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  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 2,975 Member Member Posts: 2,975 Member
    whitpauly wrote: »
    Good morning all! Last time I posted in December, I was 8 days in again, but I gave up rather quickly around the holidays. However, I'm now at 21 days, which is the longest stretch since my 3 month stint that ended in June. I feel like a switch flipped- as if something changed in me that just said, 'I'm sick of it.' I had a couple thoughts/cravings in the first 2 weeks, but it was easy to dismiss them considering wanting to have another baby. I still think ' Do I really want to make it forever?' but I figure if I hang on long enough, the desire will go away and that thought may become a thing of the past. I'm pleased that I stuck with things despite no rapid weight loss or increase in energy. Hope everyone has a great AF day!

    Awesome job! 6:45 am in Vegas another 24 💖 omg I had the worst night of sleep last night,it was awful hope I can get thru work ok

    I feel for you. I didn't sleep well at all last night and today I was yawning and so tired. I hope tonight we both sleep better! <3
  • RubyRed427RubyRed427 Member Posts: 2,975 Member Member Posts: 2,975 Member
    lloydrt wrote: »
    Hi Ruby Red . The student( drunk driver ) that killed my cousin is in jail as well....sad, he left a school party drunk and hit my cousin on his motorcycle head on at 2 30 am in the cousin Scott was a stage manager for a theatre and was in charge of clean up and putting things away after the event is over...........He had 2 sons and one one on the way when he was killed....A hard working father that loved his wife and children........worked all the time to support his family, only to be killed so tragically

    ...I think the 17 year old driver was in the 11th grade. Not sure, but I think hes still sitting in prison.........sad. My poor aunt whose son Scott was killed by a drunk driver also had a second son who was t boned in his van by a drunk and killed him too.......she had to bury 2 sons about 8 years apart ..........and the toll its taken of her and the family is indescribable.....I am so thankful that I dont drink..........nothing can make me go back to what Ruby describes, about waking up with a racing heart and feeling horrible,.that is what happened to me when I drank 2 or more glasses of wine...........good luck to all, Ill keep you all in thought...

    I'm just rereading your post tonight. It makes me so sad. But it is also important to hear how devastating drunk driving is.
  • MCinChicagoMCinChicago Member Posts: 11 Member Member Posts: 11 Member
  • JenT304JenT304 Member Posts: 743 Member Member Posts: 743 Member
    Wow Lorraine! Awesome! Congratulations to you!
  • salleewinssalleewins Member Posts: 1,582 Member Member Posts: 1,582 Member
    Good Evening Everyone: Hoping it is a good one! <3

    I decided to peek at my Quit Drinking app and am wishing I would have socked my weekly wine budget away cause I would have saved $3,472.00...I've been AF for 607 days and 18 hours LOL and have saved my liver & other vital organs 2170.5 glasses of vino...Now, that was the conservative guestimate when I set my stats up on this we are looking at an average. Unbelievable to me liver is doing cartwheels at the moment :D

    Awesome to see this accomplishment!!
  • salleewinssalleewins Member Posts: 1,582 Member Member Posts: 1,582 Member
    lloydrt wrote: »
    Lorraine..............My ASGOT, which is my liver enzymes has dropped from a moderate level of 44 down to 24..........awesome, my liver thanks me too.............I was a moderate drinker, not a heavy drinker, but noticed red flags.............waiting to have my 2 - 3 glasses of nightly wine or scheduling things to not interfere with it.............glad its in the past, best wishes to all

    Great going!!
  • salleewinssalleewins Member Posts: 1,582 Member Member Posts: 1,582 Member
    Aporia1983 wrote: »
    Today I have been sober for six months! I'm so proud of myself. This is the longest I've been sober in over twenty years and I can honestly say that I love it. I've rekindled my passion for fitness and healthy eating, I have more energy and sleep better and am completing goals that I've set for myself. It's cool to see this thread pop up today. Congratulations for all those who are living alcohol free for whatever reasons you have. It's a very individual choice. Mine was made because it was either get sober, or end up dead. Life is totally worth living!

  • lorrainequiche59lorrainequiche59 Member Posts: 860 Member Member Posts: 860 Member
    So glad to see such encouraging comments...I love this thread and am so thankful for all of the support and encouragement we receive from each other. <3

    Welcome are in a good spot. Happy that you found us!

    Hoping everyone who is attending Superbowl functions this weekend have success sticking to your goals.
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