What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    The fact that eating all this wonderful healthy food gives you GAS! All I do is FART and it smells HORRIBLE!....Cmon I cant be the only one LOL

    Actually I have no gas when I eat healthy. Opposite for when I eat like crap.

    Best side effect ever, no gas!

    Sadly, in trying to eat the fiber I'm supposed to (25 grams), I have found it causes lots of gas. So I bought a thing of generic Beano and take that whenever I eat something significantly high in fiber. Cuts it down. Doesn't eliminate the farting but less of it.
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    Nobody told me that it would be so hard to accept my new, used body.

    When I was fat, there was that one thing that I didn't like about my body. I could tell myself that if I lost weight, I could be pretty and sexy and like how I look. How I looked naked vs dressed was consistent... fat.

    I somehow thought if I got back to the weight I was 30 years ago at age 18, I would magically get back my teenage body, and now I would appreciate it! I've lost almost 70 pounds and I didn't get that body back. Instead of looking younger, smooth, and toned I look older, wrinkled, and uneven. Now instead of having one thing I don't like, I have many things I don't like about my body (loose skin, small saddlebags remaining, droopy breasts, bony shoulders and ribs). I look pretty good dressed, but naked is depressing.

    I feel sad because I didn't get what I thought I would get when I lost weight, and because I don't have that "promise" anymore that if only I'd lose weight, I'd look and feel good.

    I'm fortunate in that I didn't have that much weight to lose. To date I've lost 33 pounds. So I do have a skinnier body nearly like I was as a teen. (I'm 44.) But this makes me think about my husband. He's technically obese. Presently, he's not working to lose weight. But if he did, he'd have a lot to lose, enough that he would probably have loose skin. Does it shrink back over time? If you lose weight more gradually does it shrink with the fat?
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    That sitting on the new KC Streetcar would be painful. The seats are hard plastic. I feel every bone in my rear end.

    Is that thing done yet? I hate driving through the P&L District and it's all torn up. .

    Yes, it's up and running and free. So I quit paying $60/month for parking and tolerate the sore behind as I commute to and from work on the streetcar.

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    The misery and loneliness you feel because you have no more social life.
    The constant, grinding hunger because to actually lose weight and keep it off long term means never being able to eat anything that tastes good or anything in a quantity that will leave you satisfied ever again.

    This hasn't been my experience. In fact, I'm eating much more now than I did when I was heavier (while still keeping my calories in check) and honest to God, I have never once felt a pang of hunger (I've lost 30 lbs since Jan 1). I hope you can find support to help you find foods that leave you satisfied and happy- and a circle of friends who support you in "real" life as well as virtual. I'd also say that "slow and steady wins the race". Perhaps you are cutting back too radically on your cals, and that's why you're hungry? You can still lose weight at a slow, steady pace- which not only is much more pleasant, but is something you can keep up for the long haul. You can do it! Best of success & health to you

    Completely agree! Slow and steady and if you eat the right foods in the right combinations yiu will not be hungry:)
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    That some areas are SO stubborn that you'll darn near have to become a rail to get the fat from those areas. That you have to continue to lose and lose and lose ...even though you are happy with Everything else (!!!) to lose One area.

    Omg, this is so true. I'm wondering if the fat will ever come off my calves and around my knees. I just want to wear shorts without being self-conscious! Meanwhile I now have all sorts of bones and muscles that I can see in my back, which is a look I would have never prioritized and don't care much for now.