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  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 7,757 Member Member Posts: 7,757 Member
    Barbie: Thank you for the new thread! :heart:

    Heather: In our circle of friends we keep our shoes on unless we’ve been walking in mud or fresh grass clippings. It sounds like you’re having a full house and then some. I hope it turns out to be a pleasure for you. :star: I have to admit to some envy. We won’t be seeing any of our children or grandchildren due to DH’s health and the distance between here and their homes. :sad:

    Reneinitaly7: Welcome to a great group. Counting calories is something I understand and have been able to use effectively. The support in this group has been amazingly positive. I never really understood Weight Watchers system. A work acquaintance used it to lose weight. I don’t know whether she kept it off because I retired several years ago and lost touch with her. :flowerforyou:

    Machka: I love your photos. You look great! :star:

    Penny: The photos are gorgeous. I especially love the top one. How do you deal with the long dark days? I use Vitamin D3 and daylight temperature light bulbs in every ceiling light and lamp in the house—except Christmas llghts. They are what they are. :wink:

    Carol in GA: I gained a little in November, too. I need to avoid some of the treats I’ve been allowing myself to eat. Evenings are getting to be a problem. I’ve decided to switch to peppermint tea. No caffeine and keeps me out of the icecream. :embarassed:

    Pip: I love your Advent of Kindness. Like Lanette, I also think you are awesome. (((HUG))) :heart:

    Barbie and Lisa: Enjoy your remodeling shows. I’m sure there will be some ideas that you can use or adapt. :star:

    Betsy in NW WA: You did a great job setting your December goals. I recommend adding a goal of logging every day whether you visit with us or not. :star:

    We have been doing Christmas shopping and have our daughter’s family all planned out. DD and the kids gifts have been ordered and will be shipped. DSIL wants money to buy new shoes. We’re good with that. DS and DDIL haven’t give us any ideas yet. We shared a wonderful facetime chat with our son and grandson this morning.:heart::heart: :heart:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

  • cariwaldickcariwaldick Member Posts: 189 Member Member Posts: 189 Member
    I was right; the four pounds I lost was just a fluke. I found them today, but I was still down half a pound from the day before the fluke, so it's still a win. I've never chosen a word for the year, but I've got one in mind.

    Thanks ladies, for the ideas of where to send knit hats. I need to make some more, since I need to whittle down my yarn stash.

    Welcome to the new peeps who are newer than me!
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Member Posts: 5,183 Member Member Posts: 5,183 Member
    Betsy I know of no one who "gets over" the death of a child. The grief can change, lessen, take another form, be sublimated, or be channeled, but it is never "gotten over". Is your husband the father of your son? If so, does he believe he is "over it"? (((Hugs)))
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,840 Member Member Posts: 11,840 Member
    lhscapil wrote: »
    Pip - you are awesome. (((HUG)))) <3

    There, I'm done, lol. Compliment and hug finished for the day!! B)

    Actually this is a great idea!! Thank you for posting it!

    SW WA State

    Awwww u r sweet!❤️
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,840 Member Member Posts: 11,840 Member
  • LagopusLagopus Member Posts: 946 Member Member Posts: 946 Member
    bwcetc wrote: »
    Betsy ... I have never lost a child, but sadly have friends who have. This has always resonated with them ...zg2bm7hdka7u.jpg
    ^This^ from a woman who should know. Thanks for posting it, Beth.

  • Katla49Katla49 Member Posts: 7,757 Member Member Posts: 7,757 Member
    Beth: I also appreciate the Rose Kennedy quotation. Thank you! :star:

    Pip: I love the Advent of Kindness. :heart:

    Barbie: “I also can't imagine having someone else choose the furniture and decorative items in my house. Everything I own has its own special story of how and where we got it and if doesn't have a meaningful story, it probably doesn't stay.” I feel much the same way, although I have several pieces that were handed down from my mom when she passed. She charged me with giving them to my kids, who don’t want them. :ohwell: Thanks for "Be Kind, no Exceptions" I wish everyone practiced it, starting with me.

