Do any ladies at maintenance want to share height & weight ?



  • jmccowa1
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    5'7 145lbs. I'm quite muscular (: but would like to trim 1% more body fat
  • PokeyBug
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    jmccowa1 wrote: »
    5'7 145lbs. I'm quite muscular (: but would like to trim 1% more body fat

    I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one! I'm 5'2", 125#. I thought I was happy at this weight, but then I measured my body fat, and it's 21%. I'm too OCD to be happy with my body fat being an odd number, so I'm trying to lose 1% more body fat.
  • PennyHarris123
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    I've just hit my goal weight and have a personal trainer doing reverse dieting now so increasing my cals and carefully monitoring - I'm 5ft6 weigh 133lbs
  • lmr0528
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    I guess you could say I'm maintaining? I just never really lost. I stay at around 145-149 ish always. I'm 5'5.
  • Maha38
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    5ft 4, 50kg I think that's 110lbs or thereabouts
  • Ekatrina
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    Wow you are all doing so well..... I am 5'4" and am maintaining at 155. I know that is too heavy for my height, but I lost 48 lbs and want to maintain this weight for awhile and then go down another 10. I feel good now and look so much better - I have lost the weight so many times, I just don't want to screw it up again.
    Would love to hear from anyone else using this strategy
  • chuchi56579
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    5'4", 20 yo and around 101 lbs currently after losing 40 in a year. Would like to gain a pound or two. Please add me if you're of a similar height/goal! I'm looking for inspiration to maintain
  • its_ash6972
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    I am 5'8" and currently 132-135. I started my weight loss and fitness journey about April of last year. It was definitely a struggle at times to stay on track, but so so worth feeling healthy and happy in my body. I am now trying to maintain weight and lose body fat. I have found after being in weight loss mode for so long it is very difficult to re direct my goals as far as nutrition. Are any of you having the same struggle after losing weight?
  • veggieerp
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    I'm 5' 4" and bounce between 135-140, wear a size 4 or 6 depending on the brand. I would love to be 130-135 but I'm dieted out. I would like to lean out as opposed to lose weight but I have trouble following a macros plan.
  • arussell134
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    5'6'" and met my goal of 135 lbs in Dec. Decided to lose a bit more. It's taken me 5 months to hit 130. (very slowly, and that's OK w/ me - I'm in no rush!). Looking to get closer to 125 at this point.
  • arussell134
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    grace173 wrote: »
    Laura3BB wrote: »
    5'6 and 150 pounds.
    Been maintaining for a year.
    I'm trying my best to get to 150. I'm 5'6 too. I am currently 159 and struggle to keep it at that but I drink alcohol so I guess if I stopped drinking I could get to 150 but then I would be afraid if I started drinking again I would shoot back up again. I see all these 5'6 stats ladies maintaining 120+ and I hang my head! I can't imagine going down that low. I don't ever remember being that weight!

    I usually have a glass of wine everyday. You can still lose weight and have alcohol. (I went from 166 - 130 and am your same height.)
  • spat095
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    5'0" and 105 lbs
  • SueHerm
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    5'7.5" and 122 lbs.
  • 1971MLJ
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    5'3 and 127lbs. Been maintaining between 125 and 128 since March 2014. Averaging about 1800 calories a day.
  • yirara
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    5'65" and currently around 129 or so. I think it's a bit too low as I have a rather wide pelvis and my face is looking too thin (looks terrible when the pelvis bones peep out and the hips are thinner than the pelvis). Nothing I can fix with building more muscle. Still trying to find my maintenance calories and lost some weight while doing so. Those calculators are wrong :dizzy:
  • CorvusCorax77
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    I'm 5'4 and currently going between 141 and 145 lbs... I consider myself in maintenance even though I'm trying to lose 10 lbs because i started at 174 lbs.

    I got down to 123 which was honestly pretty nice, but then I started lifting. I know 145 now isn't what it was before (because muscle weighs more than fat per the same mass)...but i have put on some body fat that i would like to see go away.

    My original goal tho was to be 145 or less and I have been doing that for five years now.
  • Jazrom90
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    I am 5'4.. fluctuating around 134-137. I think 3-5 more pounds & I want to maintain... although I don't mind where I'm at now. I am now working on strengthening my legs & core. :smile:
  • bfanny
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    5'4" 40 year old 136/138, size 6 and I want to get to 128/132 of this days
  • pocketrocket42
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    5'4", in a range of 115-120 lbs. Been maintaining this weight for about a year and a half, have been losing weight off and on since a high of 200 lbs in 2008.
  • MissJay75
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    40 yrs old, 5'7" maintaining at 130 for 6 months now. Do you exercise? I started toning up, and I really like my body at this weight. I used to hate my arms and now I love them!