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Do diets work?



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    Like I said you all eat whatever you want I really don't care - but I still hold firm - a salad with chicken breast is better than a Carls jr Cheeseburger

    And a salad with a cut up cheeseburger on top is better than a double chicken rodeo sandwich from burger king.

    nice moving bar you got here - I am speaking about a chicken breast plane you are talking about a BBQ sauce covered sandwich with white bread buns

    Moving bar?

    You're the one who has been changing the context of your "perfect meal" throughout the whole conversation.

    First you were talking about chicken breast with lemon and bell pepper. Then it became salad with chicken and balsamic vinegar. Then we moved to chicken breast with some nuts and complex carbohydrates.

    Please don't talk about moving the bar.

    who said anything about a perfect meal all i said was a for the same calorie load you can get 4 times the amount of food and its more nutritious

    What if you can't eat 4 times the food?

    when you are trying to be fit you need the nutrients you can't get all your nutrition and a 1000 Calories burger and stay under your calorie load for the day unless you are an elite athlete that can burn those calories BTW 1000 calories is 5mile hike for the average 150 pound woman +/-

    Of course you can. Especially if - as you keep mentioning - that burger is half your Calories. I just threw together a daily meal plan that includes 10 servings of vegetables, 4 McDonald's burgers, some chicken breast, and some eggs for 2053 Cals. It has 141 g protein, 54 g fat, and 235 g carbs.

    My deficit is 2300. I’ve got room for a donut.

    You’re my hero

    I'm here for you, man.
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    that's the point - you don't need 5 servings to get the same nutrition - people will throw burgers into their DIET and then trying to understand why they are not making the same losses or gains as the person eating more nutrient dense food - Chicken - Fish - lean cuts of beef - less sugar more vegetables
    like I said I will crash and burn once in a while and indulge but its NOT part of my plan for fitness - its a deviation - and outlier

    The losses and gains are created by the amount of calories that one consumes relative to how much energy one is using. Yeah, some calorie-dense foods like burgers can make it more difficult to meet a specific calorie goal (assuming one is trying to reduce calories), but this can be adjusted for by planning other meals around the higher calorie meal or choosing a lower calorie option (not every burger has to have 1,000+ calories). There are lots of successful people here who are meeting their health, weight, and fitness goals and still having foods like burgers (or pizza or pasta or whatever food you want to believe is so inherently harmful).

    Choosing to have a burger (or a cookie or a slice of pizza or a glass of wine) isn't "crashing and burning," it's just life. And in the context of a diet that is meeting your nutritional needs (which is what everyone here is recommending), there's nothing harmful about it.

    If someone is a volume eater and wants to have larger servings of lower calorie food, that's perfectly understandable. But not everyone is like that. Some people like smaller servings of more calorie-dense food (or, like many, they mix different types of food).

    I legitimately don't understand why someone would care about the strategies that people use to meet the goals of meeting nutritional needs/calorie goals, having satiating meals, and enjoying their lives.

    Your strategy may not be my strategy. Why is that a problem?

    Its not a problem - the OP asked about diet

    Oh, what did OP ask? Maybe check the first post here again.
    a diet(in the context she was using it) is something you eventually go off of and untimely most like fail - fitness is a lifestyle a diet in her context is not a lifestyle its temporary fix to get her to a short term unsustainable goal without lifestyle changes

    Again, what is this question you were answering? Diet does not mean what you seem to think it means (i.e., inherently no concern about fitness or nutrition).
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    Someone pass the rum

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