The middle agers group. (Upper 30s,40s & 50ish folks)



  • sparkyvenkman
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    Happy Thursday!
  • kathmillard8177
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    Happy Thursday ...
    Add me :)
  • AliNouveau
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    Hooray for Thursday.

    History will be made today people ...first game of the NBA playoffs and first time it will be played not on American soil. Let's go Raptors!!!
  • Beowolf95
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    Finally getting rid of the last vestiges of the Springtime crud I came down with almost 2 weeks ago. Back to the workout classes tonight now that I can finally breathe. Looking forward to it even though I know I'm going to be extremely gassed when the hour is over. Haven't been too physical for the past week and a half or so.
  • cynthobrien
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    42, would love more friends in my age range! 🙂
  • kimber0607
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback..Im still sore most of the time..but sticking with it!
    Hope everyone is well

  • nwoutdoorgrl
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    Hello! I’m 38 & would like to connect with others my age for support & encouragement. I recently started logging again so I can lose the weight that I gained this past year. I would love to support & encourage others so please add me as a friend if you’d like. :)
  • DWBalboa
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    Happy Friday fitfam! Get out there and knock it out of the park!
  • JohnPaulEightyOne
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    37 here. Getting older used to suck, but getting healthy definitely changed that. I feel better than I ever have in my life.
  • tomomika
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    Hi all! I'm 44 from New Jersey. Looking for new friends. Feel free to add me :)
  • sparkyvenkman
    sparkyvenkman Posts: 115 Member
    I got rained out on Saturday, partway through then a broken rake on Sunday ROFL. I didn't realize the handle had rotten through at the bottom. Tomorrow NEW RAKES. Lots of outside time since I have a lot of blown in leaves to remove and bushes to trim. Have a good Monday tomorrow!
  • Beowolf95
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    Looks like MFP has gone off the rails this morning. Anyone else having issues with not being able to add food?
  • Beowolf95
    Beowolf95 Posts: 42 Member
    Interesting. I can add on the phone, but on the website it is all wonky. I tried to add one thing in for lunch and it put it in there like 20 times, and I can't delete it or add to it. And it shows I'm at 11800 calories for the day. Guess I'll use the phone until it gets straightened out. Must just be something with my account.
  • csmcozart
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    Good morning from Nevada!
  • stephierue
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    Add me! Getting back to a routine of logging & love to see what people are doing.
  • forestfreek
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    stephierue wrote: »
    Add me! Getting back to a routine of logging & love to see what people are doing.
    I’m gonna try and add you but I keep having tech difficulties when it comes to If you don’t get a friend request from me feel free to send me one 😂
  • AliNouveau
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    Happy Tuesday everyone!!! One day closer to my birthday which is this month and one day closer to my dr appt to find out if we're treating my shoulder or just leaving it and hoping it doesn't get any worse. It's been really sore late and today really hurt at physio. I just took some advil so I can go for a run since my boy is at school late today. Fun fun fun