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    Morning, afternoon and evening all...

    Getting my brain in gear to get some bread dough going, hoping the mixer doesn't wake up the husband and son, but they'll get over it as soon as they figure out why and go back to sleep. Throwing a few handfuls of wheat flour in this morning's batch... and may make a second batch to make adobo rolls. My husband made a kind of Chinese adobo last night, basically beef roast cut into cubes and then in the slow cooker for hours with tons of spices, fresh ginger, garlic, onion, and whatever else we had around. Tasted amazing.

    After the fresh bread dough has risen the first time, you form flat rounds, add a few tablespoons of the beef mixture, pinch them closed and let them rise again, and bake like any other roll. Spicy meat mixtures make the best rolls, no matter what the spice mixture. They just have to be fully cooked, but can be anything that doesn't have a ton of liquid in it... tried it with chili once, and that's just a big old mess. :smiley:

    Welcome to everyone who's new - come back and join the conversation anytime you like...

    The pictures are amazing, thank you Penny, Rebecca, everyone who's posting them. Landscapes make me happy, and your faces (and those of the grands and great grands) bring an even bigger smile.

    Beth, thank you for the words from Rose Kennedy - as Karen said, Rose lost so many children and grandchildren. I cannot even imagine how she kept going. We all grieve in our own way and need to be given space to do that. I've never understood why people try to tell us how we should feel. There are no rules.

    OK, my first cup of coffee is onboarded, time to get the second one doctored up (if coffee actually tasted like it smells, this WOULD be a perfect world) and get the bread going at the same time.

    Love y'all,
    Hope Sunday is/was peaceful for all,
    Lisa in Arkansas
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    NYKAREN Great quote.

    Pip A black lab light bulb, a Woody, and a skeleton? Interesting, interesting. My ornaments are much less intriguing.

    Janetr Is Mia checking her sister's diaper for poopy? :D:D:D

    Lisa Those meat pies sound amazing. I can smell the delicious aromas wafting through your kitchen today. Yum.

    Karen in Virginia hopping in the shower on her way to work this morning
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    Good morning all! Happy Sunday! I got my errands run yesterday and did all of my food prep. Veggies are all washed and bagged and ready to eat. I also made a chicken salad for my hubby to nibble on throughout the week and a ham with potato soup for the both of us, as we are both still feeling the crud of colds. Today I clean, put together the play house and finish my deco! I will post pics later.
    Pip- I love the kindness calendar! EAsy things to do for others, but it is nice to have something to keep "being nice" in the front of your mind.
    Janet- The girls are adorable! That Mia! She sure has a mischievous twinkle in her eyes!
    REbecca- Isn't it fun sending packages? I love the thought of our loved ones opening it and seeing all of the treats inside! Hugs to you as you prepare for the holidays!
    Betsy- Some one who would ask when you will get over it, is some one who has never experienced that kind of loss. Grief has to run it's course and it takes time and changes over time. You are not on a clock for grieving because it is different for everyone. Sending you love and thoughts/prayers for peace and comfort. Remembering the laughter with your son is the best way to remember him! <3
    Lisa - I think your thoughts on coffee should be engraved on your headstone! lol

    Well, I better get busy! Cold and rainy this morning and I want to put in some time on the treadmill as I will be inside all day.
    ttfn xoxoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    <3<3 Hi all!

    Janetr - Precious photos! Those GGCs are adorable. <3 How blessed we are.

    My new trainers have just arrived. I've put some chalk paint on the back of my old ones so I can tell the difference. They are the same ones, bright pink! :D:D:D:D

    Yesterday I got sent a 20% off offer for furniture and I saw online a very nice hook and mirror set which was perfect for the spot in our hall. We have had no luck looking for an Arts and Crafts hall stand, so I persuaded DH to buy the hooks. It's in an industrial old railway style. :D It's our Christmas present to each other. Amongst my pictures I have an old railway map with a wooden surround that was originally from an old train carriage. I will try to resurrect it and place it on the adjacent wall. At the moment the corner of the wooden frame is broken and the glass is loose, but I kept it because I really like it. I love railways.

    One small thing I am grateful for in our new house is that it doesn't seem to get dusty! In our old home, in the countryside, things would get dusty within a week, but I've hardly had to dust at all here. Is it the sea air? The better double glazing? Anyway, it's great!
    We also love watching the birds and the squirrel every morning while we are having breakfast. We have rigged up feeders, which the birds are enjoying, but the antics of the animals are very amusing. There is a cat which made a desultory run at the squirrel, but in vain. The squirrel valiantly defends his buried nuts from the pigeon.

