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    Evelyn in VanCouver Janetr and JanetOKC, my apologies to both of you, I got mixed up with who was making ornaments and who had adorable gg daughters! I did mean every word of the comments, but should have paid more attention to who was doing what!

    You are not confused I am Janetr OKC, I may have signed it accidentally without an "r" once. The pics were of my great-granddaughters and I DO make the ornaments. You were right. Sorry for the confusion.

    However, we do have a new "Janet in Eastern MO" I believe.

    Janetr OKC
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    Well today has been a day..I did wrap all the presents I have gotten...went and met my friends and will start planning our 40th high school reunion..I bit the bullet and bought myself a stackable washer and dryer..so I don't have to truck my laundry down the hall..
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    stats for the day:

    treadmill jog- 27.22min, 6.5-8.0speed, 146ahr, 160mhr, 8.48min mi, 5k= 342c
    arm dip/chinup assist machine- 6min, 5sets of 10each, 70#, 128ahr, 144mhr= 87c

    total cal 411c
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    Pip - Your nails look great! I love them, red and gold are my favorite colors. Thanks for posting the acts of kindness. I got yesterdays in when we met my friends friend for a bubbly stroll. Today, I let a man go in front of me in line and I didn't even know it was today's suggestion! Yeah me. Ha!

    Happy Sunday Ladies -

    Okie in the TX Hill Country

    thanks for the comp on the nails. I did mine yesterday and today too
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    You are not confused I am Janetr OKC, I may have signed it accidentally without an "r" once.
    Thanks Janet! I was trying to do stuff from memory, never a good idea lol, and I thought I did it right til today when I was reading more posts.... Anyway, I'm glad I got it right! I see now, while taking a good look, that your screen name has the "r" at the end, but that you sign your posts "OKC" so now I've got it! Well, for today anyway.... Those two girls are just the cutest!
    Heather, I'm sure that people are more interested in coming to see you, your hubby and your new home than in what sort of gourmet meal you will be making. At least, I hope that's why they're coming! Although, I'm sure they appreciate the meal as well! ;)
    Pip, love the nails! Getting mine done Thursday, looking forward to it!
    Lisa, I'm so glad that your son is getting things together for himself, I'm sure that being able to help you and Corey around your forever home has played a huge part in his recovery, for lack of a better word. Egg will probably get used to Mrrr eventually, although I do remember our old male hissing at one of our females pretty much until the day he died.... Not always, but every once in awhile. She would just ignore him, it was cute actually, she would stick her tail straight up in the air and just strut past him. He was never quite sure how to deal with her! lol
    Work calls!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island, where it is sunny, but cold!!
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    Well today has been a day..I did wrap all the presents I have gotten...went and met my friends and will start planning our 40th high school reunion..I bit the bullet and bought myself a stackable washer and dryer..so I don't have to truck my laundry down the hall..

    :)Allie, Having a washer and dryer in your own home is the greatest thing. I got my first home with a washer and dryer in 1979 and since then I have been grateful every time I do laundry in my own home. Enjoy the luxury and convenience.
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    For those of you that didn’t know, my late husband was a drummer so this one is special to me.
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    You never get over losing a child/grandchild/step-grandchild. But to be told 'not to interfere - which we had never done - she told us on a sticky note that if we needed any further death certification we could get them from the funeral director. It might have been me she was the maddest at was me because I comment to Louis that her husband was 'meant to hear' ... it was disrespectful to have pool people digging a hole while we were having the wake for Nana. When he sent them off, Sherry came out 'screaming' and 'cursing' that it would be the end of the summer and into the fall before she could get them back out there. I don't know what she has ever said to her husband or to her Mother; but, she quickly told me that she did not need my help (in the kitchen) so I went outside and talked to the families that she had been the Nannie for. Between what she got out of her Granddaddy (through her Nana) she got somewhere over several hundred of thousand that she and one of the women at the
    A/L/A would was a realtor and parlaid into at least half a million dollars through buying up 'rental propery' and being a 'slum lord'. I told Louis that the only thing we could do is just take the attitude that she and Dan and their baby had been transported to Europe somewhere and the plane went down over the Atlantic Ocean. I think he finally took me at my word and we haven't seen heads nor tails out of any of them. That was 12 years ago.

