Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • NunyaWest
    NunyaWest Posts: 87 Member
    For some reason I cannot add friends, at least not on this iPhone. So please add me, glad to come along with you as an active member.
  • crystalbo06
    crystalbo06 Posts: 22 Member
    Hi there - been off and on this app for years. Would like some friends to compare things and for accountability. Add me!!
  • Spadesheart
    Spadesheart Posts: 463 Member
    Starting a full journey again after a few years. Happy to have some new friends!
  • rfordie10
    rfordie10 Posts: 6 Member
    As always, would love new friends!
  • lmmorgan1992
    lmmorgan1992 Posts: 2 Member
    I definitely need more friends to keep me motivated!
  • CazanovaJo
    CazanovaJo Posts: 1 Member
    "Hey there! . I'm looking to add new friends to my life, people with whom I can share amazing experiences. Let's be a part of each other's journey and explore what makes life truly wonderful. I'm excited to hear your thoughts and unique perspectives. Would you like to be friends? An opportunity for happiness awaits us, so let's embark on this journey together!"

  • Zebulonzzz
    Zebulonzzz Posts: 2 Member
    Bonjour je recherche des amis pour se motiver !
    Ajoutez moi avant que je vous ajoutes ! :D
  • asewell1160
    asewell1160 Posts: 3 Member
    Add me!
  • SaKaRaLaS
    SaKaRaLaS Posts: 1 Member
    Hey there! Are you looking for a little extra motivation to reach your fitness goals? Add me today and let's help each other reach our full potential! Let's challenge each other, share tips and tricks, and celebrate our successes together! We all know that reaching our fitness goals is easier with friends, so come join us and let's crush our goals together.
    I can speak french and Arabic too ;)
  • jenlefleur6793
    jenlefleur6793 Posts: 5 Member
    I'm 34, Ive gone from an extremely active role in management where I would do at least 20,000 steps a day.
    I've recently changed careers where I'm now doing minimum 5,000 steps a day and currently trying adjust my diet and fitness to reflect my new job.
    Since starting my new job I've gained around 10lbs so hoping to put a complete halt on this and get back to where I was!
    My diet has always been balanced but the lack of movemt in my day to day life has had a huge impact on me.
    Hoping to meet similar people that don't have too much to lose but are looking for motivation and encouragement friends.
    Please UK only as I'd like to stick to similar time zone!
    Hope to speak to you soon! 🤟🏼
  • dblirondog
    dblirondog Posts: 123 Member
    I am filling my feed with active fitness peeps. I don't care who or what you do, if you're trying to make it happen, I love to see it! You might get sick of seeing me since I am in the middle of a 75 hard challenge and working out twice a day. But if not.............let's do this!
  • Sylebration
    Sylebration Posts: 22 Member
    Feel free to add me. My diary is open to friends and I'm on at least once a day.
  • XxAngry_Pixi
    XxAngry_Pixi Posts: 192 Member
    Been on my journey to lose over 100 pounds for 2 years now, I'm going slow and steady. Over half way now but most of my friends aren't active anymore.

    Specifically looking for people with diaries open to friends, I love getting new ideas on eating patterns and new foods.
  • RockChalkDoc30
    RockChalkDoc30 Posts: 2 Member
    Good Morning from North Texas! I have been a long time MFP user but have never ventured into the community. 3 years ago I lost 30 lbs and was in very good shape. Have added it all back and have lost my passion for lifting weights, tracking calories, and my 36-hour fasts (the way I seem to lose weight best). I would love to meet new people to help empower my journey!
  • purpleowl761
    purpleowl761 Posts: 1 Member
    I’ve been on and off of here for years. Lost a lot of weight 4.5 years ago. Gained some of it back. And am now finally back on track! Would love to have more friends on here to hold each other accountable and hype up! :)
  • Tat2Baby23
    Tat2Baby23 Posts: 3 Member
    Back at this again after scaring myself on the scales. Need friends willing to question my choices, and keep me in line, please!
  • AHotMoma
    AHotMoma Posts: 1 Member
    Feel free to ad me 🌞
  • 4d6vp278s6
    4d6vp278s6 Posts: 5 Member
    I am Bella, 20, and looking for friends for motivation and accountability. I am looking to lose about another 40-50lbs by this time next year. All friends are welcome, but especially those who in my age group and working on the same goals!
    I am always happy to help you as well, of course!
  • mtjb65kxnq
    mtjb65kxnq Posts: 1 Member
    Hiya, add me if u want to see my banger chicken teriyaki noodles. They are scrumptious! Yum yum