Ladies only before and afters!



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    [IG removed by MFP Staff]

    This cannot be the same woman?!!!
    How long was your process and did you require skin removal surgery? I only ask cause this is extreme weight loss on steroids!!!

    I’m getting a tummy tuck in January and I assure you it’s the same lol [IG removed by MFP Staff]
    I post all my food and stuff there :)

    I’m so going to need a tuck as well. Lots of loose skin. Looks like you’ve already planned yours. Can you please pm about it? 🤗 great job you totally deserve it!
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    Ugh you ladies look amazing!! You can see the health and happiness and it's super motivational. Awesome, awesome work!!!
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    You all look amazing!

    How do you get your picture to post in the thread?
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    alloyd815 wrote: »
    How do you get your picture to post in the thread?


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    My last update!

    You look so much healthier and happier! Well done!