What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Allgaun
    Allgaun Posts: 221 Member
    Kind of stopped being careful over the summer...not terribly but I did put on 2 lbs, after a 25 lbs loss! BUT I went on a cruise last week and I put on 5 more lbs! So it's time to buckle down! My goal is to stick to it and get back down ASAP
  • ama3387
    ama3387 Posts: 242 Member
    Get under 200lbs
  • 1985robbie
    1985robbie Posts: 5 Member
    I'm in this competition with 5 people including myself for 12 weeks. Its called "Healthywage"
    We are trying to win 10,000 dollars.
    There are a lot of teams competing, but it is very motivating because I don't wanna let my team down and 10,000 dollars sounds nice.
    There is a 2nd and 3rd place as well.
    Even if we don't win the money, losing the weight is good enough for me.
  • jo_nz
    jo_nz Posts: 548 Member
    My current small goal is to stay (mostly) on track throughout the coming school holidays (kids have school tomorrow, then home with me for two weeks).
    I will still have fun and do various activities with them, including eating out a couple of times, so I am not aiming for perfection, but just to not completely lose my focus.
  • michne16
    michne16 Posts: 538 Member
    To lose 10lbs by the end of the year and to up my fitness game by including weight lifting and hiking.
  • _sw33tp3a_11
    _sw33tp3a_11 Posts: 4,692 Member
    10 lbs before the year is over
  • kiran6002
    kiran6002 Posts: 52 Member
    To lose 11 lbs by the end of the year! Slow and steady
  • remonapollard
    remonapollard Posts: 1 Member
    Losing weight to get under 70kg
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