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    Karen in VA the third picture I posted with you in mind. I knew you'd appreciate it. :)

    And thanks <3

    Janetr OKC
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    :)<3Betsy, the one thing I know for sure about grief is that it is personal and no one else can tell you how you should feel. Everyone has to walk their own personal path through the feelings finding a way to not lose your own life in the process.

    :)Karen in VA, I don't know who was knitting hats for babies. I know that Project Linus here accepted newborn and preemie hats. The hats I knit are more suitable for children and adults so I had to look elsewhere to donate.

    :)Katla, when Jake is sick or scared or tired, he blames me for everything but he is fairly quick to figure that out and apologize. I have to reach deep for my happiness commandment "Don't take things personally".

    :) We don't celebrate Christmas (no gifts, no decorating, no holiday cooking, no company, no family events, no parties) so if it ever seems to any of you that I am more relaxed during the holidays, it's because we aren't doing anything about them.

    <3 Barbie from increasingly dark NW Washington
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    Newbie here. 55 years old. My number 1 goal is to get exercise, whether it be 10 minutes or an hour. I discovered walking videos......You can get your heart rate up, when you're approx 245/250.....It's a great way to start. To drink more water, I discovered that I crave sweets less when I do. I would like to be 8/10 pounds less by the end of December. I discovered my scale is not accurate, so I'll have to invest in one that is. (any recommendations on a budget would be wonderful) That sums it up.
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    Did Cathe Friedrich’s Lower Body DVD today. The plan for tomorrow is to do the Just B Live Foam Roller Workout.

    Cari – I give loom hats that I make to the local soup kitchen. Ask at any church, they are usually in touch with homeless shelters. Texas may not have much hat weather, but they do have some. You can check at the hospital, I would think they’d have a need for baby blankets and they’d probably know someplace that would use the hats. Even tho there isn’t much of a need for hats in Texas, it wouldn’t surprise me if someplace like the Salvation Army accepted them and then shipped them to an area that could use them.

    Heather – here in the US most people let you wear your shoes in their house. There are a few people who would prefer you to take off your shoes, but certainly not as many

    Spent last night in the room with Shadow. I totally forgot to take my phone in there so I can use the alarm. Do you know that my body is so used to getting up at 6am that I woke up even without the alarm?

    Rene and all others that are new to this site – welcome! So glad you are no longer lurking but jumped right in.

    NYKaren – I am trying to ask myself constantly when I am tempted “am I truly hungry”. If it’s boredom (which it is many times), I try to have a cup of tea. Do I always succeed? No. But I am getting better.

    Barbara – I’m amazed at how fast that appetizer disappeared (one lady said that she just didn’t even get to see it in the shape of the tree until I posted it on Facebook) and how many people have asked me for the recipe. Really, it’s pretty easy.
    12oz frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed dry (I suspect that if it isn’t squeezed dry you might not need a splash of milk to make it more spreadable)
    6oz cream cheese, softened
    2 garlic cloves, minced
    1/2t salt
    1/2t onion powder
    1/4t pepper
    1/4t chili powder (I didn’t use this, personal preference)
    1t Italian seasoning
    1/2cup grated parmesan cheese
    1 cup cheddar or mozzarella cheese (I used cheddar)
    1 tube refrigerated thin crust pizza crust (I found that the thin crust was better than the regular crust, it just takes too long for the regular crust to bake).
    2T butter (I found that you really need only 1)
    1/2 t each garlic salt & Italian seasoning (I didn’t add these)

    Preheat oven to 400. In a bowl, beat together the spinach and cream cheese. (I added a splash of milk to make it more spreadable and also easier on my mixer). Add garlic, salt, onion powder, pepper, chili powder, Italian season and beat to combine. Add parmesan cheese and cheddar cheese. Beat to combine

    Unroll pizza crust on a piece of parchment paper. Find the center of the pizza crust at the top and using a pizza cutter, cut the crust from the middle to the left corner, then from the middle to the right corner so that you wind up with a large triangle once you remove the side pieces. Now I’ve found it easiest to do this with another roll of pizza crust. Put that on another piece of parchment paper.

    Spread the spinach dip over the base.

    Now put the other triangle on top of the one where you have the spinach/cheese mixture on. You may have to stretch the sides a bit to make it cover but that’s OK.

