Do any ladies at maintenance want to share height & weight ?



  • designerdiscounts
    designerdiscounts Posts: 517 Member
    I’m 46 yrs old, 5’4” and working on maintaining between 126-130 lbs. Eating about 1700 calories a day and trying to increase my protein (also on a plant based diet).
  • nowine4me
    nowine4me Posts: 3,986 Member
    5-7 and 150. At 125 (21BMI) I was lean (visible abs) but still carried fat in my thighs. Current range is 140-150
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,826 Member
    Just hit maintenance for now. I am 5'7", 135lbs, not as lean as I would like (I am 4.5 months postpartum so I am trying to be forgiving!). In my profile I was 132 so trying to get back to that muscle level / leanness (with more glutes if I can ) :)
  • Sylphadora
    Sylphadora Posts: 75 Member
    5'9" and 128lbs. I eat 2,000 cals every day on a carnivore diet
  • ABNana2614
    ABNana2614 Posts: 44 Member
    I am 5'1" and hover between 117 and 120 pounds. I've shed over 50 pounds and I'm perfectly happy at this weight and am now working on building strength.
  • KNoceros
    KNoceros Posts: 323 Member
    42yo, 165cm tall (5’6”) and aiming to stay in range 59.9-62.6kg (132-138lb or 9st 6 -9st 12).
    Chosen based on BMI (21.5-22.5) and being pretty sporty so not wanting to go too small at risk of compromising performance.
  • weatherking2019
    weatherking2019 Posts: 943 Member
    47 yo
    5'2", 110 ish 19.5 BMI with 19.8% BF
    Focusing on lean muscle (cardio/strength 4x a week) goal BF @19%.
  • claireychn074
    claireychn074 Posts: 873 Member
    45 yrs old, 5’3.5 (those half inches are important!), I weigh between 117 and 120 pounds, and body fat is around 18%. I maintain on 2000 -2,300 per day, and I do strength training.
  • ghudson92
    ghudson92 Posts: 2,061 Member
    I am 5ft 1". 27 years old with a petite frame. Currently maintaining between 109 and 111lbs. I am 3 months in to recomp and my goals are fitness related as opposed to numbers on the scale.
  • deafshark78
    deafshark78 Posts: 2 Member
    5'4", 137lbs. Fluctuate between 137-144. Trying to shed just a few more pounds, I am more focused on lowering body fat percentage, gaining muscle, and being more active.
  • Pipsqueak1965
    Pipsqueak1965 Posts: 397 Member
    Just over 5 foot, 54, around 104-105. Reasonably ok - still a little fat, mostly on thighs, but nothing too disturbing!
  • mouser36
    mouser36 Posts: 15 Member
    Began IF July 2019 weighing 159 at 5’1”.
    MS, menopause, quit smoking, newly diagnosed hypothyroidism.
    I’ve never been fat in my life! All of the above happened over the course of 10 years.
    Tired of being a beast I started IF and bought a rowing machine. I do other workouts as well but I’m addicted to the rower.
    Currently weighing in at 129. Wheeeeeeeeee!!
    Down 15.5 overall inches. I’m in the normal BMI range but goal weight is 120-125. Hubby thinks I’m nuts going below 130.
    What I hate is buying all new clothes. Everything but socks and shoes! I HATE shopping!!!!