October 2017 Running Challenge



  • Ray_Libby
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    Goal this month is 110 miles

    10/1 - 9.03 miles
    10/3 - 4.25 miles
    10/4 - 4.22 miles
    10/6 - 5.06 miles
    10/7 - 5.06 miles
    10/9 - 10.51 miles
    10/10 - 5.13 miles - temp was about 85 outside so the temps are heading downward at least from the 100's finally - makes for a more enjoyable run

  • rlstepp29
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    Oct. 7: 4 miles
    Oct. 8: 4 miles
    Oct. 10: 3 miles

    Total so far: 11/40
  • juliet3455
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    Been off line since Thursday ( extended my Canadian Thanksgiving weekend ) - helping my two brother's get the last of the harvest in on the farm's ( unplannd Taper ) they are down to the last 100 acres and it's not ready - still has green kernels = would spoil if harvested. Need about 5 days of sun shine and +15c temperatures for it to finish. But the pressure is off when you only have 5% left in the field and 95% is in the storage bins. Snow in the forecast so it might be lost due to weather. Really to many posts to comment on 10 pages - except for a few where people tagged me - I must reply in kind.
    JessicaMcB wrote: »
    @juliet3455 are the MEC races worth it? I always side eye the price tag on them like, "Wtf kind of race isn't trying to bankrupt me?" lololol

    Because tomorrow is my last long run before I race Whistler next week I begrudgingly took today off. Took the small people to the Farmer's Market, did most of the packing for the kids for next week, had several small panic attacks about whether or not my race gear game plan is going to have to change now that the forecast is calling :):) for snow (prepare for very Canadian photos out of Whistler if it does :D ) and ate my weight in salad.
    Eff rest days :#

    @JessicaMcB Don't worry about Whistler - with your training runs/terrain you have it whipped. Just go out and have fun. As a fellow runner/Albertan/ Northern Canadian - a race photo with snow is mandatory.
    I have never done one of the MEC Race series but at $15.00 I figure you can't really go wrong. Like you said their not breaking your bank account. Your Husband would probably like the price point, especially since you can signup for the complete series of events. Love all the pictures - trail and personal - facial expressions.
    @MNLittleFinn Well done on hitting your yearly goal already.
    @PastorVincent Strava Champion all measurements. That's how I felt when in the hardest part of my Mountain run training cycle - for one week I was the Elevation Champion. It all counts as a PB - right???.

    To all who wished us Canucks a Happy Thanksgiving - :):)
    Maybe we both should invest in some bubble wrap so we can bounce right back next time.
    @katharmonic I had a mental picture of the Latest in Ladies Athletic - Protective Fashionable?? :D:D Clothing.
    sarahthes wrote: »
    I signed up for the Jasper half marathon next spring. And now I definitely have to keep training over the winter!
    @sarahthes I have done Jasper twice and really enjoyed it. Try to book a Hotel close to the Jasper Park Info center as that is where they have the start line and Medal presentations. The ability to walk to the start with out taking a vehicle and fight for parking is worth it. Not to mention you have to walk past the very dangerous Bears Paw Bakery. I like the Crimson due to its location. One of the reason's I try to sign-up for lots of events especialy 10k is it keeps me motivated for training/planning.
    @ACJones82 The guy on the treadmill - picture him trying to keep up with Galen Rupp.
    Galen Rupp wins the Chicago Marathon in 2:09:20 wow he's a minute off my HM PR ha ha! Awesome.
    Don't let anyone else's speed get to you. I'm not the fastest runner by any measure, can't run the furthest, but have a lot of fun being average. There's always going to be someone just a little faster - Rupps marathon time is my HM time.@LaurenFOB2301 Welcome to Runners Anonymous - where we support and occasionally joke with some of our co-running friends. Shortly you will also be a member of Shoe Hoarders - runners hint buy the same color/brand of shoe then your significant other can't tell them apart ;) . No goal is to small or to big. It's a line in the sand, if you don't make this month, erase the sandpile and it starts all over for the next month.
    Congrats @garygse! Great race!
  • ereck44
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    So my goal for the month is 45 miles. I have a lot going on this month, including visiting my mom and my brother this month, and going to a few concerts.

    10/10...6 miles. It rained all day. I knew that I had a small window of time to run between rains. I don't mind running in a light rain or sprinkling, but hate running in pouring rain and getting my feet wet. Maybe I will overcome that some day....I don't know. I wanted to run 8 miles but knew that I couldn't get it in before darkness, and the park that I run in gets very dark when the sun sets. I ran at tempo pace which is approximately 12:20 minute miles. At first my left heel was having a little pain but it went away after running a mile. Not sure why my heel has been irritated. It felt good to run, though. I tried Spinning class and weight lifting last Thursday but still felt "edgy" at work. I am hoping that this run will do the trick.

