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    @TeresaW1020 It's really good, I love it. I hate eggs so I have to disguise the taste somehow lol. I've never had yum yum sauce but how can you go wrong with something called "yum yum" sauce? :) Congrats on the loss. Yeah, I'm worried about starting that boxing class and what it will do to my weight.

    @cbabie Oh gosh, that must have been a miserable night for all. I'm glad you did better on food. I love cake, too, and this cake is called "Too Much Chocolate Cake" with a chocolate ganache on it. It's so good! That's a good idea to buy mini cupcakes and freeze them.

    @theslightedgeforever I seem to be, right? LOL about the old people riding bikes...I can just picture it now. I wish we had a balcony, we just have a stoop. Your DD's balcony and view sound nice. You sound in a good headspace. Good for you for buying those groceries. Gotta work on that water. Interesting about the donut data. I got 125% on water yesterday. Nice pictures from your walk and the balcony. Are you in Indiana?

    Hi all. The scale lied to me this morning, it told me I gained 2 lbs this week. I think it is not true, I was on plan for most every meal, every bite. I did have salty tacos for dinner last night so that may be the culprit. I'm disappointed but moving on. Today is the party in the park. I should be able to do fairly well.

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    Morning all, rained all day here and is still very wet and musty smelling outside. I don't really have any plans, but try to do better than yesterday. I was good until bedtime.LOL. I did mop floors that gave me zone min on my fitbit..LOL. I have hit my 10K all week, so movement is good, but have to do better.

    @theslightedgeforever Those pictures are beautiful. I agree with trooworld, your mindset sounds better. After seeing those pictures...I realize, I really just live in a concrete city. LOL.

    @trooworld That cake sounds delicious. LOL I am going to put a sign on my mirror...the scale clothes don't. :). I am sure it's the sodium..thats why I never add salt to my food..I do get cravings sometimes for salt...I don't know it until I eat a cracker and then I think YUM that taste good! LOL. Enjoy the party in the park, sounds fun

    @TeresaW1020 Congrats on the loss, you know how are bodies are...sometimes it doesn't show up until the next week.. however you are right about the body mass. Could you post the link to the podcast? I think I would like to hear it. I used to love to lift weights and work out with them...until I broke my wrist and I have not done any since...

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    @trooworld No one I know ever got fat from boxing. Muscle weighs more than fat so even if the scale is up just a bit because of muscle, muscle takes up less space than fat. Think of the great arms you are going to have. Tacos can definitely be the culprit of a jump on the scale. The sodium is off the charts on those things. Just continue staying on plan this week and watch that 2 lbs turn into 3 lb loss. That's always exciting to get a whoosh. I'm in Minnesota. All midwestern states look alike. lol I agree on the water. I just don't think about it. I don't have a good thirst indicator.

    @cbabie Give yourself credit for doing well until bedtime. That's a lot of hours to "do it right". A mistake at the end of the day does not erase all the positive things you were doing for your body. Yeah, you do live in a concrete jungle. I'm reading a book now that is set where you live and they keep mentioning the names of the streets. The big road that runs right next to your house is the main road in the book and I just laugh because I can picture the area in my mind everytime. No matter which cross street they mention.

    Jumped on the scale this morning and I'm down 0.2 lbs and I'm like woohoo, I haven't gained yet on vacation. Which was good because I ate some sodium filled food for dinner. I just hope it doesn't show up later. Today we are headed to Mall of America and so I'm going to order a soup or salad. Depends on my mood. Balance, balance, balance.

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    @cbabie Trying to do better than yesterday is a good goal. What steps have you taken to do better than yesterday today? Have you been tracking? The cake WAS delicious, everyone loved it! You should put that sign on your mirror lol. I am a saltaholic, it's a wonder I don't have high blood pressure!

    @theslightedgeforever That's a good point! Yeah, and the taco meat was already seasoned from the store so they probably put a ton of salt on it. Ah, Minnesotey-way as my husband would say lol. I don't think I have a great thirst indicator either until I am super thirsty. Congrats on losing, keep it up! I've always wanted to go to the Mall of America. Have fun!

    Hi all. I realized that I lied to MYSELF yesterday and the proof is in my tracker: I thought the scale was lying but it was me who was. I ended the week -87 points mostly because of little overages here and there and the weekend eating. See, I wouldn't know that if I hadn't tracked honestly! SMH. Yesterday was good: I brought hard-boiled eggs and pineapple to my WW meeting (I ate the eggs in the car afterward, I didn't want to stink up the place!) and then later, went to the birthday party. Everyone raved about the cake and they liked the Mediterranean salad, too. I didn't eat much, just a bit of this and that and a small piece of the cake. Today, I'm taking a woman out for brunch that told me about the last art show I was in. I want to thank her. I'm also going to the boxing class this morning. I'm very nervous.

