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    Log all foods daily
    Try to do some exercise ( however little)daily
    Wegh less than my present 133 kg
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    Shoes usually stay on in the house or out of the house.
    It's becoming common in the UK to remove your shoes when you enter a house, though not universal as it is in Scandinavia. Most of my friends automatically do. I have some hotel slippers somewhere in my boxes to offer people, though many are happy in socks. I often take my slippers to houses. I think it's a great habit, but sometimes it means I can't wear a particular outfit, like a mid length skirt, because it only looks right with the right length boots. On occasion I find this frustrating, though I usually wear trousers (pants). What is the norm in the US? ??

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    Thank you Barbie! Please share pics of snowflake hats?

    Tracey ditto Carol. Love the ornament especially the pearlescent aurora borealis.
    Michele gas @ $1.96 ?!? did you have to drive through a time warp to get in line? Please tell us how to make the tree appetizer?
    Karen in VA great goals! Holding good thoughts for Bailey. Like you I try not to tap retirement savings except for really big ticket emergencies. Wonderful win-win with the leaves. Best of all is that your grandson feels his teachers like him. Starting with YOU Gran! :love:

    Welcome Bonnie in TN, TubbyYO!

    Daily: walk one more step, 60 g protein, meditate, knee exercises, 10 minutes play training Tumble.
    Twice weekly: core, SWSY upper, SWSY lower
    Weekly: hang or purge 1 piece of art
    Bonus: AF day

    Nov: walk one more step 63%, 60 g protein=77%, rx/vits=77%, meditate 80%, knee exercises=83%, SWSY up 13%, SWSY low 10%, core=13%, Tumble=37%, hang up or purge art 25%, AF 77%
    Oct: walk one more step 74%, 60 g protein=71% rx/vits=58% meditate 42%, knee exercises=42% SWSY 0% core=13% Tumble=19% hang up or purge art 0/0, AF 77%

    Since November goal was to improve percentages, and all but steps improved, I'm pleased.

    December goals, Keep improving those percentages and keep eyes on New Years Eve Dr. appt.

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    walk one more step 18/29, 60 g protein 22/29, rx/vits 22/29, meditate 23/29, knee exercises 24/29, SWSY UP 4/8, SWSY LOW 3/8, core 4/8, play with Tumble 11/29, hang up or purge art 1/4 AF 22/29.
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    Here we go again. Hoping to make lasting changes.
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    Good morning all! Happy Saturday! I slept in until 7:45 and it felt good. Turned on the tv to watch the morning news and saw that former Pres. George H.W. Bush has passed away. I agree with what Karen VA said about him, "...a life well lived" and his love for his wife and family was inspiring! Touches my heart that he passed eight months after his wife did. Same as my parents. Mom in March of '93 and dad in November of '93.
    Barbie- Thank you for taking us into December! I will have to add "think about my 2019 word" to my goals for this month! Glad to hear Jake is getting around more and feeling a little better!
    Karen VA- Sorry to hear about your pup being sick; but glad a vet was able to get in and see him and diagnose and treat him.
    Lanette- My sister in law wears Birkenstocks all of the time. Even to dressy events because she tends to wear long flowy pants. She says that "she is too old to let vanity and silly shoes make her hurt all day/evening."
    Heather- regarding the sock issue. I always thought that long "boot socks" would look good with a skirt while in a house and having shoes off. You know, the ones with the cute lace or button cuff? Or perhaps a tall slouchy sock/stocking? Like you, I am more of a pants person. Nothing like a great pair of slacks and cute top!
    Penny- Gah! The beauty that surrounds you! Absolutely breathtaking! Please take a couple of deep breaths for me next time you are out walking. <3
    Thank you all for the kind words and being the calming voices in regards to the ultrasound. I will be breathing my way through the weekend and the week as I wait for scheduling to call me and set up the next appointment.

    I just went back to look for my November goals and it seems I never posted any??!!
    December goals:
    log every bite
    prep my one pound bags of veggies for each day
    boost my water (because I don't feel as thirsty in the winter)
    deny myself nothing; but enjoy a small bite of everything
    treadmill or walk when I am not shoveling
    don't sweat the small stuff/ everything is small stuff
    my word for 2018 is "resilience"; choose a word for 2019

    Well, I better hop in the shower and get out and get my errands run. Then I can hole up inside (freezing rain coming this weekend) and decorate. Love and hugs to you all, sweet dear friends! <3B) ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    Barbie thank you for starting us again. I feel like you are all a part of my life now and miss you when I don’t check in for a day or so.

    Michele - your laundromat is cheaper than mine, we get 20 minutes for 1.00 (loonie coin in Canada) it usually take 2 rounds for towels and jeans, but one for lighter items. The washers are 4.00 per load. I spend about $20 there ever two weeks and fear I will be doing so again all this winter as we’re pretty sure our electrical panel need upgraded before trying to run a dryer again.