    During the run, I saw a man sitting on the park bench, who nodded in my direction, and said that he couldn't do it (running). He was young (and wrong). It still felt good to have that acknowledgement.

    Another nurse quit at work. I probably start picking up some overtime soon. My husband and I planned a trip this weekend to see my mother and also Kansas (the band). My mother no longer cooks...so we will probably be eating out a couple of meals. Sigh! I always overeat at these visits.

    Good luck to all racing this weekend. Have a great weekend.

    10/2...4 miles.
    10/10..6 miles

    Total ...10 miles.
    Goal is 45 miles.

  • 7lenny7
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    I should know better than to go away for several days. 10 pages behind...

    @skippygirlsmom @amymoreorless and @shanaber great pics! @skippygirlsmom I hope the pain is nothing serious!
    @shanaber those fire sound horrible!
    @eponine1984 there's not one runner I know who started any differently than you did. My pace for my first 5k was over 13 minutes. It took awhile but I finally realized that the only competition I have is with myself. I didn't start running until I was 48 but I plan on running until I'm dead.
    @kgirlhart that horned toad is awesome!!
    @anitamistry1 you're looking great!
    @garygse and @ariceroni you are awesome!!! Very impressive! I've bookmarked your race reports for later reading.
    @fitoverfortymom I felt that my one ultra, a 50K with a 6:23 time, was an easier run than my one marathon with a 4:09 time. The recovery certainly was much faster...I ran 5 miles the day after my ultra! I'll likely run another marathon some day because I want to break 4 hours, but I'll be doing many more ultras.
    @WhatMeRunning interesting project! The description of the dead fish sound made me LOL
    @hanlonsk this is just a shot in the dark....are you taking low dose aspirin? I had that lightheaded issue when I started running. It was never during a run, just at random times. One time I even fainted in the kitchen, luckily not hitting my head on anything. I though perhaps my daily low-dose aspirin was making my blood too thin and quit taking it. I haven't had a dizzy spell since.
    @tomaattikastike I was up to 60 mpw before my last big race in April. After that I just run as much as I could while giving priority to other things in life I neglect during training. Summer is my downtime and I averaged just a little over 12 mpw. With my next big race in April '18, I'm not starting to build back up before my next training cycle starts in late November.
    @allyphoe I missed your first post about your concussed teen. SOrry to hear that! My son, also a sophomore, missed two months of basketball last winter because of a concussion, and that wasn't even a bad one. Hope your teen bounces back quickly.

  • 7lenny7
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    So last Friday I went out for a 6 mile night run with Kody. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! 50F and mist to start, finishing up with a light but steady rain. OMG, it was heaven (Kody definitely loved it)! Until I turned the corner for home, that is. I had a small pain in my lower calf muscle but nothing I couldn't run through, or so I thought. When I turned the corner to home it barked, big time. I ended up walking the last block, getting a bit concerned. I figure it's a strained calf muscle. This happened once before and I have to check my logs, but I think i had to quit running for a week or two.

    I skipped my long run Saturday, planning to push it to Sunday, but after mowing Sunday it was barking again, so I skipped the run. Monday came and I had to go to the shop to pick up my truck ($982 for a new rack & pinion...great) and decided to run the 2.6 miles there. It started hurting right away so I kept the pace very slow and the stride very short. I probably should have walked but I did run the whole way. By the time I got there I decided that I'd quit running until my trail HM on Saturday (followed by the AIM SPAM run), and even started planning on volunteering there if I had to. I did massage it out quite a bit when I got home.

    Then today, the pain was completely gone! Now I'm tempted to run tomorrow. Just a short run to test it out. I torn, because I really wanted to redeem myself on Saturday and the best chance of doing that is probably to lay off the running until then, but dang it, it feels great now. I'll likely go out for 3 to 5 miles tomorrow to test it out, cutting it short if I have to. The race Saturday was only $15 so I won't feel like I wasted too much money if I DNS. If nothing else, I'll get the shirt, chili and baked goods the race is offering. We'll just have to wait an see. One thing I know is that I probably won't make my goal this month.

    October Progress:
    30/110 miles
  • tomaattikastike
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    Thanks to those of you who replied to my training-without-a-goal question! I guess, when I am not training for anything specific, i.e. almost all the time, I have a tendency to run every run "by feel", and that means my pace does not vary as much as it probably should. I end up running most of my runs too fast. Looking over my strava data for the past few months, some 90% end up being just 15% - 30% slower than 10k race pace, i.e. within ~30 sec / km of each other. On the flipside, I also don't really do any really fast runs, because I am not recovered well enough. It has actually gotten a little better recently, because I did some fast runs, but my last slower run is already a few months back.