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
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    @theslightededgeforever Yes, I agree that you need to get back in the gym and work on your muscles and flexibility. I’ve been harping at my DH that just walking on the treadmill is not enough and he is starting to lift with my weights, which makes me happy. Such pretty pictures and how kind of you to buy some patio furniture…so you can use it! :grin: Yayyy for the scale being down while on vacation. Just keep it up and stay away from those donuts! I have always wanted to go to the Mall of America!

    @cbabie Your protein seems very low to me from all that I’ve been learning lately. The podcast that I mentioned and really do encourage you to give a listen to is on Ketogenic Girl, who I love! She spoke with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon who talks about the importance of eating protein and maintaining our muscles as we age. Let me know what you think! And as for lifting weights and not being able to since you broke your wrist, why not get some resistant bands and use those? I have a set of rubber and fabric and they are great for all kinds of exercises.

    @trooworld Yup, being honest with ourselves is so important. My tracking has fizzled this week because mostly it’s such a pain to do it when I cook ingredient-heavy dinners. For instance, yesterday I made a tuna salad, a big veggie-filled green salad, and a chaffle for mom and me. So having to weigh, measure, record and figure out what part of all that was my portion is way more effort than I’m willing to do. :grin: Have fun at your boxing class! Also, you probably know this but since you haven’t worked out like that for a long time your muscles are going to retain water so don’t be discouraged if the scale goes up. Like Slightedge said, just wait for the whoosh! ;)

    Good morning! Sorry that I’ve been missing. I’ve been busy with church stuff and then yesterday, I spent all day deep cleaning and reorganizing stuff in my house. A big box is now headed to the Goodwill. I’ve been doing well with my eating this week and meeting my BG trigger before most meals. Lunch is still a struggle for me because it’s after my workouts and I’ve been doing lots of heavy lifting, which makes my BG jump. So, my focus is to get within 5 points of my trigger for lunch and eat mostly just protein, which will drop by dinner time. OK, I need to get ready for church. Have a great day! :)
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    @cbabie and you other girls...this is a good article on why we might want to workout out our muscles a little more. ;)

    Muscle Work Can Help Boost Brain Health and Mood
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    Happy Sunday!

    Had Church in the morning, saw my friend that is pregnant with twins. They are inducing her this week. She’s nervous, excited at the same time. I’m chilling with the dogs now. Have a meeting with the department chair for possibly pursuing a BS degree in Biological Sciences then pursuing a Ph.D in it. Decided to go that route instead of Criminology mostly because of school location and job opportunities. Bio degree is less than an half hour away, criminology is at least 2 hours away. There’s also more job opportunities in the biological sciences. Wish me luck! Working on me this year!

    ~ Missy and pack

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    Still here. Just at the lake most of the time with crappy service. Hope to be more accountable and more on track come august.
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    @TeresaW1020 I know what you mean. Since we cook recipes every day, I have to use the recipe builder in WW site to create a new recipe almost every day because you know I hardly make the same recipe twice! Yeah, I figured I might gain this week although I want to lose. Sounds like you've been busy! Thanks for the article, I'll check it out.

    @gemwolf110 That makes sense to pursue the bio degree. Your pups look happy, healthy, and well-taken care of. They are beautiful!

    Hi all. I did it! I survived my first one-hour boxing class. I did what I didn't think I could do...lots of punching, planks, sit-ups, playing with heavy ropes...I did it all and did not stop. Here are two pics to prove it lol. Everyone was so supportive and friendly, very welcoming. I'm so glad I went. I go back on Tuesday. After that, I went to brunch with a new friend. I made the best decision I could on a very unhealthy menu: I had a "hash" with smoked chicken, potatoes, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, and eggs over medium.