    Using a pizza cutter, cut slices from the middle to each edge about every inch down (I just eyeballed it, mine probably weren’t an inch. I don’t think it matters anyway.) Don’t slice all the way across, leave about an inch down the middle of the tree intact. Grab each “slice” and twist it to form a tree shape

    Bake tree for about 22 minutes (I found that I did it for 30 minutes but after 20 I put aluminum foil on top of the top and sides so that they didn’t burn) until quite golden brown on top and cooked through on the bottom. Melt butter and stir in garlic salt and seasons, brush over breadsticks.

    I cut about 1/2 inch off the bottom just to make the bottom straight. Also, you can leave just a little bit to be the “trunk” (I took the top layer off so that the “trunk” was green)

    I made the filling last night and just left it in the refrigerator. I had an appt. the morning of the party, and probably got home around 9:45. I left the house probably around 10:30. It just takes me 20+ minutes to get up there depending on traffic.

    Penny – you sure know how to take my breath away with your pictures.

    Remember how I was saying that I was concerned that once we put the leaf in the dining room table, there won’t be enough room with the tree there. Well, we just measured. There will be enough room there. The only thing is that the person sitting at the end of the table wouldn’t be able to push their chair all the way back. But since we’re only having 11 people, I just won’t put a chair there so no one will be tempted to sit there.

    Betsy – (((REAL BIG HUG)))

    Michele in NC

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    Well today I wrapped my son's Christmas box! I used Christmas wrapping paper and not only wrapped the gifts, but put paper on the inside of the box.👍 I found some Christmas cards in my Christmas stuff, so I didn't have to buy cards. My eldest son donated some stamps so I was able to mail out those today. Only about 15, but it will be fun to get some cards, even if this is our 1st Christmas here, and not many have our address.
    Husband had informed me that because we met middle son and his wife in Oct, he has no desire to travel there for the holidays. Back in Oct, we had youngest Navy son home, and he hadn't seen his brother in awhile, but we drove 2 and 1/2 hours down and son drove 2 and 1/2 hours up. It made sense. But husband hates traveling. So I still need to tell middle son, we will wait until after the holidays to visit with them again. So because we aren't doing anything, I have started decorating. 😋

    Hugs to everyone this season! Don't stress.💗
    Whidbey island
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    I just got back from a Christmas party. I took chocolate eclair dessert (the hostess asked me to bring my favorite chocolate dessert,) and chocolate covered strawberries. My idea worked, and skewering them on Christmas hooks to dry on a suspended dowel rod kept them from being flat. They were a hit. I still had to bring home leftovers, but I tried. The chocolate covered strawberries are only about 50 calories each. I had two, plus half a piece of my dessert. Add this to ham, green beans, veggies, and fruit, and I didn't do too bad. I ate really light today.

    I gave away several Christmas tops, since they were too small last year; now I wish I had them. I'm going to need new clothes as I get closer to my goal. Right now it's fun to reach into the back of my closet to wear something I haven't worn in years.

    Barbie--your snowflake hats are adorable. You could make the white part red, and the blue part white, and have poinsettia hats.

    Michelle--I used to send my hats to Kentucky with a church mission group. They were glad to get them, and they disappeared as soon as they put them out in their clothing closet. I may ship them to someone to take if I get a number of them made.
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    BMA1963 Ozeri Precision Bath Scale - $14, Taylor Digital Glass Scale - $12, Detecto Wide Platform Glass Digital Personal Scale - $21
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    Lagopus wrote: »
    Asked hubby if he wanted to go out for a walk in the brief daylight, or if I should just go out jogging alone. He chose to go for a walk with me. :love:

    For all of you who have trouble imagining what it's like up here when the sun doesn't go up at all, here's a picture from our walk. It's 11 am.

    And here we're nearing peak light. We're about a mile farther along the road. The mountain is the same one, but we're now overlooking the pools that appear on the beach at low tide. They are brackish, fed from below with freshwater from the mountains behind us, but covered with saltwater twice a day by the tide. In the summer, the grandkids love coming here to collect scallop shells and look for shrimp and crabs in the pools.
    We were out for about 1½ hours. We saw two boats on the fjord, and two little commuter planes overhead, but didn't meet a single car on the road.
    /Penny at a peaceful spot not far from the t07190.gif

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    I am going to Australia in 10 days time to visit my daughter and her family. Will be seeing and hugging my grandchildren the first time in 2.5 years. Saw my granddaughter last when she was 3 months old. My focus for December is to enjoy my visit, eat healthy, log everything, get regular exercise, and to be just happy.

    Petro Coetsee, Johannesburg, South Africa

    Which State will you be visiting?

