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Real Focus T25 Results? Anyone got a unbiased review?



  • ShanshooShanshoo Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I did T25, and I'm doing another round right now. I absolutely love it, and it got me back on track with fitness as I could hardly find excuses for not finding so little time to workout (30min a day with the cool-down period basically).

    I lost 14.4lbs, doing all 3 phases (Alpha, Beta and both Gammas). I'm doing another round (last week of Beta right now) and I'm down 22lbs total. I was already eating healthy (I basically just cut the muffins with my morning coffee and stick to 1 bread-product a day max, and starting eating less ice cream :P), and I was already within my healthy weight range (although on the higher limit of it). I assume someone who doesn't have a very healthy diet, or who's significantly overweight would lose way more than I did by simply changing their diet. I also did find that I did not lose a lot on the scale doing Alpha, but what I did lose was inches all over. I was down 1 pant size after alpha. My biggest weight loss was through Beta.

    I did not follow the nutrition program, and never purchased or even tried Shakeology, but I stayed within the 1200-1300cal range. I also had cheat days. I eat clean 90% of the time and carefully check all of my macros (including vitamins + iron + potassium etc... goals) to make sure I get the most nutrition out of my meals.

    I don't agree completely with the above comment saying "if you have to modify, why would you move on to next level". Due to previous severe injury (non-related to working out), I canno't do all the jumps or very high impact movements. This doesn't mean I wasn't ready to move on to the next level, otherwise I would have been stuck to Alpha forever, or would have injured myself. In MY case, I need to modify on some occasions to protect myself, and I know which precise workout I need to modify.

    I've tried JM workouts, BBL, P90X, gym, zumba, etc.. but I truly love T25 (short workouts) and Shaun T (very motivating). I liked Insanity, it's just too time consuming (and there's no modifier so I need to modify on my own the higher-impact moves). T25 is the one I could stick to for so long.
  • wes_sloanwes_sloan Posts: 7Member Posts: 7Member
    I will be starting Week 2 of Gamma tomorrow. I am down 19.5 pounds since I began, and I have lost 5 inches off of my waist. I didn't have a lot to lose, but I knew I needed to get myself back into shape and with my schedule this has been a perfect fit. My goal was to lose 20 pounds, and I have basically done that. I don't have time to hit the gym, but I do have 30 minutes everyday to fit in an intense workout which Focus T25 provides. I did not follow the meal plan or the calorie suggestions. I started eating 2000 calories for the first four weeks and then jumped it up to 2400. I was losing the weight too fast and was feeling weak so I needed to up the caloric intake yet remain in a deficit. I measure and weigh everything so I know what I am taking in calorie wise. My maintenance will be around 2900 and I will be starting that shortly as I have decided I need to drop a couple more pounds. I haven't decided if I will start over with Alpha and Beta again now that I am doing Gamma. There is the Gamma Hybrid I plan to follow after completing Pure Gamma which combines the strength discs from Alpha and Beta with Gamma. The results are real, but you need to stick with it. I changed my diet and my fitness. As a result I am in better shape now then I was in my 20's. It is still a work in progress, and yes, I do have days where I stray from my diet, but they have not hindered my progress in any way.
  • ColePensColePens Posts: 194Member Member Posts: 194Member Member
    T25 Review Update:

    I made it all the way through Alpha. I came in already training with a trainer and doing a lot of high impact sports-specific training. So I was well-prepared and did not have to use the modifier at all. I think every single disk is a darn good work out. Speed 1.0 is relatively the easiest, but you bust your butt for the last 10 minutes. It's a good day to add weight training if you are trying to up your game. You will sweat and get a tremendous workout each day. I highly recommend it to anyone, but this set of workouts is not for beginners. The impact you put on your body is pretty solid. I don't find the modifiers being able to deliver that same intensity. I would go elsewhere if you have to modify. I know some will disagree, but you aren't going to get the amazing results you wish for unless you are so focused on your diet and eating extremely healthy.