    This afternoon I'm going to make an orange cake. It's a Jewish recipe I think. You boil an orange for an hour and it has lots of ground almonds. I bought the ground almonds this morning, along with tempting snack foods for visitors, like halloumi and sweet potato pakoras. They have gone in the freezer. o:) For myself I bought Kimchi and beetroot. Yum with hard boiled egg or cottage cheese. My DH thinks I am weird. He abhors beetroot. >:)

    Lots of love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Janet: You are a lucky woman. Your great-granddaughters are delightful. :heart:

    Felicia: It is good to see your post. I’ve missed your comments. :smiley:

    Evelyn: DH is grumpy due to health issues. Your hug idea is an excellent one. Hugs make things better. Thanks for the reminder. :star:

    Lanette: I love DITTO! :bigsmile:

    Rita: It is good to see you post. Are you enjoying your camp host job? Our friends who travel in their Bounder during the winter months are scheduled to stop by for a couple of days. Their Boundering adventures involved a stop by our place in the past. We got to see their rig, and it certainly helped spark an interest in the Bounder sitting beside the road with a for sale sign on it last spring. :bigsmile: Congrats on your lost pound.:star:

    Barbie: Thanks for the comment about reaching deep when Jake is sick, scared, or grumpy. It is just what I needed to hear today. Your snowflake hat is charming! I’ve never tried anything that complicated. :flowerforyou:

    Rebecca: We’re in stay at home mode, too, and I have been busy decorating. The inside decorations help me deal with the short days in December. :flowerforyou:

    Petro Coetse from Johannesburg: Welcome! This is quite an international group with friends on both hemispheres and both sides of the equator. Post often and get to know us. There is a lot of encouragement and support here. :star:

    (((Viv))) I am so sorry that your dad is having such a hard time. I hope he’ll be able to go home soon. :flowerforyou:

    Barbara: I am with you on the gas prices. WOW! If we had prices like that we’d fill the RV tank to the tippy top. Our cars run on diesel. :smiley:

    Allie: Are you talking about closing on your dad’s house or your condo? :huh:

    Lisa: The two words, “you should” are fighting words in my view. You should be happy, you should be proud, & you should be ashamed are all negative messages. There are so many more positive ways to say something helpful. Advice is often a bad idea, unless it is requested. My dad’s family was full of advice givers, and all have passed away. The cousins who remain are less likely to use the words “you should.” :heart:

    Barbie: I love your reminder to practice kindness. Thank you!

    Riding lesson today. I haven’t been on Arrow for nearly a month. The last lesson left me too sore to ride. I’m healed now. It had been a very long time since I had saddle sores, so that was quite a surprise. These weren’t saddle sores, they were bareback sores. My bareback pad wasn’t padded enough. :embarrassed:

    :heart: Katla
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    yo peeps - today, let someone else go in front of you while waiting in line
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    Hello to everyone, old and new!

    Barbie-Thanks for starting the new thread!!! One of my goals for December is to keep up with all of you! I find if I fall too far behind, I miss important news/ideas etc!

    I love the kindness calendar and will print it out. Most of the time, if someone is behind me in line at the grocery and they only have a few things, I will offer to let them go ahead of me. I hope I get the chance today!

    I don't even know if I set November goals, but here are my December goals
    1. Maintain my current weight. I will probably try to lose a few more pounds starting in January, but it is unrealistic for me to try to do that in December. So far so good (I started before Thanksgiving)
    2. Figure out ways (self-care) to make my travel/trip to California for Christmas less stressful than Thanksgiving was.
    3. Exercise more consistently. It is a huge stress reliever for me and it will help with goal 2.

    Elizabeth GA
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    Presume petrol (gas) price in US is per gallon Here in U.K. ave price equivalent to $6 for a gallon. Our pricing is in litres.

    Kate UK <3
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    Katla~ dads house.. I bit the bullet and bought myself a washer and dryer.. stackable that will go in a closet that is here in my condo... I know it will use more water but it will be alot easier for me..I got them at Lowes , and they will deliver and set up for me..
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    In Canada we use the metric system, so gas is $1.28.9 per litre, which works out to about $4.90 per gallon. It very recently dropped from $1.34.9 and this summer was up around the $1.50 - $1.60 range. Crazy.....
    Janetr and JanetOKC, my apologies to both of you, I got mixed up with who was making ornaments and who had adorable gg daughters! I did mean every word of the comments, but should have paid more attention to who was doing what!
    Katla, right, I remember now that your hubby has health issues. He's probably in some discomfort, so that does make it more difficult to be happy. {{{HUGS}}} for both of you, not fun all around.... Hope you enjoy your ride with Arrow and that he behaves himself!
    Heather, the orange cake sounds tasty! I love citrus, hubby not so much, so don't do that too much. I hope you enjoy your company and that all goes smooth for you.
    Barbie, love the snowflake hat! The poinsettia hat would also be lovely also. My knitting is nowhere near that skill level! Also, thank you very much for starting this thread each month, so appreciated!
    I've been very discouraged by the scale lately, part of it is my fault, but even when I have been doing well with my eating, the scale, or my body, has been very reluctant to show me good news. Well! Yesterday I found out why! I spent most of the day peeing, sorry if that's TMI, but that's what was happening. I'm sure my co-worker must have thought I was unwell or something, but I am down almost 3 lbs from yesterday! It also helped that teeth were flossed and brushed shortly after dinner, so the late night munchies didn't hit. Tonight I'm going to see the new grinch movie with co-workers, will probably have popcorn, but it will be a small one and I will try to remember to drink lots of water when I get home. Shouldn't be too late a night, will just have to be diligent about brushing right after I get home! I'm looking forward to it, hubby is invited, but he's being a bit of a grinch, and doesn't want to go, so too bad for him. Maybe I'll bring some of the popcorn home for him...
    Welcome to the newbies! Please tell us a little bit about yourselves, including what you would like to be called and a location (as general or specific as you feel comfortable) so that we can keep you straight. If you sign your posts that way each time, it helps too!
    Congrats to those celebrating and hugs for those who need them.
    Evelyn, from beautiful, sunny Vancouver Island!
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    Soooooo tired. I haven't exercised in days because I'm exhausted. I did go out shopping with my husband yesterday so that's something I suppose. But damn, am I tired.