    Heather - I was raised that you remove your shoes when you enter a house and most of my family and friends are the same. My Mom and Grandmother’s had inside shoes right inside the door they would change into. I prefer bare feet to anything, although I do have s pair of ballet style slippers of the floor is cold in winter. I love to entertain and am missing that aspect of my life since we moved to a home that doesn’t fit enough people,

    Karen - your Gtandson is so fortunate to have you being his supporter.

    Penny I truly enjoy hearing about your life and seeing the beautiful pictures.

    Well November seemed to fly by and I did not meet one goal. It was a pretty intense month with getting shoes going. Finding out I am losing my job, hubby ending his seasonal employment. December I will get back on track and prioritize my health and fitness.

    I have a show today at the local rec centre. Have two new ornaments with the Northern Lights. I am enjoying the pencil crayon technique. After the show I have invited my grands for a sleepover. We are going to the Santa Claus parade after supper. We will come home, have some hot chocolate, maybe a Christmas show then bed. Tomorrow we will be putting up and decorating our tree. Last year with all of our shows I didn’t get to enjoy the little things, I am determined to not miss them this year.

    Thank you all for the compliments on the ornament.
    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Barbie ... thank you

    Kelly ... praying all will be well

    Penny ... I agree with Kelly ... astounding beauty! Thank you for sharing your photos.

    November Goals ... I had wanted to maintain October's 6 pound loss and lose 3-4 pounds in November. I maintained the October loss but two pounds keep disappearing and reappearing ... so I cannot claim a loss in November.

    December Goals ... I really want to get into the New Year without New Weight. So my goal is, at minimum, to weigh the same. Ideally lose 3-4 pounds. This will take a concerted effort to be very mindful of what I put in my mouth. Food prep. Logging. Water Drinking.

    Word for 2018 ... has been "Will." I will log my food. I will make important health appointments. Etc. I will need to think about my 2019 word! :)

    Beth near Buffalo
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    :)Karen in VA Thank you for the site that lists places to send knitted items.

    :)Cari, There is a lot more need for hats in Washington so I've been fortunate to find places to donate them. One year a line dance friend collected enough knitted hats to donate for all the kids in the local Head Start. Now I have a friend who takes hats to the local agency that helps homeless and other needy people. They are always happy when she brings them in. One year I mailed a box of hats to "Hats for the Homeless" in NYC.

    :) I will post a picture of my snowflake hat later.

    <3 Barbie
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    November was not a good month for me weight wise. I ate too many foods that I knew would cause me to gain and I did gain at least 4 more lbs. One thing that did not help was me not weighing every morning as soon as I woke. I did not want to see the results so I didn't weigh. So, I have made myself weigh for the last 3 days and will keep up my old routine again. One thing that has made me upset is the fact that for the last 2 or 3 yrs I have stayed at a steady weight and did not gain any more. During the last 6 months several new pounds have crept up and I hate it.

    Heather, reading about all the meals and cleaning that must be done this months made me feel anxious. You are to be admired for being able to handle it with grace and aplomb. I could not do it....No Way!

    Barbie, thanks for keeping us all going!

    Welcome to all the new people! :)

    Carol in GA

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    Barbie - I failed to thank you for starting us off. Thank you for being the glue that holds us together.

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    LisaInAR wrote: »
    I asked my husband last night what was wrong with us, as while we were watching yet another home improvement show, yet another couple said, "We have to rip all this out, because we need to room to entertain." We don't entertain. Pretty much ever. So, I live vicariously through you. And, while I was not a "take your shoes off when you come in" person when we met, my husband the Alaskan was, so now we do that. Alaskan mud rooms are a thing, where there's a form of entryway where you can take off your boots and coats, etc., and it really does keep the house and rugs much cleaner. Since we don't entertain, we also don't go to other people's houses much either, so I have no idea if lots of other people do that.

    :) I watch the home remodeling shows, too, and enjoy watching the process but can't imagine needing all the space for entertaining (having three guests for Thanksgiving was the biggest entertaining we did all year). I also can't imagine having someone else choose the furniture and decorative items in my house. Everything I own has its own special story of how and where we got it and if doesn't have a meaningful story, it probably doesn't stay.

    :) We tried a plan for taking our shoes off at the door when we bought a new RV and soon realized that it was a lot of trouble for us and didn't keep the floors clean because the dogs brought in so much stuff on their feet. My feet are always cold, so I wear shoes to keep my feet warm, but Jake takes his shoes off. Before we had dogs, I wore Birkenstocks almost year round, but now with having to walk dogs so often, I don't like having to change my shoes every time I take them out where the grass is usually wet. We don't go to other people's homes very often, but there are some who clearly want shoes removed at the door. I am always cold in their homes with my shoes off.

    :)<3 Barbie
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    edited December 2018
    Good thread!
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    Pip - you are awesome. (((HUG)))) <3

    There, I'm done, lol. Compliment and hug finished for the day!! B)

    Actually this is a great idea!! Thank you for posting it!

    SW WA State
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    gwnxsxl2hqwn.jpg This goes with the kindness calendar.
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    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD. Gas was down to $1.89 here yesterday. Hubby filled both cars. :)

    Janetr OKC