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    @trooworld That's good that you can go back to your food diary and look to see what happened. Kind of like reviewing a monthly budget and thinking, I don't know why I'm broke all the time. Good that you are back on track. Can't wait to hear about the first boxing class. Remember it will get easier each time you go. Just keep the Rocky theme song in your head. Saltaholics Unite! But I do have high blood pressure. I'm sitting outside on the balcony and I just saw a bunny hopping along the trail. Now I want to sing little bunny foofoo. Do you know that song? :D

    @teresaw1020 You can import your recipes for your ingredient heavy meals and then the next time you eat those everything is already in MFP. Takes seconds to log. The import is easy too if it's off the web somewhere and not your grandma's cookbook. :D I just make the dish and then before anyone digs in, I just cut into 6 or 8 pieces whatever the recipe says is number of servings and take one of those. It's really that easy. I put it into a separate plate so if I don't eat it all, I can still determine if I ate 1/2 or 3/4 of it and log it that way. Thanks for the article.

    @gemwolf110 Two of my kids have biological science degrees. Both like it but they spent all their time studying. It's paid off now. Plus it's close to you which has loads of advantages. So the big question is how will you balance healthy eating and exercise with all the studying. It's too easy to grab and go and just sit and study. I've watched my daughter. Add in all the stress and that's more eating unless you are one of those that stops eating during stress. But it all can be done with good strategy. Other people out there do it. Your doggies look like they are enjoying the shade..

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    @reneagry Enjoy the lake and watch the food intake so you don't have to dig yourself out of a hole come August.

    @trooworld Woohoo on your boxing class. Well done. Sounds like you enjoyed it. Hubby better watch out.
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    Morning all, it was good to read all the post since I took the weekend off. LOL. I did lose 2.4 this week and based on my eating, that had to be the water gain the week before. LOL. My goal is to lose 1 lb this week and exercise more, by either walking, TM or bike riding at night. It's too hot here after the rain..MUGGY. I was reading the post that Teresaw1020 posted and I was thinking to myself I ALWAYS like to exercise..and I wondered what happened to that person. My whole life I have had some kind of exercise equipment at my home because I don't really like going to the gym. I have had memberships, but the most I used was the YMCA with my boss/friend. We would go after work and on Saturdays do step class. It was 20 min from my home, so when we moved locations at work, I stopped going.. So again what happened to that person? I am going to find her LOL

    @TeresaW1020 I loved the article on strength training and mind correlation. I think I am going to order some bands. I can probably now lift the weights, but I had gotten rid of all but my 5 lbs hand weights. I am so like I too don't like to track if its too complicated.

    @trooworld Great job on boxing and I love you took your new friend out. I love the picture, now I want to do pigtails...I was just thinking of braiding it. I get so tired of the pony tail. (why does are hair styles have to do with animals..LOL)

    @gemwolf110 love the picture, yes I can certainly understand not wanting to drive 2 hours for school... YUCK... yea for working on YOU.

    @theslightedgeforever my youngest daughter asked where I get my cartoon mind...(she got it too) LOL. You and the bunny song reminded me of that. Yea on the loss and good job on keeping your mindset.

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    @gemwolf110 I would be nervous too having twin babies to take care of! That is awesome that you have decided on what career path to pursue, and a closer commute and more job opportunities are a big deal. As usual, love the dog pics! <3

    @trooworld You look so cute and so happy that you loved :) the boxing program. Are you very sore today? Your brunch sounds almost perfect to me and very tasty!

    @theslightedgeforever Yes, I have imported recipes many times and I agree that it’s not hard, but I do find it annoying to do it all the time. I rarely cook from an actual recipe where I follow all the steps since I’m busy channeling my inner Top Chef. :D

    @cbabie Congrats on the weight loss this week! You remind me of my DH. He was always so into fitness but in the last 10 years, he has done less and less. But since I’ve been talking almost non-stop on the importance of exercise, muscle retention, and age he is listening and doing more and more. You have to make the commitment that exercise is non-negotiable and then do it. I still can’t believe how much it’s a part of my life and how I’m so better off because of it. :)

    Hello! Like cbabie, we are dealing with lots of heat and humidity. I keep reminding myself that living in Georgia is awesome, but we do have to deal with the summer heat that comes every year. Thank God for AC!! o:) I did my workout this morning, then went to Aldi and Walmart. Came home and was happy that my BG was right at my trigger of 83 so I had lunch. Then DH and I went up to the church to see what supplies we have for the church BBQ on Wednesday. After that, I came home and cleaned out my pantry, made boiled eggs, and did a bit of housework. I’m tired now! :grin:
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    @cbabie I was thinking of you yesterday. I was reading a book about stretching and there was a wrist stretch. I didn't even know that was a thing. Next there will be an earlobe stretch. :D I'm going to buy me some stretching straps. I'm sure it would help me if I just do the stretches. I really need to work on my balance and that is supposed to help. Yeah, I used to like exercise too and go to the gym everyday. I need to find her. We all inherited the cartoon mind.