    My body is working against me. >_< But at least I'm keeping to my calorie count. Blah.

    Willow in WA State

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    :) Good news in a way. DH's elder daughter has just emailed us to say she will be coming on her own next Sunday as they have just aquired a new puppy and one of them has to stay with him. :o:) I was going to do a lasagne, because her boyfriend loves it, but now I'll do a chicken dish we call Hairy Bikers. It's officially Spanish Chicken and Chorizo. Delicious and something we have regularly, so not a strain. To make it even easier I'm going to serve the orange cake as a dessert and buy some of the super delicious homemade chocolate icecream from our local Italian.
    I will wrap the orange cake and leave it to mature for a couple of days as the flavour develops. Then I will portion it out and freeze it in slices.
    Catering never got easier. :D

    One of my problems is that I put a big burden on myself to produce restaurant quality food. Posh restaurant at that. I feel people expect it of me, but I'm probably being silly. I do have a bit of a reputation, but I've told everyone that I'm not up to it right now. I'm trying to be easy on myself.

    Vera again tonight. We've been very much enjoying the repeats.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Thank you Barbie for starting the Dec. thread.
    Evelyn...here in Ontario the gas prices in the last week have ranged from 99. to 1.04 a litre so we are happy with that
    I am all excited as finally lost another lb since Nov. 19th...been posting everything I eat so was getting upset nothing was happening but this morning.....Yes......something is happening. So that's a grand total of 9 since Oct. 28th.
    Husband and I finally put up our 4 Christmas trees...we live in a condo with bay windows so instead of one large tree we put up 4 3 foot trees and I get to decorate each one differently. I love decorating especially for Christmas but found it challenging this year with having to use the walker which was a new acquision for me this year. So slow and steady but we got it done. If I had any computer skills I would take a picture of them.
    It's been very gloomy all week here but finally today the sun came out and is staying out all day amazing how it changes your mood and we are supposedly going back to cold temps but hopefully the sun will not go away.
    Well that's it for now...will keep you posted on any new progress.
    Mary from Ontario, Canada
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    Pip - Your nails look great! I love them, red and gold are my favorite colors. Thanks for posting the acts of kindness. I got yesterdays in when we met my friends friend for a bubbly stroll. Today, I let a man go in front of me in line and I didn't even know it was today's suggestion! Yeah me. Ha!

    Happy Sunday Ladies -

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Beth: I also appreciate the Rose Kennedy quotation. Thank you! :star:

    Heather: I saw several Hairy Biker episodes on TV and enjoyed them. When we switched service providers for TV, the new provider didn’t have them on the list. On the plus side, they have loads of horse programming that I enjoy. :wink:

    Mary from Ontario Canada: I envy your gas prices. :flowerforyou:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

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    Karen in VA Janetr Is Mia checking her sister's diaper for poopy? :smile:

    They would be a BIG YEPPERS :) The funniest part is she is still in diapers herself!!

    Janetr OKC
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    spikeyhair wrote: »
    Presume petrol (gas) price in US is per gallon Here in U.K. ave price equivalent to $6 for a gallon. Our pricing is in litres.

    Kate UK <3

    Yes, Kate, the price is per gallon and I guess we all need to quit complaining. Thanks, gave me something to be grateful for today <3

    Janetr OKC
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    Janet OKC ~ The photos of your two great grands are so cute. Love them! :)

    Pip ~ Very sparkly nails. Just right for the season.

    Heather ~ Glad you are getting all the visits sorted and not getting to agitated over it all.

    Katla ~ Hope Arrow behaves for you today.

    My DnL, her mom, and our two grands stopped by after church today to give my DH cards and treats as he will turn 71 on Monday. It was fun seeing them all and I treasure when it happens.

    Carol in GA