Less Alcohol- July 2018- One Day at a Time



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    It is a beautiful journey we are all on. For each of us it is unique. We all support and care for each other and never judge. Let's continue to post what works for our individual goals. I'm positive there are many people out there who don't post but read each of our posts, and it helps them in some way. I take nuggets from each person's ideas and try to be a better person. Whether you are moderators or abstainers, continue to express your views. I will also continue to share my success and struggles without reservation.

    Being free to express what you feel, is such a rare thing. I feel more freely to express myself on this thread than in most of my personal relationships. Because it's a safe place without judgement.

    That is what makes this thread work. Like the saying goes, "It takes a village." I am so happy to be on this journey with each and every one of you. Xo

    Thank you! Well said and I agree completely! xo
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    All day at work there were a ton of motorcycles and even one looked like my late son's.

    I'm sorry. <3 Hugs

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    I had drinks on vacation but not every day and only one day had a few. Otherwise I had one glass of wine. I was also happy as I maintained my weight. I am now down to the last 5-10 lbs so worried I would have added a few pounds with eating out all the time. I plan on going AF again until all the weight is gone.

    @CSYounce I found Annie Grace's 30 day experiment so helpful on going AF for 30 days. I went to 60 days without too much struggle after the first week.
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    @lorrainequiche59 That's a good one! I have never had that happen but I am sure that it's part of human nature. You made me smile! Sorry you wasted your Sunday heading to work though!

    @donimfp Love Pellegrino and Perrier! And yes, I think that's an improvement seeing a commercial like that- basically imitating a beer commercial but with water! Awesome!

    @salleewins I read your post with sadness. Sorry you had such a tough day- and seeing those motorcycle - that is really heartbreaking.
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    Starting on Independence Day - Alcohol Free 4 days, Alcohol 1 day (shared a bottle of wine with my husband dining out). I am feeling really good about moderating. We went to a couple golf and dine event last night and happily drank my water. I appreciate all of you sharing your journey.

    Great way to start the month! Happy you are on this journey with us!
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    @norminv I'm so proud of you. I've followed your journey since January. Your determination inspires me!

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    @norminv I'm so proud of you. I've followed your journey since January. Your determination inspires me!

    thank you sweets
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    You know you have reached a good place when the thought of a drink does not cross your mind on your way back home from work....knock on wood

    Yay Norminv! I'm happy for you!
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    OMG!!! Has anyone ever lost a day while being SOBER??? I had a "Twilight Zone" moment yesterday when I woke up thinking it was Monday. I even showed up at one of my jobs for work!! The whole family was home & I asked if they were still on vacation??? I would switch my day to Thursday and they said, "NO, it's Sunday" AND I said, "NO, it's Monday!!" I KNOW whoever it was recently that made a suggestion to me "#1 put down the wine," is likely thinking the same thing right now if they are reading this, but this was a stone-cold, sober moment!!

    It frieked me out! I began to consider early-onset dementia but then thought that I didn't actually forget what day it was, I just thought it was a different day. LOL I remember having a dream about work the night before & when I awoke thought it was Monday. I don't normally listen to the radio & never looked at the day on my devices, not even the date....I'm driving through town thinking WOW, it's pretty quiet today, maybe everyone's on vacation.....little did I know that my brain was on vacation! Too funny!!

    Oh well, now today feels like "Groundhog Day!!" If anyone has had any kind of similar experience, please share.

    Count me in on this one. This happens when there has been a long tiring stretch of work with extra work days and more demanding clients or something for me. I totally forgot about another extra commitment with work or it got botched up somehow just this last week. I was really wondering about my memory then. I know all the heavy drinking has not helped me. It is going on 6 mo. sober and will be the 23rd. I am sure years of drinking, some heavier than others and some with years sober in between was still too much for me. When my schedule is off with work, can't get my daily water in or even plan how to do it because the clients are so demanding at times, then I can expect an off day. This groundhog thing happens to the best of us anyways at times without the drinking history. I am sure. Anyways we are either abstaining or moderating and trying to improve our health by doing this. I am sure our liver function, other organs are repairing and brain cells are increasing as we speak.