    I was able to get into the Clerk's file and found out a lot that we would have spent $500 an hour that she did; but, Louis and Mike told me not to do so because then it would make it impossible for there to be any type of resolution to repair the relationship between either of them. I doubt she even knows that one of Mike's sons died a few years ago of cancer. My boys have both said that they really did not know what their (Daddy and Sherry's relationship had been; but, they were not going to contact about anything. I told them they could make that decision; but, I did not want to ever know if they had or not. But, sometimes when a child has made a decision; they 'don't care'. It would be 'awkwark' on so many levels to try to explain why her Papa has only seen her a couple of times since she was born. I don't expect anything will happen. Not that I don't want it to, just knowing her, it won't.

    On the good side - thanks Pip for the calendar; I know I will use it daily. Well got to go, Louis just brought me my evening coffee and snack.

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    Did the Just B Live Foam Roller Workout. You know, there is one exercise that I could do but the foam roller is so hard that it hurts my shin. The plan for tomorrow is to do one more section of the 10MS Butt Lift DVD, hold my plank, then take the extremepump class.

    Cari – did you make your own chocolate strawberries? I’ve so many times tried to come up with a way to get the chocolate not to dry flat and I’m trying to envision how you did it. Did you put one end of the Christmas hook IN the strawberry? I would think if you did that it would just pull out. Around the stem maybe?

    Petro from South Africa – welcome! Great inches lost! Have a great time in Australia!

    Viv – great to see you again. I’m so very sorry about your dad . Many times quality of life is much more important than quantity.

    Barbara – that foam roller workout is quite challenging. For one thing, because the foam roller is so hard, I find it hard to like have it under my knees then roll out with it under my shins and then roll back in. There are some exercises I just can’t do. Like a roll-over from pilates but on the foam roller. There is no way I could do that.

    Katla – have a good ride on Arrow

    Evelyn – enjoy the movie

    Willow – loved the pic of the cat. I have a magnet that says “how nice it is to do nothing all day and then nap afterwards”. Hope you’re feeling up and rarin’ to go real fast

    Heather – how wonderful DH’s daughter is coming to visit you. I seem to recall she had a problem so it’s a big step for her to be coming by herself

    Michele in NC
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    exermom wrote: »

    Willow – loved the pic of the cat. I have a magnet that says “how nice it is to do nothing all day and then nap afterwards”. Hope you’re feeling up and rarin’ to go real fast

    I wish it were nice... but it's really just... exhausting sitting here not having the energy to do anything. I'd rather be working than too tired to move. >_< I haven't worked in over seven years. I had plans! I had dreams! But my body conspires against me. And I don't even qualify for disability. *sigh* But that's a different story. With a combination of a wacky thyroid, fibromyalgia, chronic pain from arthritis, a bad back, asthma, and other maladies, I'm just... tired. Some days are better than others. And some days, hell, even some weeks, I think, "Yay! I'm getting better! Maybe I'll even be able to go back to work again!" then I get slammed in the face with this utter exhaustion, and all the other aches and pains... and I'm reminded that I'm not in the same body I was seven years ago. This body is broken, and I'm still not used to it.

    But yeah, I'm still trying to get... not back to where I was seven years ago because that's never going to happen. There's no cure for most of what ails me. But at least better... which is why I'm trying to drop this weight. Because I know the extra weight isn't helping.

    Willow in WA USA
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    Pip, your nails look awesome.
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Machka your smile says it all! Love the beach but the trail looks like the most fun to run.

    It is easier to run on the trail. :) Running on a beach always sounds like a great idea, but it's not easy. It requires a lot of quad power to propel forward.

    M in Oz

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    Machka in Oz, Hi, no idea how to reply to a specific post. Some tips will be appreciated :)
    I am just going to Sydney

    Just click the Quote link under the post you're quoting. :)

    Sydney has just been through a couple massive storms - dust then rain - but I think the weather should stabilise closer to Christmas.

    If you take a train into the middle of the city (where the Opera House etc. are), you'll likely spend a lot of time walking around ... wear comfy shoes because you can cover a lot of ground in a day.

    I'm in Tasmania ... much further south.