    Maybe I should challenge myself to "break out" out that window at least twice per week, once by running faster (below 4 min/km, which would be ~9% over 10k pace), and once by running slower (above 5 min/km, or ~36% over 10k pace). I already look forward to the former more than the latter, but that's why it's a challenge :)
  • Orphia
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    Not sure when I posted last, but I keep reading and clicking reactions of approval to all your wonderful efforts.

    My back is still temperamental, but I was talking with my boss and the Practice Manager today, and they (both runners) think I should definitely do my HM race on Sunday even if it sets me back two weeks ago to when my problem started and had to take a week off sick!

  • cburke8909
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    4.1 easy miles


  • PastorVincent
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    10/01 - Rest
    10/02 - 10 miles Z2
    10/03 - 9 miles easy Z2 in the heat
    10/04 - Strength + 7 miles Z3/4
    10/05 - Strength + 6 miles Z2 in the rain
    10/06 - 11 Miles Z2
    10/07 - 16 Miles Z2
    10/08 - Rest
    10/09 - 9 Miles Z2
    10/10 - 10.5 miles Z2

    Summer Goal: Get my marathon pace below 9 minutes.
    Official Marathon PR: 4:11:28

    Next Races (more as I find them):

    10/14/2017 - Stop, Drop, and Run - Fireman style obstacle course - 5km
    10/14/2017 - HAWAIIANS LOVE S.P.A.M. (Skin Protection Against Melanoma)
    05/06/18 - Pittsburgh Marathon - aiming for sub four hours.

    Nothing exciting happened on yesterdays run. Watching the weather for today, right now it is raining.
  • ddmom0811
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    @ariceroni - Congratulations! You look amazing in the photos!
    @kristinegift - hope it heals fast. Throwing a can opener -lol! I would be as cranky as you! The other day I had a student who was leaning forward in his chair and the back two chair legs were way off the ground. As I was walking behind him down the row to help someone else he suddenly leans back to sit normally, just missing my foot! I told him and the class if he had injured me and I couldn't run, I would be extremely cranky and they don't want that to happen.

    10/1 - 33 miles cycling; 1 mile run
    10/2 - rest day
    10/3 - 5.6 miles - birthday run!
    10/4 - strength training
    10/5 - 3.5 cut short by rain.
    10/6 - strength training
    10/7 - 44 miles cycling
    10/8 - 45 miles cycling
    10/9 - 4 miles
    10/10 - strength training
    10/11 - 4 miles


    AIM at Melanoma 5k - 10/14/17
    I/ITSEC 5K in Orlando - 11/29/17
    Daytona Beach HM - 2/4/19
  • icemaker1
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    100 mile goal
    41.2 miles down
  • jvcinv
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    Thank you @garygse and @ariceroni for documenting your marathon experiences so well. Both of you ran awesome races to be proud of. As I prepare for my first half marathon next month it was cool to vicariously experience your races via your posts and pictures.
  • karllundy
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    5 mile group hill run followed by a short upper body weight session.

    36.06 miles of 100.
  • lporter229
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    Those of you running quite high mileages, if you aren't preparing for a particular race, do you still follow some kind of training plan, or how do you decide how far / how fast to run each day?

    I have a generic training plan outline...

    Run 1 long run at conversational pace per week. This will help you build distance
    Run 1 "fast" run (tempo, intervals, fartleks, whatever) per week
    Take 1-2 rest days per week
    Do conversational runs a middle distance for rest of the days.

    It is essentially a distilling of all the plans I have read about over the years.

    Mostly though, the reality of life is that I run based on how much time I have not how far I want to go.

    You might also want to consider adding a day of interval training in addition to the tempos. This is where the treadmill comes in handy for me during winter months. I run outside regardless of temps, but I have one day a week where I do intervals on the treadmill. It gives me a nice break from having to do all of that layering, plus it's usually no more than 40 minutes, so it's bearable on the treadmill and the intervals help break the monotony.

    @ariceroni and @garygse -Congrats again on a great job this past weekend. You both killed it. @garygse- fantastic job on executing your race plan, which is very tough to do!

    @7Lenny7- Hope the calf issue cleans itself up and you can do your race.

    @Shanaber- I hate hearing daily about the devastation you are experiencing out there. Prayers going out for the safety and security of you and any of our other MFP friends in the area.

    @JessicaMcB and @MNLittleFinn - Eeek...looks like it's getting real for both of you now. Best of luck. I can't wait to hear your reports and especially can't wait to see photos. I am sure they will be stunning.

    @girlinahat- Is it weird that I am jealous of your dream?