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More than 100 lbs loss in 8 months & 4 days...

ChelleDee07ChelleDee07 Posts: 372Member Member Posts: 372Member Member
You can do it too!! I share this to help inspire and motivate others! I feel better! I am healthier! I am living life and enjoying every day! You can read more about my lifestyle change below as My Fitness Pal shared on their blog. Don't give up! You've Got This!! You CAN do it too!!! I am now in maintenance and doing well. I currently weigh 159 and am working more with strength training. MyFitnessPal&utm_term=Article&utm_content=Motivation&utm_campaign=20171001









  • shabanabibi1986shabanabibi1986 Posts: 51Member Member Posts: 51Member Member
    Omg. Wow! Great job.
  • StarFall90StarFall90 Posts: 135Member Member Posts: 135Member Member
    You look fantastic!
  • ChelleDee07ChelleDee07 Posts: 372Member Member Posts: 372Member Member
    Thanks y'all! I appreciate that.
  • neilgib28neilgib28 Posts: 36Member, Premium Member Posts: 36Member, Premium Member
    Wow, amazing progress!! :):)
  • ChelleDee07ChelleDee07 Posts: 372Member Member Posts: 372Member Member
    Thank y'all! I appreciate the kind compliments!
  • vkmango4vkmango4 Posts: 161Member Member Posts: 161Member Member
    Chelle I love your story! Thanks for the inspiration. You look amazing!
  • dsbooheaddsboohead Posts: 1,905Member Member Posts: 1,905Member Member
    dsboohead wrote: »
    I am truly impressed. I am no youngster and the challenges in regards to approaching seniorhood feel insurmountable.
    I do not want to be rude but how young are you and what were your challenges?
    Seeing you gave me a shot in the arm!

    I turn 44 years old tomorrow. I was between 220 and 260 (averaged 240) for almost 23 years.

    I have bad knees (they grind). I had terrible low back pain. Those were my main two challenges to overcome. Dropping the weight has helped both, but my knees are just bad. There are some days better than others of course. My low back pain has improved significantly. There were nights that I couldn't even turn in the bed because it hurt so bad... spasms. Terrible pain. I still might have some issues once in a while, but NOTHING like I used to. I also had started noticing I was wheezing at night when I laid down. Not sick or anything. My weight was the factor as once I lost weight, the wheezing stopped.

    Hope this helps.

    All I can say is......WOW!!
  • FatimaStartsAllOverFatimaStartsAllOver Posts: 292Member Member Posts: 292Member Member
    This is super awesome. Wow! Just amazing.
  • ivleafkloverivleafklover Posts: 36Member Member Posts: 36Member Member
    Awesome! You look fantastic, and you are truly my new inspiration :)
  • QueenBee2018QueenBee2018 Posts: 191Member Member Posts: 191Member Member
    Thanks for sharing! It's encouraging to hear success stories esp for ladies in my age group!
  • DiaryOfaThickFitWomanDiaryOfaThickFitWoman Posts: 406Member Member Posts: 406Member Member
    Congrats! So awesome
  • ChelleDee07ChelleDee07 Posts: 372Member Member Posts: 372Member Member
    Thanks y’all! Really appreciate it!
  • astr323astr323 Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    your eyes look so bright and clear and beautiful! congratulations on all of your hard work x
  • Calyse90Calyse90 Posts: 148Member Member Posts: 148Member Member
    You go girl!!!! #inspirational # I love your style!!!!
  • traut101202traut101202 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    Are you kidding me?? You look INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you for sharing your story, truly inspiring.
  • librarywizlibrarywiz Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Thanks for sharing! You're inspirational! I like the photo of you and your beau with your dog at your feet. Cute!
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