    Machka in Oz
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    barbiecat wrote: »
    :)about coffee, I stopped drinking coffee in 2009 when I realized that what I liked most was the flavored creamer. I have mostly not missed the coffee and really liked not having to take the time for it in the morning. However, I have other things that I regularly consume that I don't want to give up. We all have something that is a special ritual of the day.

    I went to black coffee in my late teens.

    Now I cannot stomach coffee with milk (or cream or anything white) in it. I actually feel a bit sick.
    And I'll only have sugar if the coffee is really strong or if I've got a bit of a cold.

    So here in Australia, I usually order a "long black", and if possible, "with hot water".

    When there isn't strong Italian coffee, like at work, there's instant coffee and I shovel in 2.5 heaping teaspoons. :grin:

    M in Oz

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    evie1958 wrote: »
    In Canada we use the metric system, so gas is $1.28.9 per litre, which works out to about $4.90 per gallon. It very recently dropped from $1.34.9 and this summer was up around the $1.50 - $1.60 range. Crazy.....
    Evelyn, from beautiful, sunny Vancouver Island!

    It's about $1.6 per litre here in Tassie. :(

    M in Oz

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    Barbie: Thank you for keeping us going. This is such a welcoming supportive group.

    A bit late but back for December. Off out to take my Creative Writer's Group this morning, and Monday Painters this afternoon. I will get am getting caught up on reading posts later today.

    December Focus: Replace 'I will...' with 'I am...'

    Short bio
    I'm 72, and live in Northern Ireland. Married 52 years, and have 2 daughters and 3 grand'kids'.

    I'm retired, but work as a volunteer Group leader for a lifelong learning charity. I lead 5 groups, and belong to another 10, so am kept pretty busy. I love the Challenges on MFP as the keep me accountable. I'm assistant coach in charge of an optional strength Challenge for a small walking group.

    Pre 2015, when I joined MFP, I had hip problems whichnimpacted my mobility, and gained a lot of weight, which I had to shed to qualify for hip surgery. Lost 40lbs, got a new hip and have lost another 20. Trying to get down to a maintenance weight that gives me wriggle room for high days and holidays. 10 more lbs to go.

    I love all things arts and crafts, and am studying Shakespeare, Latin and art history, to name a few.

    November Daily Goals Achieved my goal, which was to get back down to 165lbs
    December Daily Goals Hoping to continue my downward trend on the scale.
    ~ Pre-log; stay under goal; balance macros/micros; Hydrate adequately
    ~ 9,500+ Steps daily
    ~ 30+ minutes interval walking
    ~ 15+ mins lower body physio daily or ~ 15+ minutes arms/core/abs
    ~ 5 mins stretch before/after workouts
    ~ 10+ mins yoga or tai chi
    Daily Mindfulness Practice/meditation
    15 mins Daily Declutter session


    Irish Terri

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    Morning, afternoon, and evening, my chickens...

    Finished my office desks yesterday, well last night, I was putting the last bits of penetrating oil on the wood. If I get it straightened up enough, I'll take a picture here in a bit.

    Instead of making adobo rolls yesterday, I froze the extra bread dough to make next week, and we made homemade tamales last night. We all love 'em, and found frozen ones made in Houston that were awesome, but at $7 a dozen (and the guys eat 10 to 11 each, while I eat two!) it was getting to be an expensive dinner. So I bought the masa and the guajillo peppers and corn shucks, and we all formed an assembly line and made about 4 dozen last night, ten beef and cheddar, the rest turkey and pepper jack cheese.

    Overall cost, about $6 for all, homemade, so saved $40 on those alone, and have enough supplies to make another eight or 12 dozen. We froze two dozen, and ate the rest, and they were amazingly yummy. This recipe gives a lot of variations and short cuts in the comments, a couple of which we used. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/34759/beef-tamales/

    You can substitute beef broth for the lard, and we added the guajillo pepper sauce Corey made to both the masa and to the meat mixtures. After making all those, we still have more than a quart jar of sauce canned, and part of another - he just put all the spices together with the peppers and buzzed it up in the blender. Much easier than the way they show in the recipe.

    The coffee pot is burbling with Corey's coffee, and I need to go make him a sandwich for his lunch, more leftover turkey from Thanksgiving that I pulled out of the freezer. That 59 cents a pound turkey is still going!

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in Arkansas