter challenge



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    Good morning little angels

    What an exciting day yesterday wit all the 20 lbs or so very close to it. Just proved It can be done.

    Wish I could tell you I am close to But the truth is I am not even close to it
    I recorded my weight on happy Scale. com this morning I finally decide I need to face the music. It told me I have gain 2.2 in the last 7 days.Been having a little problems working being on 2 plans. the 1-1-1- and the gluten free plan. But do think I am getting it all together now.. The gluten free plan is working just fine. I have not had any guts problem in over 3 weeksThankfull for that But now got to work on the weight problems
    Have a good day.
    we can do it.Marie
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    Hello everyone!!

    Nice to see everyone in good spirits.

    I just returned home from working in the DC area. I really enjoyed being in there. While I was there I was able to drop over 20 lbs (since Dec)! I bought a Fitbit to track my activity and did a lot of reading on getting healthy. So far it has paid off. I just hope that I am able to continue to loose weight while I'm home.

    Yesterday, my sister and I worked out together at the gym. We attended a bootcamp class. It was a very good workout and our plan is to meet all this week at the gym (directly from work). She is motivated by my success so far. I have been gone for 4months and I'm pleasantly surprised that she and my coworkers even noticed! I thought it wasn't noticeable at all.

    I have 30 more lbs to loose to get to my goal weight and I think she wants to loose about 50 more. I'm hoping to reach my ultimate goal by my birthday in July.

    Anyway, even though I came home to snow and ice, its nice to be home!

    Congrats Cristina :-)
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    SW 266
    Started Challenge at 239
    CW 220
    GW 219
    19 pounds lost.1 pound to go!!!!


    You can do it :-)
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    Good morning, losers! Happy Tuesday!

    A big SHOUTOUT to those who have met the 20 pound loss! I'm soooo proud of you guys! Keep up the fabulous work! You are an inspiration to the rest of us.

    Belinda..the quilt is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I knew how to do that. I know your son will treasure it!

    Marie..can't you still do 1:1:1 with just the carbs being gluten free? Or is the gluten plan a lot different?

    Ladies.. Let us know how those Nutribullets and Ninjas work out. I have an old one I have not used in a while. Maybe it's time to pull it out. :)

    Today is my weigh day, and the scale moved .04 pounds. I'm taking it! :)
    I am not expecting to make 20 since my total is 11 pounds lost as of today. Hopefully, I can lose a pound or two before the challenge is over.

    Have a great day, everyone. I'll check back later.
    Stay strong!
    <3 Connie
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    Congratulations to you mega losers. Very impressed with all the good news.

    I am in for the next challenge and plan to be here all the way and beyond!!!


    i am with you on that one Nancy!
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    Well done on the 11lbs Connie

    I know I am not going to make 20lbs myself, but I am here for the long haul and I am happy with the lifestyle changes I am making :-)

    Good job everyone!


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    Good morning and happy Tuesday! Snowing again in good old Michigan, but the temperature is in the 20's right now and supposed to get to a high of 39 today - woohoo!

    Marie, I called you our Angel Mama and you are that - keeping us all headed in the right direction o:)

    Congratulations Graybon and everyone else who has hit 20 or are on the doorstep! Ray, your Ninja system sounds like a dream, and making homemade hummus would be a treat for sure. I just recently discovered it and don't know how I missed it all my life, but I have some just about every day in my spinach salad.

    Marie, you asked about the Red Wings. They are an NHL hockey team, like the Dallas Stars. The Detroit Red Wings are one of the Original Six teams that made up the league at the very beginning. Our family loves the team, and have had season tickets for more than 20 years. Now that Matt is in AZ, I thought he might like to have a throw to remind him of the home team!

    It is my father-in-law's birthday today, and he is turning 93! He still lives by himself and shops, drives, cooks, banks and pays his own bills etc. He's pretty amazing!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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    Congrats to all the losers!! Connie, hang tight, it will come!! really think you need to increase your cals and protein a little. maybe a little bump in the road.....I have faith you will get there. no one has a better attitude than you:)

    I am going to spin on this snowy/rainy morning. Feel spring is around the corner:) Have a great day everyone!!

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    I'm in!
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    Connie, Good job.
    I only lost .1 lb. I would never know that little loss if I didn't have a digital scale but I will gladly take it.
    Congrats to all of you who can lose much faster.
    Have a great day.
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    Yay. I have finally made it to the 160's. Today I'm down 1.4 lbs since my last weigh in which I think was 2 Fridays ago. I am excited because now I feel like I am making progress. I lost all this weight 4 years ago and I gain it all back because of emotional turmoil In my marriage. Last week was like going back in time with this relationship of 21 year but I love myself too much to let outside influence take me off this journey. I say all this out loud (in typing) to you all to help myself and someone else who may be struggling emotionally. I have to be accountable to someone because I almost gave in. Saturday was horrible. Those old thoughts that barbiecat posted a while back pulled me back that day."you deserve to eat whatever you want" but like I posted a while back I put everything I eat in no matter what. So looking back at what I ate and how many calories I went over pulled me out of my emotional eating. I love me even if he doesn't. I feel good about me no matter what anyone else thinks or does so I will take care of me. This is what I say to myself now instead of trying to figure what the heck is going on with him.

