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What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • martianspudsmartianspuds Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    My closest mini goal is to return to the lowest weight I had achieved the last time I tried to be healthier. (That was two years ago, and I'm about 3.5 lbs away from this goal). I feel like it will be a big mental boost. Despite working on reducing negative self-talk, I feel there's always been this residual frustration in the back of my mind about having to re-lose those pounds. Feels more like a clean start from that point, silly as that may sound 🙂
  • runningjen74runningjen74 Posts: 301Member Member Posts: 301Member Member
    Okay, its not that mini but to get back to where I was this time last year - before a year of studying at night and eating everything in front of me. Its about 14lb, but really quite achievable (only I'm back studying again :D )
  • babyluthibabyluthi Posts: 212Member Member Posts: 212Member Member

    "Thank you! It's been a long time since I have been so focused. It wasn't A1C back in May (although that crept up a fraction) that my Dr. sounded an alarm about. She was concerned about swelling she saw in my ankles and had a tone suggesting if she saw that again, she would consider prescribing a diuretic. Well, that annoyed me a little bit because when said that, I wasn't even a month out from my second side hip replacement. Well, today my shoes fit a little looser and my ankles look for more normal and I think I am on course to shut that idea down as well. Thanks again! "

    Cabbage is a natural loads of it...raw or cooked however you like.
  • kiran6002kiran6002 Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
    kiran6002 wrote: »
    kiran6002 wrote: »
    To lose 11 lbs by the end of the year! Slow and steady
    Only 9 and half lbs to go!!!

    Only 8.5 lbs to go now but have to survive my daughter’s birthday weekend.... my goal is not to put on any weight this weekend and to go for a long walk to offset some of the eating...!
  • TayaCurraghTayaCurragh Posts: 195Member Member Posts: 195Member Member
    My mini goal is to get under 144. This morning I weighed in at 146. This time last year I was doing so well on my journey and got down to 144 which was my smallest in years, so I am hoping to pass this and continue forwards.
  • missjck2missjck2 Posts: 127Member Member Posts: 127Member Member
    Finally fitting in a booth and getting out of the 230’s lbs

    Hey same here. Isn't it an awesome feeling, congrats!!
  • AmethystEFCAmethystEFC Posts: 65Member, Premium Member Posts: 65Member, Premium Member
    Finding it hard to come up with a mini goal.

    Most of mine tend to be scale orientated, so I guess the next stone mark - 5.5 pounds away.

    I'd also like to start doing 'land' classes at the gym instead of just aqua ones.

    There you go, two mini goals :)

    Hit my scale goal and signed up for my local Parkrun. 5k each Sunday morning. I'll be walking it at first but I'm going to do this!

    Next mini scale goal is 10.9 pounds to lose.

    And to survive my first Parkrun *grins*
  • bobsburgersfanbobsburgersfan Posts: 1,871Member Member Posts: 1,871Member Member
    I'm pretty disappointed with myself right now. On Friday it will be one year of going to the gym. HIIT Class, Zumba, Spin and the machines when I don't have classes.
    I averaged 3x a week.
    Awww, I hope you can see past your disappointment to the accomplishment this actually is. Maybe your average times per week isn't where you wanted it, and maybe overall you're not where you wanted to be, but you have kept going to the gym for a whole YEAR, and you have improved in that year!!! You deserve to be proud of yourself.
  • jpringle9696jpringle9696 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Fitting into my firesuit and full containment seat in my racecar for next season. This past weekend was the last race of 2019 and I was out of breath just bc of how squished I was:(
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