Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 48



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    @eminater sure thing but I just realised that my email is wrong because I have a letter b at the end. Going to delete this account and go use my new one that I'll use on here under @Grebber1
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    ROUND 6 FOR ME - Female 58 yrs old 5’ 5” Midwest USA Original starting weight 235 on 1/11/18

    ………We are fierce and so we fight………

    Goals: 1. To be an inspiration to my 22 year old Autistic son who started his weight loss journey on May 1, 2018 weighing 308.4 . (He weighs in about once per week)
    2. 3 lb loss to land at 183.8 or less for myself
    3. No Bingeing
    4. No “cheat days” only “Earn days”. No “Earn Days” only “Earn Meals” which are much easier to bounce back from.
    5. 10,000 steps per day. Mixed modes of exercise.
    6. Lots of water, green tea daily, apple cider vinegar before carby meals.
    7. Check my blood sugar daily for improvements.

    My Stats:
    R43 SW= 193.8 EW= 195.6 +1.8 lbs Gain
    R44 SW= 195.6 EW= 192.4 - 3.2 lbs Loss
    R45 SW= 192.4 EW= 191.4 - 1.0 lbs Loss
    R46 SW= 191.4 EW= 186.0 - 4.4 lbs Loss
    R47 SW= 186.0 EW= 186.8 +0.8 lbs Gain
    R48 SW= 186.8 EW= TBD


    7/27 188.4 Self Sabotage during and after a night out with friends yesterday. My own fault, no excuses. Ate 166 Net Carbs, 1972 Calories In / 2675 Out. 11 of 13 step hours (250) on fitbit. Walked 3.98 miles with 9,393 steps. Did great today so tomorrow’s stats should be much better. Socializing makes it tough!
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    This is my 1st Round

    1. stay under calorie goal and tweek meals
    2. up water intake
    3. increase exercise
    4. get enough sleep

    7/27: 259 up a bit from early in the week but I have been slowly losing; my weight fluctuates alot so we'll see about tomorrow.
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    @denswrex, Welcome to the group. I love your long term goals and non food rewards. You can do this.
    @quiltingjaine I didn't edit it from the last round. Lol! I noticed this morning and fixed it. By the by, I also track my average weight for the downward trend. It has helped me take a much healthier attitude to the daily ups and downs on the scale. The scale is now a valuable tool rather than an enemy. After all, it just reflects my actions.