    Machka in Oz

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    Machka your smile says it all! Love the beach but the trail looks like the most fun to run.
    Penny what a stunningly beautiful pics, especially the 11am one. Thanks for sharing!
    Carol "did not want to see the results so I didn't weigh" That was me in October. November has been better and I'm almost back to where I was in September ;}
    Margaret love your Kindness manger, and your believing in your DS1.
    pip WOW what a great calendar! Could see the lab face, didn't realize it was a light bulb ;)
    Lanette you crack me up!
    Barbie "no exceptions"? Ouch! Something to strive for... :love: the snowflake hat.
    Janetr if gas ever got below $2 here, Joe would not only fill both vans and my car, but every gas can he could lay hands on ;) at $3.29 we're still .80/gal cheaper than Crescent City 30 miles south in California. :noway: Small wonder the gas line at Freddie's has more California plates than Oregon... :love: your grandgirls and the joy they bring you.
    Betsy congrats on your November successes. Ditto Karen in VA and Beth (and Rose Kennedy.) Sad your husband does not understand that that loss is something you can ever get over. Accept and move on yes, but never get over.
    Heather, had to google peri peri sauce. Birds eye peppers, WOW that must be HOT!
    Katla (((hugs))) Hoping you find the right words and tone of voice so he can hear and be inspired to correct his behavior.
    Rita well done! Not many can lose a pound from Halloween through Thanksgiving.
    Michele Thanks for the recipe! Will look for thin crust pizza tube. "Foam Roller Workout"? Sounds ouchy.
    Becca that bridge pic makes me oogly :sick:
    Cari love your skewering strawberries on ornament hangers to dip and drip dry. Will try that the next time I dip banana chunks and maraschino cherries.
    Viv ((( hugs )))
    Vickie and all in the path of winter storms, keep safe and warm!

    Welcome DivainLasVegas, shoppermom, BMA! Like and Petro in J'burg, let us know what to call you and generally where you are.

    Advent Kindnesses
    1. Hugged Tumble's trainer... repeatedly... as part of new game. She said "I'm going to get addicted to these hugs, they feel sooo GOOOD!"

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD.
    walk one more step 1/1, 60 g protein 1/1, rx/vits 1/1, meditate 1/1, knee exercises 1/1, SWSY UP 0/8, SWSY LOW 0/8, core 0/8, play with Tumble 1/1, hang up or purge art 0/4 AF 1/1.
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    Morning everyone, yesterday I got on the treadmill for a regular walk, but I jogged half a lap each 1/4 mile, quite proud of myself. I don't look or feel graceful doing it, but I'm keeping my shoulders down and my stride is relaxed so i will keep doing that. My cheeks stayed bright red for at least a half an hour after! Also slept better last night.

    I'm adding one more goal to December, reduce coffee intake by one less cup so if I'm jonesing for a 4-cup day, I will hold back to 3, if I'm having a 3-cup day, I will hold back to 2. Can't imagine ever keeping myself to just one cup a day but you never know.

    Meal prep for the week includes steel cut oatmeal for breakfasts, red lentil soup, chicpea/spinach curry, home made yogurt and roast brussel sprouts with pear and shallots. So I'd better get crackin'

    Janet-love the grandbaby photos, so delightful!

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    Machka in Oz, Hi, no idea how to reply to a specific post. Some tips will be appreciated :)
    I am just going to Sydney
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    Morning lovlies~
    I am up and having my tea.. today will be a busy day for me, going to feed dfil and then ,come home and work on cleaning up... even though my place is small, it is really cluttered and here I bought the book and everything ..
    hoping the closing is this coming week... this has just been rediculous ...
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    "The biggest mistake a person can make is to believe that they can never be better than they are right at this moment. You can always be better than you are right now. No one is perfect. No one is beyond redemption, either.
    Instead, we wake up in the morning as a mix of good traits and bad, a mix of gifts and flaws. What can we do with that mix? Our goal should be to go to bed having sharpened our gifts and good traits and put them to good use, while sanding down some of our flaws and bad traits, so that we wake up tomorrow in a slightly better starting place.
    From that constant exercise comes almost every good thing in life: good health, good relationships, financial stability, a good reputation, things that bring us joy in life. Without that exercise, we jog in place and slowly decline over time as our natural gifts fall into disuse and our flaws become ever stronger.
    There is nothing better we can be doing with our lives than improving ourselves and using our best traits to make the world around us a better place.

    pretty neat idea, mm? I'm quoting from an article I'm reading about the new book "Atomic Habit" I'm gonna reserve from my library.