    The hardest workout: Total Body Circuit. There are 4 variations where you have to go into a push-up plank and do workouts through that it. At first I would have to put my knees down at least once through each section. Now I only have to put my knees down for a split 1-2 seconds on the last part of spider pushups to oblique pushups. Even the guy in the back of the DVD does it. So you can see results QUICKLY. That's pretty impressive for not adding any weight. There is just no way this workout is for beginners. To hold yourself up for that long is really difficult and challenges you beyond belief. Do not get discouraged. Fight and focus. The results will be well worth it.

    Off to Beta for me! I'm really excited to try the next round. I'll be back with an in-Beta review and a post-Beta review. Once again - I am just giving my perspective of the workouts. Like Shaun T says... even if you focus and give it your all but have to stop here and there, it's still better than not working out. But me personally, I would choose some other variations of workouts because this is some darn high tempo and high impact stuff. It's awesome, but I couldn't imagine people who don't have experience making it through and not getting hurt.

    I'm interested in an opposing view of someone who does mostly modifier workouts. Prove me wrong! I actually want to hear huge success stories with at mostly the modifier. I just cannot believe a normal person with trouble dieting would benefit. The focus would have to be so intense on eating the right foods for it to work.
  • 1141111411 Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
    i have 2 babies. severe pnd after last baby. have only 12lbs to loose but had 2 sections and am an awful shape. arms, legs, stomach, back fat. just yuk. i think gettingninto shape will help my road to recovery mentally also. whats this one like? i used to run but don't have confidence to go outside the door anymore. i need something to get me results quickly, obviously wih effort on my part. please tell me this is the way to go. please.
  • 1141111411 Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
    Anyone got a wee bit of info or advice? Thanks
  • RAxford729RAxford729 Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I have tried other programs in the past, however as they progress you end up doing multiple workouts in a day and some are 45-50 minutes long. With T-25 I have been able to find the time each day to stick with it. I moved my start day to Wednesday so that I get my double day on the weekend when it is easier to manage the extra workout. I am just over half way through Alpha, down six pounds in just under three weeks. I feel great and every time I push play I am able to challenge myself to utilize Tania (modifier) less and less. Keeps it new and more challenging each day!!! I also track my food on here everyday, even when I slip so that I am more accountable for the success/ setbacks from week to week. :-) Good luck in whichever program you decide to do.
  • trickster000trickster000 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    I just created this account because I wanted to share my experience with the program so far.

    I just switched from instanity to t25 last month and its great! I weighed over 170 lbs (5'3 height) when I started and now I'm 160 flat. (that's 1 month's worth of t25!!!)

    I do want to mention, however, that I'm not doing the diet. For that 1 month, I cut down on carbs (as in 0% carb diet), I just went back to eating brown rice this week.

    Also, I skipped month 1. I went straight to month 2(beta round) and month 3(gamma round), doing two workouts a day.
    (so note that on fridays I actually did 3 workouts, since beta has a double friday)
    and I do the stretch on saturdays and sundays.

    Right now I'm doing Gamma and Gamma hybrid at the same time.

    Not sure if this helped, but good luck with your workout.
  • S_ochoaS_ochoa Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
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  • jennifershoojennifershoo Posts: 3,209Member Member Posts: 3,209Member Member
    Bump to read all later.
  • No_GuffNo_Guff Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I've kept my calorie count to 1600, and haven't been eating bad food. I have done T25 for two weeks now exactly. I modify only for some of the jumps or if I get extremely tired..
    I haven't lost any weight :( boooo....
    I'm 277 lbs.. and 44 years old.
  • mizzzcmizzzc Posts: 347Member Member Posts: 347Member Member
    i would go to the dysfunctional parrots blog. he honestly reviews almost all Beachbody DVDs. they are honest and hilarious
  • Babygi6003Babygi6003 Posts: 356Member Member Posts: 356Member Member
    I am currently on week 10 of T25 and I love it!
  • mizzzcmizzzc Posts: 347Member Member Posts: 347Member Member
    who just realized this is a thread from 2013
  • ReverendNewmanReverendNewman Posts: 40Member Member Posts: 40Member Member
    Babygi6003 wrote: »
    I am currently on week 10 of T25 and I love it!

