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What nobody tells you about losing weight



  • lawsonsaysreadlawsonsaysread Member Posts: 46 Member Member Posts: 46 Member
    pinuplove wrote: »
    'Two people get to comment on my weight, my doctor and me. You're not either. kthxbai :flowerforyou: '

    Seriously, the nerve of people :huh:

  • smantha32smantha32 Member Posts: 7,002 Member Member Posts: 7,002 Member
    kenyonhaff wrote: »
    smantha32 wrote: »
    At 200 lbs down, I have found the following surprising:

    I do not care what anyone (other than my wife and daughter) thinks about how I dress, my old truck, my taste in literature, my love of classical music, my nerdy side, my redneck side, my political perspectives, my ignorance of pop culture, my income, etc. But hearing what someone (and everyone seems to think they need to comment) thinks/feels about my weight loss makes me feel like crap. This is a problem in me, not other people, but, oh my, it has surprised me how intense this is.

    I experience the exact same thing. <3 Which is why I never talk about weight loss with ANYONE while I'm doing it.

    I don't get those people at all who need validation from everyone around them or they give up on their weight loss efforts. I want everyone to leave me the F alone and shut up about my weight.

    (whispers) I think you're awesome and nice going on your work. (runs away)

    lol.. thanks for not being obvious about it. ;)

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