Do any ladies at maintenance want to share height & weight ?



  • RedSheSaid
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    5'1" range of 102-104, 53 YO. Maintaining for 13 years. Need to be on the lean side due to a knee replacement after a car accident. Doc says to keep it light! :-)
  • cenandra
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    I am 6'3" inches, 46.5 YO and weigh 185, which is my goal weight. I like to weigh in the 170's, but find its too hard to maintain. I've been maintaining for 6 1/2 years now, highest weight was 255.
  • hmrambling
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    F/43/5'4.5" [165 > 133 = 32 lbs lost] (6 months)
  • brenn24179
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    5ft 4in tall, 159 lbs.
  • gradchica27
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    5’4”, maintain about 130. Just saw that 3 years ago I was 129 and wore 4s, 133 now in 0-2s—I lift heavy 5x/week so I guess it’s working. I’m trying to build muscle now—trying to get bigger shoulders and thighs is kinda funny for me after years of trying the opposite.

    My maintenance range is pretty small—125 is possible but rarely achieved due to insane exercise and super tight logging making me too hangry to bother. So 127-135. 127-131 I think I look awesome, by 135 I feel like a whale and need to step things up.
  • sgriska
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    I'm 5'4". My maintenance range is between 135-145, though I seem to gravitate towards about 138 or so. I'm getting back on track again after slightly overshooting the range following a prolonged ice-cream binge cycle, and weighed in at 146 this morning.
  • staticsplit
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    Just under 6 ft and I tend to maintain between 152-156.
  • nowine4me
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    I’m 5-7 and 140. I prefer 120-125, which is lean with visible abs, but still some flab on my thighs.
  • I’m 5ft 8.5 currently 136. Normally maintain around 140 to 145 but I’m trying to drop a few pounds so I can bulk over winter
  • wyogal79
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    Im 5'1 as of now Im 156, I have lost 12 pounds in the last month. My goal weight is 120-130, heck I will be ecstatic when I reach 140! I haven't been 120-130 since highschool/college.(23 years ago) I was 118 at one point. I will get there eventually... :-)

    edit. Sorry I misread post. This is for Maintenance
  • cayenne_007
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    Interesting post - trying to evaluate my goal weight and what a realistic goal might be.
    Been working on toning up lately - lots of pushups and resistance band stuff. I have muscles & curves - LOL
    42 yo 5'8" and currently 145 - I'd like to get to the lower 130s, but it's been tough!
  • peachvine29
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    I agree, very interesting post indeed! Currently I am 26, 5'7.5'', 133 lbs. but with a pretty chunky middle. Trying to cut down to 125 lbs. or so before a lean bulk or recomp.
  • MichelleWithMoxie
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    I’m 34, 5’1”, and like to maintain around the 103-108 lbs range. I’ve been “bulking” (😅) for a few months and find myself sitting at 114 lbs currently, so I have some work to do.
  • mi_nina_lola
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    i'm 57, 5'8" and 132. started doing weights a few times a week and wanting to get some muscle :)
  • hmrambling
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    I just set up a home gym. I'm working on maintenance and strength building.