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What Was Your Work Out Today?



  • Whey116Whey116 Posts: 182Member Member Posts: 182Member Member
    Wednesday: p90x back and biceps
  • RunnerGirl238RunnerGirl238 Posts: 321Member Member Posts: 321Member Member
    4 miles at 9:22 pace with 30-60 second strides throughout at 8:40

    Leg day

  • kellie7850kellie7850 Posts: 50Member Member Posts: 50Member Member
    1000m pool swim
  • rossbaker2_scrossbaker2_sc Posts: 29Member Member Posts: 29Member Member
    1 min planks with toes on box
    65 box push ups
    70 renegade rows (35 reps per arm)
    65 DB seated rows
    70 DB bent over rows (35 reps per arm)
    65 concentration curls per arm
    1 min bicycle crunches
    1 min sit-ups
    1 min sit-ups with one leg bent and one in leg raise position (each side)
    1 min knees side to side in tabletop position
    1 min plank

    Split the high rep activities into sets of 10 or 15 with a 5 second break between sets and 30 second break between exercises
  • hmartin3788hmartin3788 Posts: 3Member Member Posts: 3Member Member
    Plus some rowing work
  • sammidelvecchiosammidelvecchio Posts: 341Member, Premium Member Posts: 341Member, Premium Member
    Monday and Tuesday - 40 minutes of The Fitness Marshall on You Tube! 563 cals burned Monday, 455 cals yesterday. Absolutely love that channel!
  • J72FITJ72FIT Posts: 4,845Member Member Posts: 4,845Member Member
    Yoga, dead hangs, handstand wall holds, grease the groove handstand pushups and pull-ups and jump rope.

    Shoulders and upper back tonight...
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  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 24,635Member Member Posts: 24,635Member Member
  • firef1y72firef1y72 Posts: 1,218Member Member Posts: 1,218Member Member

    6am sprints with PT and her resistance band

    3.1mile mixed terrain run (was supposed to be 8 easy miles but too hot)

    Benching, pyramids from 37-46kg, finished with [email protected]
    Close grip bench [email protected] (45 sec rest between sets)
    Decline sit up to press (5kg) 2x10
    Decline sit up to Russian twist (5kg) 2x10

    Decline press ups 3x10

    I'll be doing zumba tonight.

    Today is day 3 of my bootcamp week, its 2:40pm and so far I've taken 28148 steps and burnt 1456 active calories (I've also done the school run and walked in to town and back to do shopping) fully expecting to hit 40000 steps and 2000 active calories by the time I walk home from zumba
  • Integrity_lifeIntegrity_life Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
    All with no more than 10 seconds of rest between.
    6 x 15 incline press
    6 x 12 flat bench
    6 x 15 dips
    6 x 12 cable flies
    8 x 25 laterial raises
    15 mins cycling.
  • aokoyeaokoye Posts: 2,102Member Member Posts: 2,102Member Member
    Learn to scull class 2 - on the water this time! Really flat water as well. I spent 2/3 of practice in a quad and the last third in the launch. Apparently the reach for the stars goal was to get us up to 3 people rowing at once, but we went straight from 2 to 4 and it went very well. I think the plan is to take out 3 doubles next Wednesday.

    I have also learned that my "adding in two days of swimming" plan that I tried last week was a bad. idea. Energy wise I ended up exhausted and that carried through to this week. There were potentially some other mitigating factors as well, but it's safe to say that, physically, swimming was the big one. As a result I'm dialing down the amount of exercise this week to four days of rowing on the water and maybe one erg session (I'll probably cox tomorrow if not Saturday so it's more like three days on the water). I'll add in the second day of erging next week and think about adding in a single day of swimming the week after. I'll stick with that for a month and if it's feeling good I'll add in a second day.
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  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 1,844Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,844Member, Premium Member
    5/22/2019 - morning workout (atypical) at local park -

    #1 = Alternating weighted pull-ups and chin-ups with 20kg KB - 3 rep rounds every 3:00 - completed 9 rounds in 23:49 - 3rd reps were better than last time doing same workout. Will keep same load and interval next time but have my eyes set on gravitating to a 24kg KB in the next month.

    #2 = Double 20kg KB complex (swing, clean, rack squat, overhead press) x 5 equals one round every 3:40 - completed 5 rounds in 15:07. Compare to previous same KB complex on 5/10/2019 in 15:07 - slightly better average HR stats today - will lower interval to 3:30 or 3:35 next time and crack sub-15 minutes completion next time.
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  • pierinifitnesspierinifitness Posts: 1,844Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,844Member, Premium Member
    Nice job @quiksylver296 and good northerly flight with the OHP given what you were lifting. What was the load?
  • quiksylver296quiksylver296 Posts: 24,635Member Member Posts: 24,635Member Member
    Nice job @quiksylver296 and good northerly flight with the OHP given what you were lifting. What was the load?

    90 lbs
  • CentaurusSoterCentaurusSoter Posts: 354Member, Premium Member Posts: 354Member, Premium Member
    1 x 10 Reps Squats
    1 X 10 Reps Squats
    5 miles Pyramids
    1 x 10 Reps Squats
    1 X 10 Reps Squats
    5 miles Pyramids
    1 x 10 Reps Squats
    1 x 10 Reps Squats

    300 in 30: Day 22
    010|300 Miles - 31:53
    020|300 Miles - 29:19
    030|300 Miles - 29:45
    040|300 Miles - 30:40
    050|300 Miles - 31:12
    060|300 Miles - 30:59
    070|300 Miles - 29:33
    080|300 Miles - 30:34
    090|300 Miles - 29:52
    100|300 Miles - 34:00
    110|300 Miles - 31:53
    120|300 Miles - 30:28
    ----Birthday Break----
    130|300 Miles - 30:36
    140|300 Miles - 32:10
    150|300 Miles - 30:30
    160|300 Miles - 31:47
    170|300 Miles - 29:12
    180|300 Miles - 30:35
    190|300 Miles - 32:38
    200|300 Miles - 30:55
    210|300 Miles - 30:24

    Feelin' alive. HR was rocking in the 140-150 range thanks to the fast and deep squats. Mid-tier RPM on Pyramids kept it going well with a max resistance finish as always.

    Add to that, Kayak sales going on for Memorial Day, so I think it's the perfect time before the Fourth for me to buy. Things are lookin' up for ol' Liz Lemon.
  • jnomadicajnomadica Posts: 201Member Member Posts: 201Member Member
    1 mile brisk walk with the dogs
    1 mile brisk incline walk on treadmill
    At home Krav Maga practice since I’ll miss class tonight.
  • sweetbe44sweetbe44 Posts: 75Member, Premium Member Posts: 75Member, Premium Member
    Glutes, back, biceps
  • snuff15eesnuff15ee Posts: 36Member, Premium Member Posts: 36Member, Premium Member

    11 Box Jumps
    11 Burpees
    11 Bench bottom pistol squats (ea leg)
    11 Burpees
    11 Split squat jumps
    11 Burpees
    11 Plyometric clap pushups
    11 Burpees
    11 Hand stand pushups
    11 Burpees
    11 Plank walk-outs
    11 Burpees

    Completed in 10:44
  • Whey116Whey116 Posts: 182Member Member Posts: 182Member Member
    Thursday: Insanity Pure Cardio
    This gets my heart pumping every time!
  • amorfati601070amorfati601070 Posts: 1,023Member Member Posts: 1,023Member Member
    Felt pretty fresh


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