What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • richstyles
    richstyles Posts: 18 Member
    Closing all three rings on the Apple Watch activity app :D
  • AmethystEFC
    AmethystEFC Posts: 140 Member
    Finding it hard to come up with a mini goal.

    Most of mine tend to be scale orientated, so I guess the next stone mark - 5.5 pounds away.

    I'd also like to start doing 'land' classes at the gym instead of just aqua ones.

    There you go, two mini goals :)
  • runningjen74
    runningjen74 Posts: 312 Member
    Okay, its not that mini but to get back to where I was this time last year - before a year of studying at night and eating everything in front of me. Its about 14lb, but really quite achievable (only I'm back studying again :D )
  • babyluthi
    babyluthi Posts: 285 Member

    "Thank you! It's been a long time since I have been so focused. It wasn't A1C back in May (although that crept up a fraction) that my Dr. sounded an alarm about. She was concerned about swelling she saw in my ankles and had a tone suggesting if she saw that again, she would consider prescribing a diuretic. Well, that annoyed me a little bit because when said that, I wasn't even a month out from my second side hip replacement. Well, today my shoes fit a little looser and my ankles look for more normal and I think I am on course to shut that idea down as well. Thanks again! "

    Cabbage is a natural diuretic....eat loads of it...raw or cooked however you like.
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