    Yeah, but who care? LOL It's still a good thread.
  • mrs_hamannmrs_hamann Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    I just finished Beta - I love this program. It is really easy on my knees, and I can fit it into my busy/hectic life!





    I lost 11 pounds, also, which I have been on a plateau for ages prior to doing T25!

    you look awesome!

    i've been using t25 for 3 weeks and i've seen tons of toning - i have a sedentary desk job so the morning workout is perfect for me!
  • missxsice6973missxsice6973 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    I made it all the way through Alpha only using the modifier, as I was 260+ This was January 2015. I lost 10-15 pounds. I didn't follow the diet at all. I did count calories and stayed under my goal on MFP. I had to stop because I got pregnant in April. I had my baby girl 2 months ago and just got the okay to work out again, considering I gained that 10 pounds back, I need it! I'm on day 4 week 1, and I will be doing the same thing I did back in January.
  • tattoomum81tattoomum81 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    So I am on week 2 of the programme and I have yet to weigh myself, I have also reduced my calorie intake. I tend to think two weekly weighing is sufficient and I am certainly hoping to see some results.

    I love ShaunT and his passion for the programme, I also like that you can see how hard the team around him are working too. I am working out at 6.15am every morning and pushing myself as hard as I can.

    I was an amateur boxer, so training hard like this isn't new to me, but I am sweating buckets and can feel my body working hard! I really hope I am not disappointed when I weight myself.

    My husband started the programme about 5 weeks ago and has just moved onto Beta, he has lost around 12lbs and you can see the definition starting to show through. He has also started to combine his programme with a weights programme now that the initial weight has started to come off.

    All in all I thinks its great and will update once I know my initial results.

    edited July 2017
  • ccruz985ccruz985 Posts: 638Member Member Posts: 638Member Member
    I've never had or been a coach or anything. I really love Focus T25. You cannot beat getting a full workout in 25 minutes. Shaun T is SO encouraging, he's my absolute favorite. I will tell you that no matter WHAT workout program I'm following, every single Sunday I do Lower Focus; it's church. I alternate some other days in my program with some of the workouts from Beta as well. Everything has a modifier, as long as you're putting your all into it and making sure your form is on point, you're going to see results. And hello, did I mention the part where every single workout is only 25 minutes?? One day a week you have two on deck though, I'd recommend making sure that day is a day you're off from work so that you've gotten enough rest the night before and you're not dragging @$$.
  • seachelle76seachelle76 Posts: 28Member Member Posts: 28Member Member
    I just realized how old this thread was- but I'll add my two cents. Any exercise program you stick to regularly will yield some sort of results. However- for me it is calories that matter the most when it comes to weight loss.

    I did T25 when it first came out. I thought it was a good program. I think Shaun T is a great motivator. I didn't do the diet that came with it or the shakes. When I did T25 I hadn't truly exercised in a long time. I lost some inches and felt stronger. I was only a few pounds over a normal BMI and didn't have much to lose. However- I have knee problems and exercise induced asthma- so I followed the modifier when I needed to. I still saw results.
    I enjoyed it- and it got me motivated to start exercising regularly again. It helped that it was short and I just had to follow what I was told to do without having to plan it all out myself.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking this will be some sort of miracle cure program. I see people that think a program doesn't work if they aren't dropping major pounds by the end- and tend to ignore the progress they have made. Think of programs like this to help you get back in the habit of being active.
  • amandinesandovalamandinesandoval Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Hello All,

    So I am 5.9 and weigh about 225Lbs. My thinest was 160lbs and I looked extremely unhealthy besides rock climbing I was mostly taking diet pills, I have two kids 5 and 6 and did not gain weight until the past two years. I may sound extremely big but people still tell me I look good and have an amazing looking body, somehow, not sure how. I am extremely insecure and decided to make a change on 10/02 I started T-25, I am not too sure about my weight but know I am around 225, I am really excited and already feel so much better. My thing is of course I want to get in shape but I really am afraid of losing my butt, I want my tiny waist back but would love to keep my butt, did anyone lose their behind with T-25 is it simply going to tone my body or will I lose weight as well?
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