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I don't support the fat acceptance/plus size movement.

misshoneyz2dab Posts: 62 Member
I'm 5'4 and I weigh 13 stones 4lbs ( 188lbs) and I want to be 10 stones (140lbs) I've lost 21 lbs so far.
I don't support the plus size or fat acceptance movement, because it promotes unhealthiness. Overweight and Obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes, hypertension, . hypercholesterolemia, stroke, joint pains and CHD.
Two years ago when I went for a blood test. My blood cholesterol level was 5.2 that was all to do with my unhealthy lifestyle and weight. That was a wake up call for me.
When I critique the plus size and fat acceptance movement, I get accused of being a shallow bully. I have heard a lot of the supporters saying that you can be fat and healthy at the same time-which is absolute nonsense!
I'm a plus size woman and I'm not happy with my size or health. I'm doing a lot about my weight.



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    seantnash wrote: »
    I'm still over 27 stone but I have the resting heart rate of an athlete and my cholesterol and glucose levels are perfect so, actually, you can be fat and healthy.

    Yeah, this.... I'm trying to lose weight to get my blood pressure and resting heart rate under control. I was/am definitely overweight, but I actually know quite a few people much heavier than I was who have good blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rates, etc. Everything else being equal it's likely healthier to be at good weight (not overweight but not too thin either) but so much else comes into it too, genetics, pre-existing conditions and so on. There's a good chance that even when I hit my goal weight my blood pressure will still be a touch on the high side, just from genetics (everyone in my family pretty much has high blood pressure).
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