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    At 200 lbs down, I find the following surprising-

    -How much I HATE being told I am inspiring or having the talk about "How did you loose all the weight?" Those conversations just make me want to go binge on Reece's Peanut Butter Eggs. When strangers comment on my fitness level, I feel uplifted. When people I know (even family) comment on weight loss, I feel judged. When a mere acquaintance tells me thy are "proud" of me, I want to get violent. It is kind of funny because I do not care about other people's judgments except in this area. I do not care what anyone (other than my wife and daughter) thinks about how I dress, my old truck, my taste in literature, my love of classical music, my nerdy side, my redneck side, my political perspectives, my ignorance of pop culture, my income, etc. But hearing what someone (and everyone seems to think they need to comment) thinks/feels about my weight loss makes me feel like crap. This is a problem in me, not other people, but, oh my, it has surprised me how intense this is.

    Congratulations on your successful weight loss! ;)
    And old trucks are the best! B)
    I hear what you are saying about being uncomfortable addressing weight-loss comments but I think your angst is may be a bit short-sighted.
    I believe we will be experiencing much more openess in society talking about weight loss and gain and everything surrounding that issue.
    30 years ago, you never mentioned someones fat in front of them. If you had to describe people, they were hefty, husky, big boned. It was almost a taboo subject seen as very negative almost as bad as a drug habit, etc.

    We as a WORLD society have become obese.
    Yes, there are places and people that still deal with chronic hungar but society as a whole has been doing a great job of ‘eating away’ at the problem of people dying of starvation.
    In fact, mankind has developed the ability (in creating a corn ‘food-product industry’ ) to feed the world now!
    It’s a matter of getting the food to those last hungry places.

    That being said- The World is now dealing with an obesity problem.
    IMO, The current social conversation needs to address it at a high level and even more important the next generation needs to be given the tools in school to learn about choosing the right diet for a healthy life in both the classroom and lunch table.

    I was fat at the start of my journey. I might as well admit it to myself because everyone else knew it.
    I remember even shocking a few people saying it out loud, as in -
    Since I am fat....
    ‘I am going to lose weight, workout, start watching my diet, research the current related medical information, etc.

    Others around me are also fat... not putting them down, just making an accurate judgement.
    However, they are not mentally at that place of starting this journey yet (even if they need to be for their own health and lifes sake)
    The conversation of us discussing my weight-loss because I was fat is safe because as I share my journey maybe they think they can start theirs. I am still fatter than I need to be, at least to be as fit and healthy as I want.
    When family and friends comment or say they are proud of me it shows me they are emotionally invested in my well being enough to care to comment. They are thinking it anyway and I would rather know than not know.
    Of course, there are also those insincere people, who say it without really meaning it. Maybe your hackles were raised by that aspect?

    At any rate, I believe society as a whole will be talking more and more about fat and weight loss as a higher and higher percentage of our population struggles being seriously overweight and obese. We even have levels of obesity now because what used to be the highest and rarest level of fat is now a common living space for so many people.

    Just know that in some cases, whether you like or or not, your example makes others look at themselves and some are seriously, maybe even desperately searching for a bridge to start that journey.
    Maybe develop a few truthful comebacks to the common comments that annoy you that could be helpful to someone else.
    Those comments may be annoying simply because you don’t know how to respond because you have never had to before.
    Maybe interpret the words a bit different.
    Proud= impressed
    Losing weight = fitness level
    You can never go wrong by just graciously saying thank you.

    Yassssss! what HE said!
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    With only 5 pounds left to a BMi of 23.0, my stomach is still too big..... Ahhh.

    Do those crunches girl!!.....or maybe more cardio?