    I hope this helps someone else. <3

    SW 181
    CW 169.4
    GW 160
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    WOW~ it's so exciting to see all the posts this morning with everyone' s 20 pound or close losses!! Outstanding <3 Even our small losses add up over time but I'm not going to feel bad if I don't quite make it because baby steps are good too!

    Love your son's quilt Belinda, it turned our fabulous!!! And I know he's going to love it and his cookies :)

    Have a GREAT Tuesday everyone :D

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    beszmytke wrote: »
    Ray, your Ninja system sounds like a dream, and making homemade hummus would be a treat for sure. I just recently discovered it and don't know how I missed it all my life, but I have some just about every day in my spinach salad.

    It is my father-in-law's birthday today, and he is turning 93! He still lives by himself and shops, drives, cooks, banks and pays his own bills etc. He's pretty amazing!


    Oh my gosh! I just used my Ninja for the first time with the bullet-style attachment, and I'm in love! No offense to my good old blender(that will be making its way to storage..), but the Ninja blew it out of the water. The individual smoothie attachment is so convenient! Now I don't have to wash a whole blender, just pop this cup in the dishwasher, so great. I made what I'm calling a "Peaches & Cream" smoothie, with frozen peaches, vanilla Muscle Milk powder, vanilla extract and unsweetened almond milk. It's preeetty tasty. :) I think you're really going to enjoy your Nutribullet.

    Thank you for reminding me about hummus in salad! At my last job I used to eat a lot of spinach salads with jalepeno-cilantro hummus as the dressing, and I'd forgotten about this. I'm definitely going to start eating this again now! And I was kind of like you, I used to "not like" hummus, but now I've seen the light and I love it.

    Your father-in-law sounds awesome! I hope he still continues to do all those things well into his 100's. :)
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    Sunnyfarm wrote: »
    I love me even if he doesn't. I feel good about me no matter what anyone else thinks or does so I will take care of me.
    Never forget this! You are the only one who needs to love you. If you become truly happy with yourself, you will be able to move on from anything. And remember, your happiness is important. Put yourself first.

    Congrats on breaking into the 60's! Great work!

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    Sunnyfarm-congratulations on reaching 160, so glad you hung in there and didn't let outside influences, take over, great job.
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    Hey just checking in. haven't posted in a while abd I don't know if I'll be able to get caught up on all the posts but if did read some.

    Welcome to all the newcomers!
    And congratulations to all losers! Ray you are so inspiring!

    My weigh in is tomorrow. excited cause I know I've lost some this week and I didn't lose anything last week. I now fit back into my favorite pair of jeans plus two others! My yoga pants which I use for works and shopping add I jump around at zumba now which us good and bad. May need to do a shooting trip soon.

    Well I have to get back to this crazy school thing!

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    CALIECAT wrote: »
    We have a birthday today. like to have forgot it/

    Kokomo1950--Rosie--February 28-- San Antonio, Texas
    I don't tink she as been posting so I will wend her a PN to wish her a happy birthday.

    happy birthday Rosie have a great day.

    I live right outside of San Antonio :smile:
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    I have just resign on. I would like to lose 25 but realistically 15 pounds before Easter. I lack motivation. I just sit and say I got so much weight to lose and ask people how they have done it, but I do nothing about it. Now is the time... I have 2 sons that are graduating from college and one of those sons will get engaged in May.
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    Hello all!

    Monthly measurements are in, down 4 inches in February! So holding at 173 (10 pound loss) and down a total of 7.5 inches since starting in January. It isn't looking like I will be at the 20 pound marker by Easter, but I would be happy if I was down another 3 inches :blush: Not bad for 8 weeks of work!

    Mom is coming down tomorrow for my Cedars appointment Thurs, and we get to have a belated bday celebration for her as she is a leap year baby. So I will be making a german chocolate cake for her and we will be going out for dinner. The good news is the cake has eggs in it, so I will not be having any lol! She also has been wanting to see the artifacts at the Fowler museum at UCLA, so I may take her there after my appointment if it isn't too late. Fingers crossed everything runs on time as the museum is open until 8pm and I think it would be a great surprise!

    Congrats to all on their losses- @sunnyfarm I am so anxiously awaiting the 160's. I am so happy that you are at a place where you can love yourself and choose to feel good about yourself. Almost giving in doesn't count :) I am proud of you, and the incredible progress you are making. You are an inspiration :smiley:
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    Congrats, Sunnyfarm on your reaching the 160s! More importantly, though, is not letting negativity weigh (no pun intended) you down. It's very difficult to be your own cheerleader and that's what this thread is for...lots of people to cheer you on! <3