    Janet OKC: We haven’t seen gas prices that low in a very long time. Congratulations on your good luck. :smiley:

    bwcetc: I love the Rose Kennedy quotation. Thanks. :flowerforyou:

    DH is grumpy and I am the target. I am NOT a happy camper because of this. I really need to let him know it isn’t okay. He's napping. I hope he wakes up in a better mood. I plan to say something, and hopefully make it constructive.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
  • LisaInARLisaInAR Member Posts: 2,021 Member Member Posts: 2,021 Member
    Ah, Janet, they're charming... I remember when Mia was born!
  • OregonMotherOregonMother Member Posts: 1,022 Member Member Posts: 1,022 Member
    Still around. Happy December to all. Thanks for the thread, Barbie.

    Willamette Valley, Oregon
  • evie1958evie1958 Member Posts: 590 Member Member Posts: 590 Member
    Betsy, my mom lost a child, toddler age, before I was born. I was 52 when my mom passed and I don't think she ever "got over" losing her. I think she accepted the fact that Beverley was gone, but get over, no. I do love that quote from Rose Kennedy, I think that pretty much sums it up.
    Shoes in the house: we take our shoes off in houses, including our own. Once in awhile we will wear the shoes in far enough to get the bags of groceries into the kitchen, but as soon as that's done, the shoes come off. Our friends are the same way. We don't do a lot of entertaining, nor do we go out to be entertained often, but that's how our circle of friends works and how our families have worked. Except in MIL's house, did not take shoes off there, the dogs were not house trained! (Yuck!, by the way!)
    Tracy, for the embroidered tablecloth and the plastic that won't lie flat, have you tried ironing it? Yes, I know you can't iron plastic, but you actually can, use a low heat and put a cloth between the iron and the plastic and it should work just fine. A hairdryer may also work, but I think will take longer.
    Katla, sorry to hear hubby is grumpy. Could it be that he is a bit sad at not being able to see kids and grandkids over Christmas? Good luck with being constructive, maybe you could try just giving him a big hug and see if that makes a difference...
    Penny and Machka more gorgeous pics of your corners of the world! Beautiful!
    Janet, oh my, your great granddaughters are just too precious for words! How thoughtful you are to give Jack's ex a lovely ornament! I hope she appreciates the gesture and makes an effort to be less negative for the holiday!
    Well, it took me most of today, reading in spurts between customers, but I have finally caught up! Whew! lol Cannot believe it is December already, will have to get some of my Christmas stuff out tonight, I have an advent calendar that I really want to get up before the month is too far gone! It's a felt one with felt ornaments, so no candy or junk there, but it is a nice touch. We put up our outside lights last week, haven't had them turned on yet, but probably will tonight. Also have the outside tree ornament that involves the chicken wire pretty much finished. Will try to remember to post photos soon. I'm not entirely happy with it, it needs something, just not sure what. Not to mention that putting more stuff on it will be a challenge... Oh well, baby steps, maybe hubby will have an idea! LOL (not likely! :D )
    Barbie, thanks for getting us started once again!
    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating, and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
  • janetr7476janetr7476 Member, Premium Posts: 3,955 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,955 Member
    LisaInAR wrote: »
    Ah, Janet, they're charming... I remember when Mia was born!

    They will be 2 And 1 in March. Their birthdays are two days apart <3

    Janetr OKC
  • KetoneKarenKetoneKaren Member Posts: 5,183 Member Member Posts: 5,183 Member
    Lanette Too funny!

    Janetr Ditto what Lisa said. :D:D:D

    Beth The Rose Kennedy quote tugs at my heart. There are a few women on this thread who have lost children. Thank you for posting that.

    Betsy There are lots of women here with the capacity for empathy. We get it. and we are here for you. (((Hugs)))

    Barbie I seem to remember that someone here was knitting caps for newborn babies to wear home from the hospital. Do you have any recollection of that? I know Cheri knits for Project Linus (at least I'm pretty sure she does).

    /Penny Those photos...

    Karen in Virginia
    edited December 2018
  • kevritkevrit Member, Premium Posts: 2,022 Member Member, Premium Posts: 2,022 Member
    Well, I did lose a pound in November. December goal is simple: weigh less at the end of the month than what I weigh now.

    RV Rita
  • pipcd34pipcd34 Member Posts: 11,840 Member Member Posts: 11,840 Member

    Back to the tradition, a pic of one of our ornaments a day. Don't know if u can tell but it's a light bulb painted in a black lab face
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