    @teresaw1020 I love your enthusiasm about exercise. Is non-tracking keeping you from losing weight? If you are losing weight at a rate that is good for you, then keep on doing what you are doing. No perfection only progress.

    Well I'm headed off to Seattle in about an hour. My dd and I are going to go do the Twilight tour in the Pacific northwest first, go see Mt Ranier, and then do the touristy things in Seattle over the weekend. I'll get to see the Pacific Ocean which was on my bucket list.

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    25% water :/ I can feel that this morning.
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    @theslightedgeforever Yes exactly! I had fun at the class. I think we must have posted at the same time and you didn't see my post when you typed your first response. I hope it IS easier tonight, my body is a little sore. I do know that song, "Little bunny foofoo". I think I do? LOL to hubby better watch out! ;) I hope you enjoy Seattle and the ocean.

    @cbabie Congrats on the loss! Well done! Maybe you just need to find something you ENJOY doing that fits with your lifestyle? Yeah, boxing was fun and the brunch was nice, too. The pigtails were a necessity so that my hair wouldn't be flying in my face all during class lol. That's interesting, I didn't think about them being named after animals!

    @TeresaW1020 Thanks! I'm a little sore, not too bad. Brunch was tasty. :D Sorry about the heat and humidity.

    Hi all. Not much going on here, I have a boxing class tonight at 5. It's with a different instructor, I hope he's as supportive as the other one was. I think I'll be nervous going for a while. After the boxing class, my hands were swollen and I could barely get my rings back on. I've been drinking lots of water and my hands seem less swollen but it's an indicator that I'll probably be puffed up for weigh-in. :(

    My phrase for the year: CHANGE HAPPENS
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    Morning all, I didn't walk or exercise yesterday...I somehow ended up in the declutter mode. LOL. Oh well, eating was better. I ate yogurt instead of ice I did buy stretch bands, I think it will help all over toning.

    @trooworld I hate when my hands swell, I have had that my whole life. That's why I always too my wedding rings off at night. When I broke my wrist they wanted to cut it off..I said NO and forced it off my hand even with the broken wrist..LOL. I am sure you will do great tonight. You are in the dating stage..LOL

    @TeresaW1020 yes I will get to the non negotiable stage, I also no it won't be just yet..LOL I am still taking the baby steps to health. :). Do you eat a lot of boiled eggs? I did meet my protein goal yesterday, usually I don't. LOL

    @theslightedgeforever Enjoy Seattle, Just think, we could have grown up there and not in IL. LOL I think my bucket list is just to have a day of nothingness..LOL

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    @theslightedgeforever WELL…yeah…I suppose non-tracking could be one of the big reasons for me not losing weight! Today, I listened to a podcast from a woman that has lost over 100 lbs and she talked about how tracking helped her. So, while I still don’t want to track I can see the merit in it and I really do need to stop playing with the same few pounds that I’ve been doing for months now! So, I plan to challenge myself for August to track every single bite, taste, and nibble. Please feel free to hold me accountable. ;) Have fun in Seattle! I lived there when I was a kid and I love the Pacific Ocean in that part of the world so much.

    @trooworld Wow I didn’t think that your hands would swell up but of course if your punching something it would. What about using some cold compresses when you get home? I hope you have a great time! :)

    @cbabie I have finally convinced DH to stop eating just an apple and chips for lunch and to add in boiled eggs and Greek yogurt, which gives him a lot of protein. I do eat them as well, but I also love scrambled eggs or my tuna cake chaffles for lunch. I make the boiled eggs in my Instant Pot and they are so easy! B)

    Hello! I’m tired out today from doing a hard leg workout this morning that was more for my butt than my legs. :D DH and I went to Sams to buy burgers and hotdogs with all the fixings for our church BBQ potluck that is tomorrow night. I’m making Deviled eggs because they are yummy, and I can eat them. My plan is to eat a hamburger, and maybe a hotdog, with no buns, and only choose side dishes that look worthy of the carbs. I will NOT go near or even look at the dessert table, which I placed in the corner of the room. My weight is down a little bit and I’m hoping to hold on to it for Friday.
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    Well I spoke with the department chair and it doesn’t look like it’s a feasible route. Since it’s been so long since I’ve taken courses I would need 70 credits and when working full time it will be near impossible to finish the bachelors prior to 40 lol so that’s out. Going to re-evaluate maybe there’s something else in my field that I can do or just continue on the sociology/criminology route. We will see.
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