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Do diets work?



  • DJ_Skywalker
    DJ_Skywalker Posts: 420 Member
    I just realized that our dear sweet Jane is arguing that it’s a good idea to eat cheeseburgers. I’m laughing right now.

    And it’s only the contrarian who doesn’t see the humour

    I noticed the same :smile: Even someone who may not eat at meat at the moment still understands the science here.
    Sadly, I know a few other people in real life that would argue the same as he is ... too stubborn
  • inertiastrength
    inertiastrength Posts: 2,343 Member
    Yeah, all diets work but most people don't know WHY they work so it would make sense that they have no clue how to maintain (or even get to goal if their accidental deficit isn't being created)

    CICO applies whether you count or not.
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,763 Member
    Like I said you all eat whatever you want I really don't care - but I still hold firm - a salad with chicken breast is better than a Carls jr Cheeseburger

    And a salad with a cut up cheeseburger on top is better than a double chicken rodeo sandwich from burger king.

    nice moving bar you got here - I am speaking about a chicken breast plane you are talking about a BBQ sauce covered sandwich with white bread buns

    Moving bar?

    You're the one who has been changing the context of your "perfect meal" throughout the whole conversation.

    First you were talking about chicken breast with lemon and bell pepper. Then it became salad with chicken and balsamic vinegar. Then we moved to chicken breast with some nuts and complex carbohydrates.

    Please don't talk about moving the bar.

    who said anything about a perfect meal all i said was a for the same calorie load you can get 4 times the amount of food and its more nutritious

    You're right. You never wrote "perfect," you wrote "better." My comment should have reflected that.

    The context of your "better meal" has been changing throughout the entire conversation. You should not talk about moving the bar because your comments about the "better meal" demonstrate that you have been doing it for pages and pages.