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    @RubyRed427 Its been a long time since I have felt the pull to have a drink and I am not as regimented as I was in the beginning, but I found planning early morning exercise or projects helped me forego the drinks in the evening. I started running in my 60s and my 7 AM runs mandated no drinks the night before. We vacation in Florida and I am in the pool swimming laps for an hour every morning when it opens at 7 and then I run. As a 70s plus I am too tired at night to drink :*
    Generally my point if you have something you do every morning a fitness tape a run an early aerobics class it helps you forego the drinks the night before.
    I just turned 72 and a good friend who considers himself a moderate drinker asked me " what would you give up to have an occasional drink?" I wouldn't give up my health my running or swimming my check ups where my Drs come in and say everything is good. I have prioritized my life and alcohol just didn't make the list as things to do. You are considerately younger than I am and my only regret is having waited till I was 60 to regain my life.
    You can do this and your counselor is right if you are doing great 85% of time focus on that and not the 15% of the time you might have a slip

    My counselor says the same thing.. arrange something that I will look forward to the next day and drinking won't fit in with that goal. I email the counselor every day and she always responds. I also have been writing down five things I'm grateful for every day. I like when you said you prioritized your life.

    Yep,I always try to plan something happy even if it's a marathon of my fave show🤷 buying myself a small treat things like that,hubs and I were talking about addiction last night and I told him you hafta be happy just "being" and be happy with your own company,it took me a looooong time to get to that,idle time used to make me so darn edgy I'd drink to avoid it, Loraine I bought some blackstrap mollasses supposed to be good,I also wish Peri would pass so I wouldn't have the heavy bleeds to deal with 😤 I think that would help alot,have a nice day all💗
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    It's awful Lorraine, even now it's TOM and I just feel drained, I have a doc appointment on Tuesday I wonder what they're gonna say, I feel tons of resentment toward them cuz I've been dealing with these symptoms for years but when I'd ask for tests they'd only run a basic panel, it took me going to an independent lab for allergy tests and I decided to get my ferritin level tested on my own cuz I just knew something wasn't right, I just shouldn't feel too exhausted to cook dinner some days, anyways ferritin is at an 8 which is very low, anyhoo I always blamed my fatigue on drinking and kept thinking the longer I stay sober the better if feel, nope, I often wonder if the drinking made my iron low, cuz I know it strips everything out especially with the digestion problems it causes me, 6:39 am in Vegas another 24 💖 hope everyone is doing well!

    Drinking has made my iron on the low side. Drinking strips the b vitamins and I believe we need B12 to help with the iron levels. Also B12 helps with the energy. I have started taking iron every day with the B's. The same thing happens at my Dr's.They neglect & forget many things. I really have even wanting someone new. Maybe you, too as we have to watch the resentments? I have learned that I can't afford a resentment or lingering anger as the average person.

    I don't have insurance so I go to the Native American clinic we have available as tribal members and while I'm grateful to at least have that I know their budget is small and I also know that alot of them are P.A's so I'm sure they do the best they can,I should have been more involved in my previous lab panels but tbh I was still drinking here and there last time and I just was wondering about my liver mostly not much else🙄
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    Welcome, @stephanne13. I hope you recover from your injury soon. Please continue to check in with us and let us know how you are doing. My mother broke her ankle in 3 places a few years ago and I remember it was a real ordeal for her. I feel for you!
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    @lloydrt Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate them.
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    Thank you, RR.
    Is everyone all right? Seems to have been extra quiet these past couple of days..
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    HI ALL :D I was away dog sitting this week and didn't come onto MFP the entire week!! It's like I had giant brain fart and the wheels fell off the cart...can I blame it on menopause and the sketchy memory syndrome? It's nice see new & old faces and great comments, but it seems like it has been fairly quiet here all week.

    @stephanne13 Yikes, Terrible you said a "wake-up call." Hope you can get the support you need here...lots of good references to articles, videos etc that has really helped me to fight the fine fight. In 3 more months I'll be 2 years AF and it feels like this is just my life now. The first 6 months was the worst for me and then after a year, it has become really normal. I really like not drinking. I should say, I like not "problem drinking." If I could drink I would, but I can't LOL (I think that was a Craig Ferguson line from his blurb about his alcohol problem) I have a definite problem with it & I never want to forget that. I hope you find what works for you. <3
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    Loved that i found this post... been alcohol free for 150 days today ! Found it so hard as drunk (heavy) every single day ... ive been seeing a counsellor and im actually seeing life without alcohol more clearer ... my brain still has its mishaps thinking i can handle just one drink... but im a all or nothing .. so all my energy is going into my calorie counting and controlling life in another direction !

    Congratulations of 150 days AF ~ I'm all or nothing also & I know there are others here can relate to that. I can also relate to the daily drinking habit for too many years. I'm glad you are getting some therapy around your drinking issue. It sounds like you're doing great. This thread is a great resource and I really hope you continue to share your ups & downs with us. <3
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    @RubyRed427 Congrats on the new digs...I'm excited for you!! <3
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    @JenT304 I hope the dietician is the motivator you are looking's such a struggle trying to get a handle on the weight thing...I do really good and then I fall off the wagon for a bit then on then off...I drive myself crazy!!! BUT we are still fighting to get control and that's what counts...keep us posted on your progress. <3
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    @lloydrt Your comments are always so encouraging...and yes, honesty is the best policy and I too really appreciate the honesty here, because we are here for each other and the only way that will work is if we are real with ourselves and with each other. :D

    OK, I'm done now...enough from moi LOL <3
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    So happy for you @RubyRed427 on the house purchase. Hope all is well with all of you!
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